A Perfect “Tin”

Every hardware store stocks empty paint tins. Every stamper should keep a stock of these tins, as well. Wrap these little guys with some designer series paper, and they are the perfect container for a sweet gift or a delicious treat. Stampers have been wrapping paint tins for years – I didn’t invent this idea. I had some sitting around, though, so I decided to make one and share it just in case you’ve never seen one completed before.

Well, here it is:stampwithbrian.com - A Perfect Tin

This project is as easy as pie to complete. Let’s start with that comment. Have you ever made a pie? Unless it comes in a box with the words “Mrs. Smith’s” on the outside, a pie is certainly not easy to make – especially if it’s adorned with a lovely lattice crust – so I don’t understand the “easy as pie” saying. Incidentally, I also don’t understand the phrase “I slept like a baby”. I always change that up a bit and say “I slept like a baby that’s sleeping.” I don’t have a baby, but those I’ve met certainly yell a lot when you want them to sleep, so “slept like a baby”? Please!

Where was I? Oh, yes. The tin. Here’s a quick shot of the one quart tin I picked up at the hardware store: stampwithbrian.com - A Perfect Tin

It’s cute all by itself, huh? I wrapped some Tea for Two Designer Series Paper around the tin and used Sticky Strip to make sure it was permanently positioned. The paper didn’t wrap all the way around (left about a 1″ gap, so I pieced together another piece of DSP. I wrapped a piece of 1-1/4″ Two Tone Ribbon around the tin, using Sticky Strip on the ends.

What makes this tin interesting is the muffin-tin-liner-like flower on the front. This flower ties into the project in three very important ways:

  • it’s a muffin tin liner on another tin. Trippy, huh?
  • the circular shape of the flower repeats the circular patterns of the DSP. I say it all the time – repetition is soothing and appealing.
  • the flower pulls in the pink from the DSP. I randomly snipped into each of the layers before assembling them with the brad. The Pop-up Posies Kit comes with Daffodil Delight and Whisper White cloth-covered brads. I used a sponge dauber to add lots of Pretty in Pink to this brad before assembling the flower. Once assembled, I used a sponge to randomly add Pretty in Pink to the layers of the flower, too. stampwithbrian.com - A Perfect Tin

This tin is perfect for adding home-baked goods or jewelry or a spa certificate. You could even add baby booties and a little hat inside the tin. It all works here.

Papers: Tea for Two Inks: Pretty in Pink Accessories: Pop-up Posies Designer Kit, 1-1/4″ Two-Tone Ribbon

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  1. Love it! I myself have a collection of pop-top cans that my husband is trained to open from the bottom with a safety opener. This opener allow you to easily reseal the bottom without the receiver noticing. These are perfect for gift cards and smaller surprises.

  2. We did a lovely money box tin at monthly craft club. It was covered in Beau Chateau paper (which I love). In fact I shall email you a picture! 😉 Tins certainly di make a good gift.

  3. I am LOLing at your easy as pie and sleep like a baby comments. You are right!

  4. Punny, punny!

  5. Super Fun Project Brian……Going to the hardware soon to pick up some empty paint cans! Thanks for sharing!

  6. How timely is your post! Just the other day, while shopping at one of the big box home improvement stores – my HUSBAND (imagine that!) pointed out to me the empty, clean paint cans they had for sale. I didn’t get any – but YES – I am going back – once again you have inspired me.
    Thanks – this is such a fun, springy beautiful project.

  7. So springy and very cheery! Love your project! Good to see something other then snow and drab colors like we have here up north. I hoping Mother Nature can here me clicking my ruby red shoes together wishing spring here ASAP! Too bad my name isn’t Dorothy, that might score me some extra points. LOL Brian, I am saying extra prayers for you today and your family. Today will be difficult for all. Just remember you have all the wonderfuly memories of Shelley in your heart forever.

  8. This is cute ! Lots of uses for something like this … I never knew that you could buy empty paint type cans at the home improvement places ….I can think of a lot of uses for this project . Thank you ,Brian ….and I loved your monolog this morning ….tee hee !
    Also…glad some others are joining in the club fun …I`m telling you people …this is the beginning of something super–dee–duper !!

  9. Love the paint can idea. Now how are you going to make your muffins?

  10. Great project Brian. I also didn’t know you could buy empty paint tin cans at the home inprovement places but now that I do know, thanks to you, I think this could be a nice gift for any occasion, the sky is the limit about what you can put inside and about how you can decorate the outside.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well, I CAN make that (get it, can can)! I guess I’m a little silly today because when I saw this lovely project that was all I could think of. I’m crackin’ myself up. Oops, must be the Cabin Fever setting in. I need some sun! I love the cupcake paper flower. Only our Brian would be clever enough to come up with that one but you can be sure I’ll be using it. I wonder what else I have floating around the kitchen that I could use on cards? Coffee filters? Elastic bands on my brayer? Old puzzle pieces?

  12. You are WAY too funny! 🙂

  13. Even though pink is not one of your favorite colors, you did a lovely job with this project! I often need some kind of different container so will be off to the hardware store soon to get a few of these…and to order the Tea for Two dsp. Thanks, Brian…I always appreciate your inspiration for lovely projects/cards!

  14. Running out the door and getting my supplies ready. I need a few tins to store craft tools in and great for gift containers too. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Love your personality. It shows in projects and your humor makes it fun for all.

  15. VERY cute!! Thanks for helping a “stuck” demo figure out how to use these cupcake liners!!

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