I Want You…

I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses I’ve received from my silly, little blog over the past 9 months.  You’ve been so amazing and supportive, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  At Leadership last week, I had dozens of demonstrators approach me to say, “I’ve seen your blog.  I love that blooper video with your Mom!”  (if you haven’t seen the single most memorable part of my blog, check it out here).  This week, alone, you’ve showered with your kind words and sweet remarks for the cards I’ve posted. I couldn’t smile more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…paper crafters are the kindest group of people in the world. Just really nice folks. And I am proud to be a part of this group. 

Today’s blog entry is a description of what I want to do my blog – I feel like it’s only fair that I share my thoughts with you since you are such an integral part of my journey.

I Want You


I want you … to feel inspired each and every day – to think about stamping all day long.  I want to poke your brain in the morning with some sort of idea or concept so that you have an excuse to think about cards and crafting for the entirety of your day.

I want you … to enjoy the time you spend with your stamps.  I am fortunate enough to spend lots of time completing projects with my stamps, papers and punches.  Possibly too much time.  You might not have as much time, so I am happy to share what I learn or what inspires me.  It helps you to streamline your projects, right? 

I want you … to create things you love and can’t live without.  It makes you happy.  When you are happy, then I am happy.  When I am happy, I remember to feed the cat.  I guess what I am trying to say is – I want you to be feel good about what you create so that Bandit can enjoy his kibbles.

I want you … to enjoy your stamping space.  Organizing is a hobby in itself.  Over the next several weeks I’ll share several ideas I have implemented to keep my space as tidy as it can be.

I want you … to get the most out of your stamping purchases.  I don’t ever want you to buy a stamp set (for example) that just sits on your shelf.  There are thousands of ways you can use that stamp, and I want to inspire you to use it.  I also want you to maximize the benefits you can receive from your purchases.  I want you to be aware of the promotions and benefits so that you feel good about the items you’ve purchased.

I want you … to contact me.  If you don’t have an active demonstrator, I would love to earn your business.  With Sale-a-Bration just around the corner, I want to help you make the most out of Stampin’ Up!’s big time sales event.  I’d love to walk you through the subscriptions to The Paper Pumpkin so you can enjoy that program starting in March. If you would like to be a part of my Stampin’ Up! team, I would love to talk with you about the benefits of joining now – for Stampin’ Up!’s 25th anniversary,  the Starter Kit just got better.  During Sale-a-Bration, you will get $156.25 worth of product in your $99 Starter Kit (that’s 25% more than before!)  Even if you don’t intend to make a business out of your Starter Kit, it’s a great deal!  I can always be reached at stampwithbrian@gmail.com.  Woo hoo!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  I appreciate it.



  1. Looking forward to your words of wisdom!

  2. And I read every word! 🙂 Really! Beautiful post. If you made that image above in MDS2+ great job! And if you Google Searched it..Great Job! No one would even know! Te he! I love this place, with oh 20 emails to open in the morning I search for this one to open first. I do believe your craft space is tidy and would enjoy those organizational posts. One last thing, I agree, the most friendly group you could ever find. Have a great weekend! –all of you!

    • Hey Patti! You are one of my biggest supporters, and I really appreciate that! Even though you are a demo (so your support doesn’t directly translate to sales), I love the relationship we’ve built with one another. I did create the banner image in MDS2+. It was easy! I’m really warming up to MDS2+ and have lots of ideas for how to utilize it. Thanks!

  3. Well Brian, you did it again…..make me laugh out loud at 5:30 am. My goodness, we want to keep you happy, very happy indeed mainly because sweet Bandit needs his Kibbles but also to give back to you what you give to us…..lots of inspiration, fun challenges, shareing ideas and smiles, lots of smiles. I’m always trying to keep my little stamping zone organized, I pretty much know where everything is and I’ve have on one of the walls, pictures of my grandkids, my races and my awards. I’m looking forward to your advise and ideas every morning and a very healthy dose of HAPPY that gets me started every day.
    Thank you for all of that and more.

    • I, too, look for your blog email first thing, Brian! Sometimes, my eyes are barely open when I reach for my phone to read it! 🙂
      Your wonderful humor mixed with your amazing talent have kept me coming back every day since I stumbled onto your blog.
      And, yes, paper crafters are truly such a delightful group. I got into this hobby 10 years ago and have met so many great people since then … online and in person.
      I could go on and on about your blog, Brian, and about Stampin’ Up!, but I have to leave with my 87 year old mother in half an hour to start our 11 hour drive to Minnesota today.
      Thankfully, my wonderful husband is meeting us in Kansas City. We’ll drop off my rental car and then continue on to the Twin Cities.
      I am armed with the Spring Mini and your Swatch Books for when I turn into a passenger!
      Happy Weekend, Everyone!

  4. I read your posts daily and always have a chuckle….such a happy feeling all the way over here in Australia and am so happy Bandit can really enjoy his kibbles….:)
    Keep them coming Brian, it keeps me inspired 🙂

  5. Organize…did you say you’re coming to Ohio to organize my room…..wow, this is like an HGTV dream come true. Oh, ok, Jon just awoke me from my dream. Can’t wait to see the tips! My “craft room” is my dining room for the time being. Have a great day!

    • I don’t know Lucy, I think you have something there! I would love to see the “Brian & Mamma” show come to your house and re-do your craft space! That I would pay to see. What a racket!

  6. And Brian….I Want You To Know……Your blog is one of those places I can go and get my “Happy Fix” right out of the gates every morning. You put an amazing and fun spin on what you post on your blog…….and it’s always seems to be something that is current and up-to-date. Thanks for all the amazing work you put into your blog each day.

