PPA145: Christmas Blessings

We all have something in our lives that scares us or causes us unbelievable stress.  The very mention of a snake sends some people into convulsions.  For others, public speaking is a number one fear.  I’m scared of neither of those things.  For me, that thing that makes me uncomfortable from the tips of my toes to the thinning hair on my head is…glitter.  That’s right, glitter!  While it might be pretty, I dislike its very existence. 

Today’s project, a very simple card based on a lovely PPA sketch by Margaret Moody, features Stampin’ Up! glimmer paper.  While some of my stampin’ buddies have encouraged me to try it out (“It’s glimmer paper, not glitter, you silly goose!  Everyone’s doing it!”), others have warned me to absolutely stay away.  This project is LESS about what it is and MORE about what it represents.  People, I faced my fears, and here’s the proof:
stampwithbrian.com - Christmas Blessings.jpg

Sorry, but I’m still not done talking about those little shiny specks of awfulness.  Glitter is beach sand’s evil twin.  You get a couple grains of sand in your beach bag, and it’s with you for life.  I don’t know why I am so passionate about glitter.  I have never poured glitter into my eyes.  I’ve never mistaken a bottle of glitter for salty seasoning.  I don’t remember any glitter accidents.  Still, I would never open a bottle of glitter in my home for fear that I might lose my balance with it in my hand and fumble all the way to the other end of the house, spilling the entire bottle of glitter into the  air conditioning exchange.  Glitter everywhere!  Wake me up, please.

OK, so I’ll admit that working with the glimmer paper wasn’t nearly as traumatic as working with actual glitter, but I still managed to dust my entire workspace with the little champagne specks.  It’s in my trimmer, it’s on the floor and it’s in the trashcan.  It will just have to stay there until tomorrow morning when I don my hazmat suit to rid my workspace of the remaining scraps.    

Stamp sets:  More Merry Messages  Paper:  Raspberry Ripple, Primrose Petals, Very Vanilla, Glimmer Paper  Inks:  Raspberry Ripple  Accessories:  Stampin’ Dimensionals

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  1. Wow! Terri was right, that I should send you a card with Glitter on it, I warned you and you mentioned if I did our friendship would be Over! Ok ok I get it! No glitter. 🙂 Your card is another Perfect creation! What is it with you and color? You get it! Baja Breeze would not have worked here, you repeated the Primrose Petals I see in your sentiment layers, and added the darker shade on the outside in Raspberry Ripple grounding this beautiful card. You’re a designer in my eyes and Accounting is your hobby. 🙂

    • Patti – it’s no joke. 🙂 Diane Roberts made that gorgeous snowman card for the swap and tucked it neatly in a clear envelope with a “glitter warning” note attached. Several others sent their cards in a clear envelope. I pulled them all out for the blog photo – EXCEPT for Diane’s. That glitter stayed inside the pouch. Check out the entry (I think it was Day 2). I am certain it was more beautiful without the clear envelope, but that honey was not coming out to play. 🙂

    • oopsie, sorry to do this here, but, Patti, is your blog gone???

      • I’ve checked it today, still there! Brian emailed me also to see where I went. Hmm. I appreciate the concern! Extremely!

    • Isn’t this hilarious, Patti??! I know we all love all of Brian’s posts, but this is the best one yet! –Terri

  2. OMG!! Brian, you really, REALLY dislike those beautiful little specks of shimmery color. I’m glad you put all of us on the alert, specially me because I wouldn’t want to be the one sending you into convulsions. I like glitter, I don’t use much but it does look pretty on a card. I don’t know if the Fairy card got to you yet but I was very close to sprinkle some glitter on her wings. I’m glad I didn’t because who knows, maybe you would have taken a look at it and run out of your house screaming, LOL!!
    Anywho, this card is really pretty. I love that pink card stock, you really have a gift for color.

