For Patti: I’m Stepping Out (of my comfort zone)

This one’s for you, Patti! You’ve challenged me to step outside of my “clean and simple box” to try something new. Well, here you go! Vintage is beautiful and intriguing, but it’s definitely not in my wheelhouse. Vintage is not something that comes natural to me. Staining the edges. Distressing the paper. Refusing to glue all the paper down in perfect 90 degree angles. These are not things that just happen by my nature – please remember that I am an accountant by trade.

Here’s my attempt at vintage: - Vintage Elegance.jpg

Tips, Tricks and Reminders:

  • Don’t be afraid on non-traditional elements in your cards.  Of course I want you to buy tons and tons of Stampin’ Up! paper and accessories from me, but sometimes it’s fun to try something different.  When Serina agreed to let me borrow her Established Elegance stamp set, I also borrowed a page from her book – literally.  Serina had an aged book that was falling apart and gave me a page to use.  Yipee!  They look smashing together.
  • Try new colors.  With all the cards I’ve made on this blog, I’ve never made a card that uses River Rock.  The color has never appealed to me.  At all.  BUT, when I saw the yellowed coloration of this old book page, I immediately knew I’d be stamping and highlighting with River Rock.  Now that I’ve started, you might be seeing more in the near future.
  • Use the paper piercing pack to perfectly space your brads.  The paper piercing pack isn’t just for paper piercing.  It would have been nearly impossible to line up the three brads on this slanted page without my handy dandy piercing pack. - paper piercing for brads.jpg

So, did I drive this one over the finish line?  I’m happy with it.  What do you think?

Stamp Sets:  Established Elegance, Loving Thoughts  Papers:  Early Espresso, River Rock  Inks:  Early Espresso, River Rock  Accessories:  3/16″ Metallic Brads, Stampin’ Dimensionals, Stampin’ Sponges, Paper Piercing Pack

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. You nailed it! So cool you thought to use an old book page! I should look around the house for some! No doubt you had to borrow Established Elegance, but you knew you needed that vintage typewriter to compliment this book page! Glad you had some back up! Love your tonal look, your sponging, your curled tattered look! 🙂

    • Yay! I’ve been sitting by my phone waiting to see you comment pop up (not unlike every morning). I really liked how this turned out! It’s not that vintage is not my style. It’s just that the steps to creating vintage don’t come easy to me. Thanks, Patti!

  2. WOW Brian, this is really beautiful. This stamp set has not been a favorite of mine but you made me take a second look. I love the book page, the aged look of it is a perfect frame for the old type writer. Good for you to explore this new look, you did outstanding!!

  3. My goodness ,you are getting so creative…as I said yesterday I didn`t think you even owned a rhinestone…now you are doing vintage … you are getting so daring and trendy! I like the look …it`s looks good and has a masculine edge sort of Tim Holtz but not as distressed …yay for you !!! What`s next ??? This is getting exciting!!

  4. Brian, from one accountant to another, I completely relate to your struggle with vintage! But, you did great with this one and have inspired me to give it a try. BTW, you know old accountants never die, they just lose their balance:)

  5. SCORE!

  6. Wow Brian you never cease to amaze me!! Your work is incredible!!! I just cant wait to open your email and see what is next!!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and yes I do read your blog before and after the cards!!! A big Thank you to you!!

  7. I’be said it before, and I will say it again…y’all are so kind to me. I really appreciate your positive feedback and comments. I’m having a great Saturday morning thanks to you!

  8. And you rocked it!

  9. You did real good!!!!

  10. Fabtastic elements! You are on a roll Mr. King! It works great when you are distressed! Now what’s up? Distressed that you had to distress?
    I’ll watch for a tear in a future piece now that your on the distressing path. I can already hear you groaning as you tear. That is like rip tear, not a tear that you cry. 🙂
    P.S. Would love another page of the book, it looks good too!

  11. Really like it! Thanks for the hint on using the piercing pad to line up the brads. That will make my life easier and my brads straighter!e

  12. I love VINTAGE!!!!! This is CAS vintage, elegant

  13. Oh – you soooo drove it home with this card. I’m a huge River Rock fan and was immediately drawn to your use of it on the page. Love this card – a lot!! I have used newsprint before but never thought to angle it. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  14. Awesome vintage…you have successfully ventured over to another realm!

  15. I second Alise’s comment, and I LOVE this card!

  16. Wow! So, seriously, there isn’t ANYTHING you can’t do well, is there?? This is great! Glad Patti inspired you. And I think you sold me on River Rock, as well! –Terri

  17. While I don’t have any old books to use, I still have an abundance of Newsprint DSP that I can cut and make it look like a page from a book (or newspaper.) I think I will “age” it with some River Rock ink and the lovely little distressing stamp we used to sell!!! I’m with you in how River Rock – just not my favorite color, but Brian – you nailed it!!!

  18. Ooops – wrong phrase. I should have said, you crossed the line in first place! LOL
    Joni <

  19. Very cool…hipouse are very brave trying new ideas out…hurrah for you!

  20. Oh dear…crazy iPad…sorry!

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