A Very Happy Birthday to Ann!

Today is a very special day – it’s Ann Schach’s birthday!

While at a leadership weekend in November last year, Ann and I quickly become close friends. While Ann loves to share about her beautiful show dogs (she has three boxers that rule the roost – and occasionally write her blog posts for her), it’s her dry sense of humor and wit that I love so much. Ann is a retired science teacher, so (like me) she has a very analytical mind. Together, we can talk for hours about cooridinating stamp images or colors that look good together.

To celebrate Ann’s birthday, I want to take you on a little tour of some of Ann’s amazing projects. Ann typically produces gorgeous images that are beautifully distressed and aged. I only had to go back a couple of months to find these gems (and there are many more where these came from). I don’t typically send my blog readers to other people’s blogs, but this is a warranted exception. Please click on any of these images to see her orginal blog posts with tips and tricks to create cards like these.

I think you’ll agree that these are all beautiful cards, no? Please leave a comment below to let her know how much you love them (what a wonderful birthday present that is for a card maker!). And check out her blog at www.stampinchic.com to leave her a birthday message on her most recent blog post. She will be shocked – I promise!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. Wow – they are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing – Happy Birthday Ann 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Ann ! Your cards are just beautiful ! Brian knows how much I love the French Foliage one because I love Triple Time stamping and I think yours is absolutely stunning the way you have positioned your layers. I visit your blog daily to see what work of art you have posted . Thank you ,Brian for showing these pearl bedecked beauties !!

  3. Happy Birthday Ann!!! I have always loved your style!!! Thanks Brian for sharing some of my favorite Ann cards!! I love your style too!!

  4. Happiest Birthday Ann! I’ll stop over and leave a personal note. Everyone have a great weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ann. Your cards are beautifully done! And your Boxers are adorable 🙂

  6. Absolutely stunning, all of them!! I love your style Ann, always amazing and so creative. The way you distress the paper, the layering, coloring and embellishment of all your creations is something to behold, a gift for the eyes. Thank you Brian for this fantastic parade of beauties!!

  7. They really are quite lovely 🙂

  8. Love Ann’s work and all her pearls on her cards. TGIF

  9. Happy Birthday Ann!
    Love those heat curls on the vellum on the “Warm Winter Wishes” card. So simple yet so effective!
    Thanks, Brian, for sharing. 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, Ann! Your cards are beautiful!
    Brian, you’re the best for sharing these with us as. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us. We appreciate you both.

  11. From one April B-Day girl to another…..Happy Birthday Ann! Been following your blog for some time. Wonderful. You definitely capture the vintage, shabby-chic style extremely well. Have a great day.

  12. Beautiful cards Ann and have a blessed birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Ann! What beautiful cards you make, and how special to be honored by Brian!

  14. I’ve been a follower of Ann’s for about 2 years and she is absolutely one talented lady! I love her cards and the inspiration she gives me (much like you Brian!) Thanks for sharing that it’s her birthday today! 🙂

  15. Happy Happy Birthday Ann! I frequently visit your blog and I agree with Brian your cards are always gorgeous! !

  16. Beautiful, Ann. A true artist. I’ve officially been inspired.

  17. Happy Birthday Ann. A true artist who always inspires.

  18. Brian, how kind of you to do this for Ann. I agree that it is warranted, and you are a true friend and admirer. Nice!

  19. Happy birthday, Ann. (Ann is such a good name!). I love your work and so very much appreciate your talent. Have an enchanting birthday!!

  20. Ann is one of my all time favorite card makers! Happy Birthday, Ann! Her three boxer dogs are beautiful and smart, except for when they escape from the house on an adventure or chomp on her amazing vintage cards. Thanks for sharing her art with your readers. (You make great cards too, Brian, or I would not subscribe to your great blog. Nancy B

  21. WOW! Those cards are simply amazing! What an artist Ann is. Have a super Happy Birthday Ann and thank you for the fantastic creations, definitely candy for the eyes.

  22. Brian, you and your readers have brought tears to my eyes…in a good way! Never in a million years did I imagine I would see a birthday tribute when I clicked on your blog this morning. You are a wonderful friend, and I cherish our daily chats. You inspire me and encourage me. And although you made me cry today…you keep me grounded and you always make me laugh!
    And to top it off, your followers are the best! I want to thank them all for making my morning special with their birthday wishes. Hugs to everyone!

  23. WOW!!! These are gorgeous.. I see a lot of Ann’s work on other blogs and love her creative genius
    Happy birthday Ann and I am signing up to your posts too!

  24. My first thank you is to Mary for spotlighting both you and Ann….I follow you both religiously and though your styles are so different, you are both wonderfully creative and are so willing to share…love that! So Brian, when are you going to start sharing about your cat??!!!

  25. Happy Birthday Ann–I’ve enjoyed your inspiring creativity for some years now & bless you for it. And Brian, thank you for sharing Ann’s special day with us–you are a love!

  26. Happy Birthday Ann! What a beautiful tribute from a cherished friend. All of these (featured)creations are masterpieces of “lovliness”! Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Thanks, Brian, for featuring Ann today. She is such a talented and special lady! She is worthy of our attention on her special day as she brings us so much!

  28. I love them all but I really like the gingerbread man one the most :). Great cards 🙂

  29. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Brian, thanks so much for sharing Ann’s cards. I, too, absolutely *love* Ann’s style and her talent. She makes beautiful cards that are truly a delight to my senses!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Ann!

    Much thanks to both you and Brian for sharing your art.

  30. What die did you use for the coffee mugs, I can not find them anywhere?

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