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Last week, I shared this card, a gorgeous stair step card I cased from Katy McGloin (why not get one last “ooh and ahh” out of this card?):
20120819-154200.jpgKaty credits Splitcoast Stampers for the original tutorial for this card, but the original card design would not fit into a standard-sized envelope.  Because Katy only accepts perfection, she worked tirelessly to reconfigure the design, and she succeeded!  Last week, I shared Katy’s drawing of the cuts and scores to make this card.  I received a lot of feedback and requests from readers (I actually have a few readers!) who wanted to see a step-by-step tutorial of this stair step card. You ask, and I deliver!


  • Start with a piece of card stock trimmed to 10-1/2″ x 4″.  I used Perfect Plum for this tutorial because the cuts and score lines seemed to photograph well.  I don’t use Perfect Plum very much and have lots of it sitting around, so there’s a bonus!


  • Place the paper on your paper trimmer.  One inch from the edge of the card stock, cut a straight line from the 2″ mark to the 7-1/4″ mark:


  • Turn the card stock around.  One inch from the edge of the card stock, cut a straight line from the 3-1/4″ mark to the 8-1/2″ mark.  Notice how the two cuts are lined up:


  • Your trimmed card stock should look like this:


  • One end has a large, untrimmed space (where my handsome thumb is in this above picture), while the other side has a small, untrimmed space.  Position the card stock in the trimmer where the large space is on your left.
  • At 7-1/4″, score the card stock from the 1″ cut to the end of the card stock (on both sides of the card stock).
  • At 5-1/4″, score the piece of card stock between the two cuts.
  • At 4″, score the card stock from the 1″ cut to the end of the card stock (on both sides of the card stock).
  • Here’s a whole mess of pictures to depict those instructions:




  • Here’s what your scored and trimmed piece of card stock looks like now:


  • and scored:


  • and folded:


  • and displayed on the table:


Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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  1. You have made this VERY easy to understand. Thank you for the extra time you took to deliver this to your readers!

  2. You have impeccable timing with this post Brian! I met with a new customer yesterday and she wanted resources online where she could find instructions on HOW to make things and not just what we use. Happily, I sent her to you! Thank you for your time and effort in your blog. It’s what I start each day with!

  3. Wow, that was SUPER helpful! Thanks!

  4. The play-by-play photos really help on this one. Thank you for putting the effort into this!

  5. WOW, the pictures and your explanations are so clear, Brian. Thanks for all this tips, the card looks amazing, so I’m going to give this a try.

  6. Just beautiful!

  7. Great job on the tutorial, Brian! Much nicer than the original. And funnier… Handsome thumb and a mess of pictures… You crack me up! 🙂

  8. Absolutely wonderfully done, Brian! You are so much fun to follow and make things SO much more clear for me than many other tutorials! Thanks a million! {and thanks for the laughs…;D!!}

  9. This is perfect, THANK YOU, Brian and Katy for doing all of the work!!!

  10. Oooo…yummy card! It’s sooo elegant!

  11. This card is stunning!!!!! Love love love it. Great job Brian.

  12. Lakshmi sahan' mother

    Beautiful Brian

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