Tic Tac Toe with the Paper Players

It’s Sunday, so I’m featuring a fun card challenge from The Paper Players.  This week Jaydee challenges us with a Tic Tac Toe Challenge. There are nine options, and we get to pick three (across, down or diagonal) to incorporate into our design. Here are the options:

First things first, you can’t go wrong with ANY of these options. I pondered the chart options for more than an hour this week (not all in one sitting, mind you), trying to decide what kind of card I’d make. I decided on the Ribbon/Mother’s Day/Pink & Green combination and came up with this:Wonderful Mother, Floral Frames Framelits

As soon as I decided on this combination, I knew I wanted to use some of my Gumball Green and Primrose Petals Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon.  They look so ‘1980’s preppy” together.  I didn’t know I’d braid the ribbon, and I certainly didn’t know I’d use up this much of my ribbon, but I am really happy with how it turned out. 

Here’s how I did it:  I taped down eight or nine pieces of Gumball Green ribbon (vertically), each piece hugging the next.  I then weaved** the Primrose Petal (horizontally) and taped it all down on the sides.  I then layered on a piece of Whisper White with a 3″ circle cutout, followed by a Primrose Petals panel with a cutout from Floral Frames Framelits.  Please know there’s a lot of tape between the card base and the card front.  🙂  Easy as can be! 

** I struggled with this.  I know that “wove” and “weaved” are both words, but I think I am right to say I weaved the ribbon OR the ribbon wove in and out.  Anyway, I majored in Accounting, so please don’t be hard on me if I am stupidly wrong.  “Weaved” just sounds right.

Stamp set:  Wonderful Mother  Inks:  Gumball Green  Papers: Gumball Green, Primrose Petals, Whisper White  Accessories:  3″ Circle Originals, Floral Frames Framelits, 1-1/4″ Circle punch, 1-3/8″ Circle punch, 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon, Stampin’ Dimensionals

I hope you’ll head over to The Paper Players site to check out the design inspirations from the other Design Team members.  Is this the week you’ll participate in the challenge?

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  1. Never mind the grammar Brian, this card is stunning!!!!!, Beautiful!!!!!, Amazing!!!!!, I can go on and on about it, WOW!!!!! I love it, the WEAVED ribbon looks incredible, this card needs absolutely nothing else!! Thank you so much for making it and sharing the details of how you did it, I’m definitely going to give this a try.

  2. Beautiful card Brian. I’m sure your mother will be ecstatic to receive it.

  3. I agree 100% with Maria … stunning, beautiful, and amazing! 🙂 Thank you, Brian!

  4. It is pretty, I’m a traditionalist, this would be stunning in brown ribbon weave and Summer Starfruit top layer, Wow, looking like a handsome Sunflower.

  5. Very Nice! Happy Easter! Enjoy the day! Grace to you and yours in reflection of this marvelous day!

  6. Hey Brian how about ‘I had so much fun weaving the ribbon’?! Still past tense but without the dilemma! Anyway… Back to your beautiful card. Any mother would LOVE to receive this card and would appreciate all the time-consuming work involved, I’m sure. Fab design Brian!

  7. Happy Easter Brian! Your card is lovely. That’s a great technique for those of us who may be hoarding that ribbon after the free spool promotion. Looking around, i am sure it isn’t me though.

  8. Happy Easter Brian…..WOW WOW WOW, this is a beauty!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gasp ! love it love love it !!! In the first place I think the way the challenge is presented is such fun . Not only that it`s a good chart to keep around if you want some card making ideas but, I love squares (tee hee) I think the ribbon weaving is over the moon . Oh, and it is such lovely ribbon . So silky and colorful. You should win a prize for this one …. it is so pretty !!! I will be trying this because it`s a great technique and what a great way to use some of my 40 jillion rolls of ribbon .
    Happy Easter to you !!

  10. Wow Brian! When I saw this on the PP blog I was in awe! Amazing design! You ROCKED this technique!

    LOL thanks for the giggles too 😉 Really don’t think people need to come to read your grammer and critize you on proper use. I know they do. I often get emails that I spell incorrectly. No I don’t. I’m Canadian and we add a U to many words like coloUr 😉 Weaved sounds right to me! LOL!

    Thank you so much for your inspiration!
    Happy Easter to you!

  11. Love the ribbon!!! Happy Easter!

  12. Brian, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one. What a beauty! Stunning! Love it!

  13. The woven ribbon is such an innovative idea! You always amaze! Pink and green is my favorite combination. (I must confess, I long for the 80s. I watch The Golden Girls reruns and love the outfits and the colors. I remember wearing those clothes too) Beautiful card!

  14. FUN Challenge Brian……Love what you created!

  15. Love this card. I’m going to have to try this.

  16. As I scrolled down enjoying your writing, my eyes literally opened wide when I saw your card! It is stunning! You never cease to amaze with your creativity! Hoppy Easter!

