Christmas Card Shortcut: Printed Tags

It’s wonderful to spend a good chunk of time on a card – to really design it perfectly, to pick the right colors, to march up and down the street yelling, “Look what I made! Look what I made!” Let’s be honest, though – we don’t always have that kind of time or energy. That’s why it’s nice to have a quick and easy shortcut card.

In this year’s Holiday Catalog, Stampin’ Up! introduced the Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags – 25 beautiful gift tags on one side, and and 25 beautiful printed accents on the other. Lay that bad boy on a piece of card stock, and you are 78.3% done with your card. Here’s a card I made with these tags: - Printed Tags.jpg

Tips, Tricks and Reminders:

  • Treat those pesky edges.  I know you are excited for the Stampin’ Trimmer to be delivered in November, but have you just stopped replacing your old cutting blades?  Are you getting those little, rough edges when you trim your card stock?    Well, here’s a little trick to help you out.  The professionals (like you, Patti!) already know this trick, but I don’t want to assume EVERYONE does.  Here’s what you do:  lick your finger and then run it along the edge of the card stock.  This will help to tame the little strays.  DO NOT do this if your mouth is full of chocolate while you are cardmaking.   You will just make a mess.
  • Add the tag.  Here’s the entire tag from the Printed Tags.  I glued it down, allowing it to hang over the edges of my Whisper White card stock.  I then turned the card stock over and trimmed the sides so that the tag edges would be flush with the sides of the Whisper White card stock.  Easy peasy.  I’m so glad I could help you out!

Stamp sets:  Petite Pairs  Papers:  Gumball Green, Primrose Petals, Whisper White, Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags  Inks:  Gumball Green  Accessories:  Apothecary Accents Framelits, Stampin’ Dimensionals

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  I enjoyed hanging out with you.



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  1. Oh and here I almost commented without reading a Word of today’s post when I thought to myself “self, Brian took the time and energy to post something I need to hear, stop glazing over this article and see what he had to say” It was then that I saw MY NAME IN LIGHTS! 🙂
    My original comment was going to be ” What an attractive Card!” Now I’ve decided to say.. “What an terrific post Brian! You Rock!” 🙂 te he, have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Even though this post is all about tags, don`t lick your fingers while eating your Trick or Treat candy and how professional Patti is…BUT….I`m gonna get me some of them Apothecary Framelets. Most people use them with the Apothecary stamp set but, they aren`t as classy as you are and going for the elegant look with just the sentiment like you have for the past two days… But then how many people are going to be so dedicated to their card creations that they have to lick the edges just to check , just in case before they mail them…speaking of mail I `m headed out to my mailbox ….later

  3. Oh my gosh, I really had to giggle! I thought
    I was probably the only one who licked my
    finger to get rid of those pesky little edges.
    I do usually get rid of them with a littlest scissors or my SU! sanding block, but if
    I’m about to attach it and see some little strays, I, too, lick my finger 😉

    Happy Friday!

  4. Great card! And we do need the quick many times! Love the use of product and the precise 78.3%! Would love the formula for that calculation. 🙂

  5. Love this card and love these tags – they’re so versatile.

  6. Made my morning with your post once again, Brian! –Terri

  7. Laughed myself to a coughing fit over this post. Now why didn’t I ever think to lick my finger to tame those fuzzy edges? I could have saved a small fortune in replacing cutting blades weeks before I actually had to. I am so glad I did not have a mouthful of coffee when I read this….

  8. Just thought I`d stop by to say I received my card …yay yay yay …and it made me smile when I saw it on the blog because I have always thought it to be such a cute stamp that I never bought . Thank you sweetie person who I will reveal tomorrow .. 10 days it took to get here ! Are you sure you didn`t participitate in a rent -a -card plan or something Brian and they just brought the one that was to go to me late…guess you could charge late fee… Actually it`s in pretty good condition being a rental and all ….and as Mr, Rogers use to sing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow we`ll start our day tomorrow”

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