Hello Baby

I bought the Spec-Tacular single stamp.  The stamp is a perfect mixture of modern and retro-cool eyeglass frames.  I really, really wanted to use it in a project, but I feel so limited to Father’s Day or cards for masculine nerds.  So, I made a challenge for myself – use the Spec-Tacular stamp in a cool and unusual way.  Here’s the stamp set:And here’s the card I made:Button Buddies, Spec-Tacular, Sweet Essentials

Tips, Tricks and Reminder:

  • Use it in a different way.  What do you think of my twist on the phrase “Hello Baby”?  🙂  The photograph doesn’t show this AT ALL, but I shaded the pig’s glasses with a Blender Pen and Basic Gray ink – converting those eyeglasses into cool sunglasses.  Totally rad!
  • Add some flair.  The pig is totally cute!  I stamped him a second time and then trimmed out the ears.  I attached them here to add a little dimension to the awesome swine.  OK – so here’s my question about this pig.  When is it appropriate to use a pig on a card?  He/she is SO cute, but I have stayed away from him because it always feels like I am either calling the recipient a pig or calling myself a pig.  Here’s the thing – if I send you a card with a butterfly on it, I’m not calling you a butterfly.  If I send you a card with a sand dollar on it, I’m not saying I’m a sand dollar.  Why, then, do I get so reserved with this pig?  Am I alone in that?  All that said, he’s adorable, and I love him – especially when he’s arrogant and flirty.Button Buddies, Spec-Taclar, Sweet Essentials
  • Challenge yourself.  I already told you that I challenged myself to use the spectacles.  I had a second challenge with this card – I wanted to use some of the paper I don’t normally use, so I turned to Regal Rose and Chocolate Chip.  I barely touch those colors, so it’s nice to make them feel as loved as my go-to colors.  It’s only fair, right?

Stamps sets:  Button Buddies, Sweet Essentials, Spec-Tacular  Papers:  Regal Rose, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White  Inks:  Regal Rose, Chocolate Chip, Basic Gray  Accessories:  1/8″ Taffeta Ribbon, Stampin’ Dimensionals, Blender Pen, Small Heart punch

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  1. Wow, love your use of both the pig & glasses in a totally unexpected way! I would not be insulted to recieve this cutie, especially with the sentiment “hello baby.” (“hello fatty,” maybe!) 😉 But the pig is so cute, maybe not!

  2. very studly pig…. I made a whole series of cards with him last year and used the stamp, “be yourself, nobody is better qualified.” and then I sponged some soft suede and early espresso on him to make him look dirty. It was fun and I had the same thoughts you expressed about wondering whether the recipient would think I was calling them a pig. *sigh* oh well. Happy Wednesday Brian.

  3. I’m with you on the giving away a “pig card”! And notice we try to make the pig sound masculine because it’s horrid to refer to a pig as a woman!! A problem with cards is lighting. I couldn’t see you’d made the glasses into sunglasses and wondered why you left this cute pig blind! Because you pay attention to detail and you wouldn’t put on regular glasses and leave it with no eyes! Oh, dear…..I better stop because I’m digging myself in deeper. I think your card’s a hoot!! And most importantly, you stretched yourself and didn’t get caught in a “rut”! (pun intended!!)

    • BRIAN!!! Just noticed you didn’t make a square card….this is the first A2 card I’ve seen from you in a l-0-n-g time! Wow….that pig did kick you out of a “rut” with that! Sorry…..just couldn’t resist.

  4. Ha! Love it 🙂 Great combo. And I’ve used the pig in a set of 6 kids themed cards presented in a decorated tin box.

  5. Ha ha! He’s Swell!

  6. He’s so cute, Brian, with the Regal Rose ink and the glasses! And then, with the sentiment you chose and the little punched heart, there is no reason to worry about sending a card with a pig on it! 😉
    You may have actually changed my mind about this particular single stamp, too. Having worn glasses since 5th grade, I wasn’t drawn to this stamp … but isn’t that the way it is with certain stamps/sets? You may have to see it/them used many times and in many ways before you even consider them as a possible acquisition. 🙂 That’s what I like about the Stampin’ UP! Galleries on SCS, too. Let’s you see different ways people have used all the sets …
    Thanks, Brian!

