A New Video: Three Types of Stamps

I could talk about stamps, papers and inks all day.  You don’t have all day, so I’ll try to keep it sweet and simple.  Today, it’s all about stamps.  Because I know there are a lot of new stampers on my blog, I thought I would take a step back to review the types of stamps and some tips for mounting and using each:

Wood-mount stamps

Clear-mount stamps

Photopolymer stamps

Back in the day, Stampin’ Up! only offered red rubber stamps that were permanently affixed to wood blocks (wood-mount stamps).  Yippee!  Fast forward many years when clear-mount stamps made their way on the scene.  Still red rubber but without the wood blocks.  Clear-mount stamps are mounted on clear, acrylic blocks – that’s the “clear” part of “clear-mount.”  Just a few years after that, Stampin’ Up! introduced photopolymer stamps – these are fully clear and mount on the clear, acrylic blocks.  As such, they are truly clear stamps.

To share a recap of the three types of stamps and offer some tips for preparing them for use, I’ve filmed a fun video.  Enjoy!

Some other tips for using photopolymers that I couldn’t pack into the video:

  • Mounting Photopolymers.  The best way to adhere a photopolymer stamp to the block is to place the stamp (face down) on a flat surface – your grid paper or table works fine.  Press your clear block over the stamp to stick the two together.  This ensures the stamp will mount smoothly to the block with no hiccups, giving you a smooth image.
  • Staining.  These babies are going to stain – get used to it.  :)  Reds and browns are the biggest culprits – even if you clean them right away.  No worries, though – they might be holding the color of your ink even after you’ve cleaned them, but they won’t transfer that ink to your next project.  Unless your Stampin’ Scrub is pristine (and who has a pristine Stampin’ Scrub?), I suggest using a baby wipe (no dyes, no perfumes) to wipe your photopolymers and clear block after use.  Use a lint-free cloth to dry them off after.  I hang my baby wipe over the edge of my trash can so that I have it for the next stamp I use.
  • Don’t Lose Them!  If you are like me, you think you can just peel off the photopolymers and stack them in a little pile until you are done.  It doesn’t work that way.  Inevitably, you move something else on your table – and those sticky little stamps will go on a road trip.  If you don’t want to put them back in their case immediately, try staining them intentionally from the moment you open them – dip them in some Real Red ink and don’t wash them off for a short bit.  That way, you’ll be able to see them when they are hitchhiking on a stamp case or ink pad.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some fun pictures of my time at Stampin’ Up!’s Leadership Conference, so please come back to check those out.  I always have a great time at these events – it’s such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and see great friends

Thanks for stopping by today!


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