  17. I wish I was as creative as you are! Ribbon weaving–my new inspiration.

  18. Just a gorgeous weave job Brian. I have tried weaving ribbon together and it works O.K. but is never as perfect as what you accomplished, that’s for sure. Beautiful job and I bet your Mom is going to go bonkers over that card. You’ll be making your brothers jealous because Mom will be going “See the card Brian MADE me? See the card Brian MADE me?” LOL
    Have a glorious Easter and be thankful for all the blessings in your life.

  19. So creative, once again! I just want to reach through my screen and touch this card.

  20. Love your site — it provides a starting place for a lot of creativity for me!!
    Wove / weaved — you could have gone along the lines of ‘ I enjoyed creating the basket weave pattern with the ribbon. ‘ Either way – you still got your point across 🙂
    May you and everyone enjoy your Easter season.

  21. Regardless if you weaved or wove, I have got to go do this! Thanks for the Sunday Inspiration!

  22. Wow!!! Beautiful! Stunning actually! I need to try this out! You always inspire Brian. Thank you!

  23. Hi Brian, I am a teacher and there are time I don’t give a flying hoot if my student’s grammar or spelling is correct…it’s all about the ability to communicate and get your point across….AND that you did with flying colors!!! Love it!!!

  24. Brian, when you said you taped the ribbon down, did you use “tape”? or did you use Sticky Strip?
    Just wondering if the ribbon needed “extra” sticking power. 🙂 Thank you!

    • I used regular gift wrap tape (one sided) – just around the outside edges. I tossed around the idea of sticky strip and adhesive roll, but the ribbon needs to be massaged before it’s tied down. It is not adhered to the paper in the middle in any way. It’s all smoke and mirrors. 🙂

  25. Absolutely amazing card!! This may have used a lot of ribbon, but our moms are worth it!! This is perfection!

  26. This woven creation is wonderful! What a clever idea…..just a beautiful background for your sentiment! Gorgeous!

  27. Holy moly. Just when I think you can’t shock me with your mad crafting skills, you make this! This is SUPERB!! –Terri O

  28. Yikes! I mean that in a GOOD GOOD GOOD way! What an outstanding card! I love it. And you know what??/ ‘WOVED” is me…because I doubt I could do this as well as you have! (get it? woe is me…er, WOVED is me???”) oh never mind, it’s awesome just the same!

  29. Thanks for letting us know that you used plain wrapping tape, Brian. It would use up an awful lot of our good stuff. I just am in awe at how the wheels turn in that wonderful head of yours. Kudos on such a stunning card. Your mother will adore it!

  30. What an amazing card! I am floored by your ability to come p with this stuff! Hope you and J had a very happy Easter. We just made it to the beach!

  31. OMG, what a fabulous weave you wove! lol. Seriously, a very beautiful card and out of the box idea as well. I am sure your mom will love it. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  32. I love this card and the creativity of it!! I’d love to do it in a square (I’m a sucker for the quilted look!!). So, you have the ribbon woven together and taped the sides….weren’t you a bit nervous cutting it out? And how did you hold the edges together once you did die cut it….didn’t the edges come a little undone? Would you be my “card boyfriend”? I don’t think my much loved & adored hubby would mind….too much!! You’re the best!!

    • Once I taped down the edges, they stayed taped down. I simply layered card stock over top of the layer that has the ribbon (one with a 3″ circle cutout and one with a floral frames cutout). I didn’t even entertain the idea of cutting the ribbon or trying to cleanly wrap it around the edges. I knew I needed to hide it all. 🙂

      You want me to be your card boyfriend? Of course! There’s so much of me to spread around. I’d love to be your card boyfriend – but please understand it can’t be an exclusive relationship. 🙂

  33. Brian, I am cracking up at your “1980’s preppy” reference. Suddenly the song from Pretty in Pink is playing in my head: “If you leave, I won’t cry. I won’t waste one single day….” Ugh! Love that movie! But let’s talk about your card, because that is pretty cool, too. Love the ribbon technique! It adds such a fun pop of texture and a unique twist on your flower. I have gobs of that ribbon and you have inspired me to give this a try. Very pretty…in pink…and green! 😉

  34. Patricia Stewart

    This ribbon weave card is SOOOO AMAZING!!! This is such a unique and creative idea! Who would have guessed to do this sort of thing? None other than the awesome Brian!
    I absolutely love it! Thanks!

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  36. Nice card —

    Love your cards, but not the grammar. Better check the dictionary next time 😉

  37. Brian, totally worth the effort and the amount of ribbon required. It works so beautifully. Great take on the challenge.

  38. What a creative way to use your ribbon! And I’m sure your mother will treasure this card, especially knowing that you put so much effort into it. Beautiful!

  39. Fabulous and creative as always!

  40. Now that is an impressive card! 🙂

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