  7. Oh, she (or he) is super cute, the glasses are the perfect look for it, totally cool. How can anyone get insulted receiving this great card. Love the colors Brian!!

  8. I love this pig ! I think your sunglasses idea is so cute and who could resist those “sexy” ears !! This was a clever use of your stamps ….I like it when I see stamps and dies and punches used in different ways . Your card is very trendy now….with the pig that`s driving a convertible in the (un named ) commercial . You`re so cool …!! I would call you SPECTACULAR !!

  9. I would love to have a card with a pig there is nothing wrong with it people need not take things so seriously. I think it is a cute idea.

  10. How clever – the glasses, the colors – everything! That’s one pig I wouldn’t hesitate to send to anyone, adult or child. Love it!

  11. Well the Hello Baby and then seeing a pig in glasses is what threw me. Without the sentiment you could easily use this as a hello, happy day, a fun card. On a serious card some people could take offense to the pig, some could laugh….you’d have to know the person well enough. Very cute piggy, loved him in specs, but I’m with your concern on sending a pig without a humorous line.

  12. A pig with an attitude…..gotta luv it! Brian, here is what I have to say to all your creations since I’ve been gone…..bada bing, bada boom!

  13. Waaaaaay cute, Brian!

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  15. That pig is so totally adorable. It makes me laugh! What a fun and unexpected use of the glasses.

  16. This cracks me up! And I’m so going to copy this design.

  17. Brian that’s soo cute !! love it !!

  18. No, you did not put glasses on a pig! Yes you did and its adorable. What a fun card and no I would not think you were calling me a pig if you sent me this card. I have used this stamp several times because he is just so darn cute.

  19. OMG I LOVE that card! You did a “spec”tacular job! TFS!

  20. I really like your creativity on this card. I was immediately drawn to the Spectacles stamp when it came out – at a certain age, most people are choosing a pair of glasses and considering them a fashion statement is the positive way to look at it. I also think the pig, which I never considered purchasing before I saw your card, would be great with a short phrase about bacon, because “bacon fans” are numerous right now.

    I really enjoy your daily posts and think all of your cards are awesome!

  21. LOL, such a cute card and hilarious comments…..love your blog, B!

  22. I’m glad I’m not the only one singing that song every time I see “Hello Baby!” Brian, you know what I like! LOL

  23. A other fabulous design, so you to be so clever! Have to again agree with all comments!

  24. I too have this stamp and LOVE IT!!! I never thought about cutting the glasses out, thabksnow I have another purpose for this awesome stamp.

  25. Dear over-analyzing adult Brian, I think you have listened too long to over-analyzing young Brian with the pig card fear. I, too, like most women have spent my life frittering away time worried about weight (when I look back now I wonder why), so pigs did bother me then. Not anymore! I’m living my life to the fullest; pushing negativity out of my life. Therefore, cast aside your worry about pigs, especially this one which is not only cool and cute but flirty.

  26. I absolutely LOVE THIS CARD! Good Job, Brian!

  27. Brian…I love your blog and often case your cards. But, it’s getting expensive because I see stuff I don’t have then have to get it! Like this stamp with the glasses!!

    • Adele – even though you aren’t my customer, I have to feel good that I’m inspiring you to buy Stampin’ Up! products from someone. AND – there’s no requirment that you have to buy everything I post on my blog – just 85% of it. 🙂

  28. I adore this card!!! My sister-in-law loves piggies, so I may CASE this for her birthday this month — minus the sentiment. Although, it may make her feel younger and what woman doesn’t love that???

  29. I totally got the Big Bopper reference, and when I saw your card, I even read it “in that voice”! This pig is flirty-cuteness to the 4th power! (I started to say “squared”, but HEY, that boy ain’t square!) You never cease to amaze me with the outside-the-box thinking you do. SO inspirational! You are brilliant, my friend!

  30. It doesn’t get any cuter than this!!!

  31. Damn! I wish the Oz market had this stamp set! (Not to mention the many other cool stamps you guys in the states get!)

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