Painting Poppies

I have dreamed about this card for two months now and finally sat down to make it happen. It didn’t end up the exact way I dreamed it, but that’s what I love so much about this craft – it changes as it’s created.  I quite like the end result. - painting poppies card
I heat embossed Pleasant Poppies with Clear Embossing Powder on Very Vanilla card stock. In a small kitchen ramekin, I mixed several drops of Early Espresso reinker with several drops of water.  I used my Stampin’ Up! paint brush (retired) to brush the reinker/water mixture over the poppies: - painting poppiesI applied several layers of the reinker/water mixture, intentionally keeping the ink unevenly distributed over the image. This creates a nice texture with layers of painted ink.  Once the ink dried a bit, I wiped over the poppies with a Stampin’ Up! paper towel (tee hee, just kidding, there’s no such thing) to remove the ink from the embossed images: - wiping poppies

Tying a baker’s twine bow:
I added some baker’s twine, a Naturals Designer Button and a sentiment to my painted poppies. When I started to tie the baker’s twine through the button, I had no idea what I was doing. I think I figured it out, though. Here are the steps I took:

  • I fed the baker’s twine through the front holes of the button:


  • I fed the sting back through the other two holes of the button.  I added a glue dot to the bottom of the button and stuck the button to my craft table to hold the button still while I tied the bow.
  • With the button secured to the work surface, I tied a big, floppy bow (like tying a shoelace):


  • To resize the bow, lightly pull on the loose strings to reduce the size of the bow loops. Then, pull tight on the bows again. Keep doing this until you have the bow you want. Then, clip the loose strings to the desired length.  Here’s a closeup of the final bow:


When the Early Espresso reinker/water mixture dried, it was much lighter than I expected. It almost has a pinkish hue. Guess I should have used more reinker-to-water in my mixture.  Because of the change in shade, I couldn’t pair the inked image with Early Espresso card stock. I came very, very close to pulling out my Baja Breeze, but managed to maintain my composure.  Aren’t you proud of me?  (For those new to my blog, I am on a short hiatus from my go-to color, Baja Breeze.  It’s pure torture.). I chose Always Artichoke, a color I like but have NEVER used. Welcome to my repertoire, Always Artichoke.

Stamp Sets: Pleasant Poppies, Teeny Tiny Wishes Papers: Always Artichoke, Very Vanilla Inks: Early Espresso Reinker, Early Espresso Accessories: Naturals Designer Buttons, Baker’s Twine (Early Espresso), Glue Dots, Word Window punch, Sticky Strip

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  1. Hello Brian: WOW!! this card is lovely, I adore this stamp set, you can do a ton of things with it. You made me laugh as I was reading your description of how you made this card when you mentioned the SU paper towels, LOL… are clever. Love those buttons too, perfect additon for a touch of class!!

  2. great card! love the painting and button.

  3. This is a study in originality. I like it …I bet it would be stunning in that color that I won`t mention since you are in a 12 step program to break your addiction to it.! Okay now the glue dot and button tip ..that`s a are a master of sticky ideas .. the poppy flower part I like ..the stems not so much ..they remind me of granddaddy long legs. Oh I might like to order some of those SU towels since they are working so good for you …Great card !

  4. Beautiful Card!! Thanks for the laughs, as well!

  5. {gasp!} Ok it’s reading Aubergine here, and therefore perfectly paired with Always Artichoke! This is so handsome you should frame it in a picture frame for your bedside table. Really!

  6. Aside from the beautiful card and fabulous tips, I think you might be onto a new marketing strategy. I suggest calling Utah and pitching the towel idea!!

  7. Definitely a “WOW” card! Thanks
    Oh, I’m gonna git me some of them Stampin’ Up! paper towels.

  8. Neat card! Would really pop with that “you-know-what” color. Ok, I’m an enabler. Love the technique. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This stamp set is one of my favorites and I have 3 cards to make this week. You have solved my design dilemma! Can you spell CASE? I can’t wait to try it!

    • BTW. could I order a case(no pun intended) or two of those SU paper towels from you? I can’t find them anywhere on my demo supply list!

  10. This card is totally cool! I love your idea and would have never ever though of that! But, I must say, I absolutely ADORE your humor! You always make me laugh…..and I agree with all the others. You should call SU and suggest they add paper towels….designed with the stamp sets on them. Great idea! I mean, that’s how I choose my paper towels…they must have a cute design on them! What craft room does not have paper towels? 🙂

  11. Love this card! WOW! I have to try this out but no SU brush or SU paper towels 🙁 Poor me. JK! Will definitely try this card out – love it!

  12. You are SO funny, Brian – I’m so happy I accidentally found your blog several weeks ago! I can’t even remember how – I think I may have been on Pinterest, clicked on something that took me to Mary Fish’s site and then I found YOU! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! LOL! Love your cards and love your humor – I think we could be really good friends if we lived a few hundred miles closer!

  13. Y’all are so good to me. I am so glad I found each and every one of you! I love that you are on this ride with me and that you are enjoying it (although you can’t be enjoying it as much as I am). It sounds like there’s a real demand for Stampin’ Up! branded paper towels, so I’m off to Costco to purchase a truckload of Bounty. I’ll unravel each roll and stamp my little (c) Stampin’ Up! in the corner of each and every sheet if that’s what you want. Please send $35 to me (unmarked) bill, and your very own Stampin’ Up! branded paper towels will be on their way to you. 🙂

  14. Hey Brian ..thought I`d stop by to see what was going on this afternoon . Looks like the general idea is lets get this towel thing going … you could even design some with the unmentionable color and your rubber band tecnique …. they may get Shelli`s little heart beside the product number.. can`t wait . Love it !!! Here comes corny…you could say the design is called Brian and His All Rubber Band …. tee hee!

  15. I have to say…”Very cool”. I am so glad I read what you wrote ( do not do that much on other blogs so you hopefully feel special! ) I would have thought you used Bravo Burg ink on your card. That is what is looks like to me! I do not use Articoke either..not sure I even have any card stock that color right now. I like your self control with the Baja right now—you are experiencing new shades/colors! Have fun!

  16. I recently found your blog and LOVE it! I really appreciate how you explain the process. I’ve learned so much already. I’ve never tried the technique used on this beautiful card, but I’m now anxious to do so. Do you ever teach classes in the Atlanta area?

  17. You have the most wonderful techniques…this is fabulous! And I think you made a wise choice using Always Artichoke….and you tied a very nice bow on the button…A+ to you!

  18. This is lovely–thanks for sharing.

  19. I just had to drop by to tell you how much I love this card, Brian! Everything came together perfectly with this creation! So simple, yet so striking! Wonderful job, friend!

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