  3. I really enjoyed this post you are so funny! I am glad you shared this with everyone. Wont’ be sending you any glitter from Tennessee. I think it’s pretty but it is messy. This post was a bright spot in my morning! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your card is very pretty…I like the champaign glimmer paper but haven`t used it yet . Brian, all the things you described are sorta like mine… I love the effect but, not the affect …it has its own personality and that`s invasive ….that`s why I like the glitter pens by Gelly Roll and Ranger`s Stickles…I love the sparkle and shine I just can`t stand all the after math . Those of you that do Operation Write Home know glitter is not allowed because it is so scattery. Now on to sparkly things but not glitter …Maria , I received your adorable moped card yesterday …you amaze me with your coloring …it`s beautiful I was shocked to discover you used markers …you are so talented . I just love it and it`s propped up on an easel for display …Brian, you picked the right one for me . When you displayed Maria`s cards the other day I thought each one was so outstanding because of her color work. Yay I got one !

    • Oh Sonny, I’m so happy you got one of my cards and even more happy you liked it. I truly love water coloring and the SU markers are perfect for it. This card swap was so much fun and I hope Mr. Brian does another one. I feel honored you have the card on an easel, gosh!! that is really sweet of you. Thank you.

  5. Oh My Goodness Brian – you are truely histerical. I could imagine this on You Tube: “A Glitter Experience (Nighmare), by Brian”. I knew you didn’t like glitter – but I wasn’t aware of just HOW much! My card swap creation also had glitter on it!!!! My apologies for which may have caused you, an anxiety attack. I’ll know better next time. However – on second thought – it could be very therapeutic for you. We all may be able to help you face your fears…

  6. Brian your glitter post is starting my day with a laugh. Love your humor. Have to agree with your feelings about glitter. You describe it so well!

  7. There, there–that wasn’t so bad, now was it? Girls like glitter, it makes things so special in a Tim Burton-kind of world! I don’t mind getting down and sparkly in my stamp room because the results are so happy, so we really appreciate your taking the challenge and sharing with us. Gorgeous card, Brian!

  8. Beautiful card, Brian, and even more so knowing it will be a one of a kind! I tried making the Believe card from our SS magazine. The only thing worse than glimmer paper shedding bits of glitter was inking the glimmer paper. The bottom coating of the glimmer paper would pick up ink and refused to dry, thus transferring ink to my fingers, my cardstock, etc. UGH, what a mess. Definitely not a workshop! BTW, I have not commented in awhile on your blog posts, but you are still my favorite morning email! I also enjoy reading your followers comments… 🙂

  9. Brian, I share your aversion to glitter. How those darn sparkles ALWAYS wind up on my face I’ll never know. Do they fly like the evil monkeys in the Wizard of Oz? And you can’t get them off. Don’t get me started; your rant was quite sufficient. BUT, I admit, there are some projects that demand a little sparkle and I have solved the dilemma by using SU glitter glue. It’s pretty, it’s cheap ($2.50?), very easy to apply, comes in silver or cherry cob, and it does not get on my face or anywhere else except exactly where I want it. Sometimes I squirt out a little glob and paint it on in a thin layer for just a touch of sparkle. I hope this helps other glitterphobiacs to peacefully coexist with the dreaded stuff.

    • Sharon, I started to mention it, but yes! I find SU!’s Dazzling Details to be a great way to add some sparkle without the mess. I really do like it. The glimmer paper is beautiful, but me no like. 🙂

  10. While I do love to pair colors together and think I have an eye for it (all of my artistic genes come from my mom), I can’t take credit on the pairing of Primrose Petals and that awful glimmer paper. I first saw it in a card by Mary Fish – she showcased the Snowflake die from the Holiday catalog with this color cominbation. I wanted to find another color to pair with the glimmer paper. I poured through my paper files (risking contamination at all turns) and came back to Primrose. It’s the only color that allowed the glimmer to shine and made the paper look as beautiful as it should.

  11. glitter-licious card. hey, i know mary fish. thanks for the shout out on the color combo!

  12. Too funny Brian. I love glitter so much. We just have to agree to disagree on this matter. Great card today. I am so proud of you.

