Organizing my Craft Room: Part 3

You asked for it, so I’m busy delivering.  Welcome to the third installment of my mini-series called Organizing my Craft Room. Organizing is one of my favorite hobbies – it takes me away from my stamping every once in a while.  🙂  Through a series of posts, we are going to work our way around my craft space. In the interest of fairness (always full disclosure here), these are pictures I took when my craft space was all cleaned up – chances are really good that it doesn’t look like this right now.  Also, I understand that everyone has different organizational spaces and needs – this is just what I’ve done with my space.

Two weeks ago, I shared a picture of my craft space. Here’s the wall where I keep most of my - shelves

Last week, we focused on the two top shelves on the right hand side of the wall.   Today, I’m going to share the bottom shelf (it’s where I store my punches) and a storage idea for anyone who wants to use peg board.  Let’s start with the bottom shelf.  Several months ago, I shared that I store my punches in a photo box (you can see the post here).  Well, my collection of punches has grown a bit since then, and I’ve graduated to a shoe box lid (thank goodness for big shoes – they come in big shoe boxes).  This storage method gives me full access to all my punches.  I can see them all and have no problem grabbing for the one I - punch storage

A couple of you mentioned that you like the peg board – it really does make it easy for me to see everything and grab it.  When you are designing a card, you can’t take fifteen minutes to flip through a drawer in search of an item – too much risk that the inspiration will pass.  Some things, though, aren’t made for hanging on peg board.  Where possible, I just convert them to - peg boardFor products that are delivered in a plastic bag, I punch a hole just below the zipper.  Easy.  For some light-weight items that I need quick access to, I create my own hook to hang them on.  I grabbed a piece of DSP cardboard (comes with each pack of DSP) and punched circles that i glued to the back of the Glue Dots box and Blender Pens.  Now, they’re totally hang-able. - peg board

I hope these little tips help you to organize your space a little better.  I’ve found they work well for me.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. Seriously Brian….You are one smart cookie! THANKS for sharing this great hanging tip.

  2. I love seeing your space, Brian – great tips as well. Thanks for the informationa and the inspiration. Hugs!

  3. I really really like the tip about the circles on the back of the boxes …and I love the neatness of your punches …but I have a bunch of the old whale style also and every border punch God ever made …not to mention other brands (did I mention not only am I addicted to dsp and colors but,I will buy a punch just in case I might need one day ) Therefore my punch storage is different . Thank you for your storage ideas and organizational tips…I seriously need to get some pegboard ! Do you get that at Lowes or Home Depot ? I just bought one of those cubicle storage (9 spaces …10×10 each) from Target and I am putting it in my stamping room. I am really excited about it ! More space to put more stuff …. plus I can use different colored fabric storage boxes or cute baskets with cloth liners ….Wheeee !!!!!

    • Hey Sonny, I got mine at Lowe’s. It’s also at Home Depot. REALLY cheap. If you know the size you need it cut to, they’ll do it for you there. You just have to mount it on boards to lift it off the wall a bit. I had these in a closet in my other home. I had to have these installed by a contractor because I wasn’t comfortable drilling into the concrete walls (I’m not THAT handy).

  4. I bought this pegboard system (but paid less for it; forget where I bought it). I love it!

  5. Sheeesh!! my craft room is always kind of messy, I’m doing something there every day, but the one thing I do need is a way to keep my stamping desk less crowded. I do have my punches, both the “whale” kind and the new SU flat kind neetly arranged on the right hand wall, on small curtain rods, for the “whale” punches and, the SU flat punches, on a really pretty shelf, with 3 “floors” I got at a garage sale for $2.00!! This shelf still has a lot of space to get more punches, yippy!!

  6. I love seeing your space, Brian – great tips as well. Thanks for the information and the inspiration. Hugs!

  7. Hey Mary ! Thanks for the pegboard referral….I like it ..I have never seen one like that and I belong to Prime so it`s a tad cheaper…. Clear pegboard !! Love It ! See Brian , you are providing a valuble source of all sorts of info to your followers …I ask you where else do you get this ??? (well, maybe SCS)

  8. How I look forward to “organizing tips and tours”! Your first one today using a large shoebox lid is such an easy one, too. Of course, many of us still have some of the “whale-style” punches as Sonny so appropriately called them in her reply. 🙂
    I have a few drawers where both types seem to coexist fairly well. The drawers need me to finish labeling them, though. 🙁 I’ve never utilized pegboard before, but may have to consider that down the road.
    Thanks so much, Brian, for your organization tour continuation! If you saw my space today, you might not think I was into organization, but I do try hard! My love of “collecting” supplies sometimes gets in my way. 😉
    Have a great start to your week, Brian, and fellow Brian-blog-followers!

  9. I look at your blog, and enjoy your cards as well as your good sense of humor. I like your idea of a BIG shoebox for those punches…..Mine are in a tupperware tub, and I have to take most of them out each time I’m looking for a particular punch. My husband hung me a skinny round towel rod to hang my old style punches on, but those new ones…..whew! glad you came up with this tip.

  10. Just wanted to say I am so happy I came across your Pinterest postings and then signed ups for your blogs. I have been inspired by many of your card layouts and entertained by your blogs. Love the organizing tips! Keep them coming.
    Thank you Brian!

  11. You’ve shown us some great ideas, Brian. You are so right about wanting to be able to get your hands on supplies quickly so your ideas and free time don’t get frittered away. That’s my big problem…I spend twice as much time putting together all the things I need for my project as I do actually making it.

  12. Very nice room, Brian! And I know what you mean about the punches growing…kind of like rabbits! I have not created an actual room as of yet but when I do, I will try to find a wall where I can hang peg board and use several of your tips! Right now I have clear(ish) plastic boxes, sort of large shoe box types, that I keep my whale punches and my newer punches…easy for me to keep under a chair and only have what I want out. Thank you for continuing to share how you have personalized your crafting space…you should show us what it is like down there after you have been creative or had a class…come on now, get brave….give us a smile!

  13. Hi Brian , it’s Frenchie , I love your new look in your craft room , you did such a great job !
    ok , hope to hear from you soon ,
    hugs frenchie ,

  14. OMGOSH, Brian you are incredible and such an inspiration I am so thrilled I found your site thank you so much!

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