  7. I actually prefer to NOT be up at 7:00 a.m. reading your brilliant post on a Saturday morning, but MY cat had to have her kibbles….and my doggie had to go outside for some business of her own. SO, I’ll take a minute here to say: 1) I wish *I* could be so chipper (or even just wide awake) every morning as you obviously are. 2) Your blog is a great way to start the day. 3) You are always inspirational…and fun! Thanks for sharing yourself and your talents and making the craftosphere a better, brighter place! –Terri O

  8. This is truly worth printing out and hanging in my stamping space. Very inspirational and from a genuine heart. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I have been dealing with a family emergency/crisis the past 9 months and haven’t taken the time to do a lot of stamping. This message is of hope and it was the first thing I read on my computer today. Thank you Brian for starting my day off right! 🙂
    Blessings to you,

  9. Class act! You really DO care for your customers and your readers and that too, sets you apart. I look forward to your tips on organizing and of course your blog, my first read of the morning that is filled with kindness and joy each day. Thanks for being you and providing us with all of these great ideas!

  10. Well, as Sherlock would say “Elementary my dear Watson”…now I know why Bandit is biting your feet at night while you are trying to sleep ! You forgot to feed him !! I believe it because I don`t believe you actually sleep….you come up with the neatest and most clever stuff . As I told you before when the Betsy Blossom craze hit the blogs last year and everybody was overdoing it to ad nauseum you came up with the fireworks card and of course Patti was your sidekick . I came back the next day and so liked being in the mix . So therefore I will say this ….you are at the top of Angie`s List of demonstators as far as I am concerned . and I have been a SU customer since the beginning !!! Plus you introduced me to Maria and we have become good web friends . What more can I say ? Oh, I will think of something ….I may come up with the top ten list of why I chose you!!!!

    • Well, my dear web friend and card swap buddy, this is yet another wonderful thing about our dear host’s blog…..that you and I met here and now, even though separated by hundreds of miles, we’ve becomed such good friends. Indeed, this wonderful hobby is full of the most caring and kind people, ready to help and inspire. Thank you Brian, for making your blog such an amazing place to visit and cyber meet each other.

  11. I WANT YOU to keep on doing what you have been doing! You inspire me, you teach me, and I love your blog. I don’t just look at the pictures like some blogs I follow; I actually read all of it. You’re the best!!

  12. Your are amazing.

  13. I am new to your blog through Stampin Pretty. Love your ideas. Interesting to see from the male point of view. Great goals!

  14. HI Brian:
    I guess I’m a bit unique in that when I sit down at the computer and look at my emails each morning, I save yours until last. I think of your blog as the “dessert” to my morning informational meal. I like to save the best for last because then I can savor it for the entire day. Your blog is always so upbeat and I like the fact that you actually give us paper measurements! Wow! That is amazingly helpful. You have a wonderful day today – for your blog readers! LOL When Brian’s happy we are all happy!

  15. Hey Grace…I totally agree … I am in and out of “The Kingdom ” just to refresh ,reread or regiggle!!! off and on during the day . I even have Brian`s Blooper video on my favorite`s list because I get a good laugh everytime I watch it …. But I love love reading everybody else`s comments also !!

  16. Yep, Brian, I’m so looking forward to your organizational tips, too! My, how I need it…I’m trying to get organized in mine, since I recently moved back home, and have lots to move out and move in. I need to know how to fix it where I’m not cramped, but can find everything and also have what I immediately need within reach. You are my best friend and hang on every word you right because you are the most awesome, inspirational, funny and wonderful friend in my crafting world! Have always loved your blog, your creations, and your insightful tips! Keep ’em coming so Bandit can eat! ;D

  17. Thanks for reminding of us of the #1 Law of the Universe…..it’s all about the cat!
    In honor of Bandit (and Brian) I challenge everyone to organize 1 drawer or bin in your craft room today!

  18. Yet again, I cannot add much to the other comments….you are truly a very talented and creative demo who truly loves and shares soooo very much of what you love and believe in…and how much your sense of humor makes it all so much better! I agree also that your blog is the way I love to start my day…though thankfully not at 5:30 am!! Thank you Brian!

  19. I’m a newbie in your blog world and you have earned a spot on my Show Top Sites on my iMac! I’ve always had Mary as my #1 stop and you are now my #2! I’m like Grace who likes to save your for “dessert” as well but there are times I have to have my “dessert” first! I have my Top 10 SU blogs that I like to follow and you are definitely in that Top 10 list! As I’ve stated before I so enjoy your style, your sense of humor, an the inspiration I receive from being one of your . . . can I say “groupies”! LOL! I love everything about how you go about doing what you love to do and sharing it with those of us out here in cyberspace! I truly look forward to visiting your blog each and every morning! Thanks for the smiles, the laughs, and inspiration! Keep on keeping on Brian!

    BTW, I am taking up Cindie’s challenge today! But I think I’ll do more than one drawer! And I also look forward to some more organizing tips!

    Lastly, I too have a cat. She is a Manx and her name is Sweet Pea! She’s was a rescue kitty! She is my partner in life as is my hubby!

  20. As long as you are coming to Ohio…I’m next! I have gorgeous views of river and Kentucky! We’ll even feed you. Bring Mom. Looking forward to seeing your stamping room. Your 54 second bonus video gave only a blink of your organization! More, more! Nancy B

  21. Brian, you have made “addicts” out of so many of us! Please keep the ideas coming! The day is not complete without reading your blog!

  22. Sure do enjoy reading your blog, Brian, (you make me laugh) and I’m looking forward to your organizational tips. Keep up the great work.

  23. Great post Brian. I agree with Sylvia…We WANT YOU to continue to be you. Forget coffee, I need my Brian fix every day. Thanks for the inspiration, humor and web friendship.

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