  13. Ha, ha, ha! I enjoyed your glitter therapy this morning. I must admit that I hate the mess also (and sand) but you need to have one little item in your SU emergency kit that will “save the day” if you should ever accidentally open a glittered card. It is new, found on page 6 of the holiday mini. It will swipe those pesky twinkles right up! Yep, the Core’dinations Dust Buddy will do the trick and it is much smaller to tuck in your bag than your hazmat suit.

  14. So proud of you for taking the plunge in to Glitterland! You are a true warm-blooded stamper. Try one of the name brand rolly lint pickeruppers for your wild specks. The card is a beauty. Your editor tells me that your use of CHAMPagne glitter paper made you a real champ in Glitterland. There just might be a National Museum of Glitter where you can actually walk through a Glitter Falls and be sprinkled. Maybe the Pals can all pitch in and send you there to celebrate this event! 🙂 Congrats! This is a real milestone for you.

  15. Ahhh all that glitters………………doesn’t make you happy for sure! Pretty card though!

  16. I didn’t read all of your comments but I did read the first few and nobody made a suggestion about controlling glitter, so here goes: try spraying that glimmer paper with a spray sealer as soon as you get it. That ‘should’ calm you and the paper a bit! I get mine at good old Michael’s cuz I use a coupon [gotta love saving money]; just be sure to NOT get the matte finish! Good luck! AND your card is gorgeous!

  17. You always succeed at making me laugh and inspiring me with your cards, Brian! Thanks for both!

  18. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    Oh my goodness, Brian, you really do have glitter issues. 😉 Just kidding! I totally understand … we had sculptured carpet in our first home and I agreed to put on a birthday party for our older daughter complete with Valentine card making as the activity. I am pretty sure I vacuumed up glitter in the dining room until we sold the house! LOL!
    I, too, love your card, of course. The colors are perfect and really “pops” with the Primrose Petals card stock.

  19. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    Oops! I meant to say the Primrose Petals really “pops” with the glitter paper! I sure didn’t proofread my note very well! ~Suzie~

  20. I’m with you on both glitter and sand, Brian! I do not care for either of them (especially sand)! Love your card though! And, thanks for the shout out!

  21. Brian, Brian, Brian. I LOVE this card. But I love your post even more! Congrats on facing your fear–but, do we need to send in a team to both decontaminate your home AND pull you out of the corner cowering in terror? –Terri

  22. BEST POST EVER!!! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh!! LOVE your blog!!

  23. Brian love your cards really appreciate you sharing your ideas. As someone who is new to making cards, would you conisder adding the paper dimensions? It seems like I can never get the same results without having the measurements. Thank you

  24. Inspite of this traumatic situation with our beloved glimmer paper, you created a beautiful card! You have the greatest sense of humor…part of why we love your blog so much…wish we blog followers could party diwn with you one day…what a blast it would be! I am tired from a long day out and think I am getting my husband’s stipupid cold, but I love reading your blog and laughing..great medicine! Enjoy your day of cleansing!

  25. Guess I should reread my posts for silly iPad words…sorry!

  26. I totally agree with the glitter issue. As a teen, I used to LOVE to paint my fingernails, but I always avoided the glitter paints after one fiasco. Ever since, I avoid anything glittery like the plague. When my baby sister turned 25 and said she wanted a card in purple and gold, I held my breath and used some glimmer paper and elegant eggplant to make one for her. I’m still finding gold bits in my paper trimmer even though I made the card several weeks ago. *shudder* Yours looks lovely, by the way!

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  28. I feel the same way about glitter. It takes some courage, but I will use glimmer paper and glitter glue on occasion.

  29. Glitter is good…so is the “heavy hitter”. Love the look. This card is soooo simple but so attractive!
    Keep it coming! Great designs!

  30. You’re a “wild & crazy” guy! 🙂 i have used a dryer sheet; glue onto paper; glitter sticks better (I might have used Modge Podge for used dryer sheet….been awhile…..I saw it on Utube. I enjoy your humor and blogs and of course your designs……yes, keep ’em coming!

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