Bandit is a Cat

A gorgeous Maine Coon cat named Bandit lives in my house with me. He’s a bit of a jerk (likes to pounce from under the bed, doesn’t like me to sleep at night, requests food daily), but I love him all the same. I often sing him a little song to remind him that he’s a cat. It goes something like this. [clears throat] “B-an-dit, you are a cat.” If you’ve been to my house, you’ve probably heard the song – and I’ve probably forced you to sing it to him, too. It’s a very catchy tune with very deep lyrics, don’t you think?

While I was perusing the DIY & Crafts board on Pinterest this week, I came across some black cat pillows that immediately caught my attention. My interest was piqued – not because they are cats – but because I could make a stinkin’ cute card with the simple concept. So guess what I did – I made the card. Here it is:Stampin' Up!, Brian King, Simple Cat Card


Tips, Tricks and Reminders:

  • Shapes.  Were it not for these little pillows, I don’t think I would have ever made a square cat.  Triangle?  Maybe.  Circle?  Probably.  Square?  Never.  While my inspiration came from the project (from Womans Day online), it’s important to think outside the box (or cylindrical encasement) to avoid the same project every time.  An unexpected shape can make all the difference.
  • Shades.  With this card, I’m introducing a lovely new shade of gray card stock from Stampin’ Up!  The cat’s face is on a square of Smoky Slate – a shade lighter than Basic Gray, which was used as the base for this card.  I didn’t think the card needed anything other than what you see here.  No need to add texture or design to the background.
  • Bandit’s Face.  I intentionally did not center Bandit’s face on the card.  I positioned it a little off-center on the bottom, right of the card.  I drew the whiskers with the thin tip of my Basic Gray Stampin’ Write Marker.  I made his nose with a pearl.  I added his eyes with the Large Rhinestones.  Really showcases his wide eyes – right before he attacks my delicate feet.

What do you think?  Couldn’t be easier, and couldn’t be cuter, don’t you think?  How many kitty cards are you going to make this weekend?  🙂

Papers: Basic Gray, Smoky Slate, Whisper White  Accessories:  Basic Gray Stampin’ Write Marker, Pearl Basic Jewels, Large Rhinestone Basic Jewels, Stampin’ Dimensionals

One More Time.  This year, though, there’s a crossover between periods. Beginning around noon on Friday, May 31 through Monday, June 3, orders can be placed from either the 2012-2013 Annual Catalog or the 2013-2104 Annual Catalog.  Friday, May 31 is the last day to order from the 2013 Spring Catalog. So, May 31 is one day when you can order from all three!  Isn’t that crazy? It’s crazy and exciting!

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  1. Very cleaver and I love the simplicity. This would make a great Halloween card too! Thanks for sharing another terrific idea.

  2. so cute ! My granddaughter has a black cat that she loves to pieces . She would just squeal over this card if I did it in black . Aren`t you crafty and clever ? Who needs Martha Stewart ??? And since you mentioned it ….I bet that new shade of grey might be a good go to basic that`s not too dark and drab .. Thank you for this Thursday Technique !!

  3. You have started my day with a smile! I have a black cat and I live in Maine!!

  4. Oh My Gosh! I was hear very early and couldn’t finish reading the post, had to jump in the shower and couldn’t stop singing that Song! Thanks for the tune! So this is Slate. Yes. Love it. Love this clever kitty face and this new shape concept is fantastic! A great pin!

  5. Maria Rodriguez

    Oh my goodness Brian, what a wonderful way to start this day!! This card is so beautiful, you can’t help but totally adore it. It doesn’t need anything else, that super cute cat in the corner speaks volumes. You did it again, Clean, Simple…..and FABULOUS!!!!!

  6. Can you do a dog tomorrow? Perhaps an entire farm… Haha. Love this card!

  7. Fantastic! There is no cat like a Maine Coon is there?

  8. I am SOOOOO making a boatload of these this weekend! Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  9. It just registered what Jackie said …Yes ..this would make a great Halloween card !! You will have to do a replay to refresh us !!

  10. Well aren’t you the cats meow! This card is darling and I have lots of kitty parent friends so i’ll definitely have to give this a try. Happy stampin’!

  11. Very cute! I’m sure Bandit gave it his paw of approval.

  12. How cute! What cat lover wouldn’t love to receive that card!

  13. Oh so clever!!! Love it and I love the Smoky slate. I don’t have any cat stamps, but this is a super idea for my cat-owning friends. Thanks, Brian.

  14. Cindie McDuffee


  15. Hahaha, funny card. Cute cat. Hahahaha.

  16. OMG….we have two cats which my daughter just adores. I have been wanting to make her a set of cards but had yet to find the inspiration. This is perfect!!!

  17. I love the idea of Technique Thursdays!! OMEGA, Brian, this is totally cat’s mewbers!! Got to get a stack of Smokey Slate!!

  18. Super cute and easy to do. Love it. Thanknyou for sharing your creative spirit.

  19. I totally agree Brian – this card is just stinkin’ cute! I love it. CAS is definitely my style. I can see a gazillion ways to use this design on any kind of card.

  20. Really clever, Brian! Love this card.

  21. Thou art brilliant!! I think I shall be making some kitty-cat cards, as well! –Terri O

  22. I totally want to make one of my little Mr. Buttons Manz!!! Though he’s an all white kitty with a pink nose and blue eyes. But I’m totally going to make this!!!

  23. Love it. I have a black cat and I guess I am going to have to sing to him the kitty song (he thinks he is dog) . And I will be making a ton of these cards for all my cat friends. Do like this smokey slate paper it is now on my list of must have.
    thanks for sharing

  24. I do think the card is cute, but I think I would have centered Bandit’s face on the Smokey Slate. With the face being lower, it makes it look more like a mouse than a cat. The faces on the pillows are centered which makes the top corners look like their ears. Just saying. Way to go on making such a unique and interesting card, though!

  25. Brian, you are awesome! LOVE this card!!! I have a dog but I also have 2 kittygrandsons & 2 kittygranddaughters!! Can you guess what I’m going to make?! 🙂

  26. love the card Brian. I think you should also attempt the cushions, I am sure Bandit needs them to snuggle up to as well as you!

  27. Love it, love it!! I don’t have cats, but have friends that do – – guess what they’re going to get!!!

    • The most unique card I’ve ever seen!!! It’s so stinkin’ adorable. MAGNIFIQUE!!!
      And what’s crazy about the ordering is that it doesn’t start at just after midnight on the 31st, as is usual with a mew catalog. I had the alarm all set on my phone so I could order ASAP!!! Now I have to wait til NOON!!??!!! ugh! Thanks for clearing up the info. and putting the time in, too.

  28. I absolutely LOVE this card! How clever it is! We too, had a Maine Coon. She passed away a few months ago and I miss her so much. Thankfully she wasn’t into attacking our feet, she was a lovey dovey and liked to be “Mama” to all the other cats in the house (we had 6 counting her).

    Thank y ou for making this card. Such a splendid and adorable card!

  29. Carol Carriveau

    This is probably the most exciting design yet…at least for me and I have lots of family and friends who have and love cats, so a wonderful and easy design….Thank you for sharing this fabulous card and idea!

  30. OMG!!! Absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!!! I am copying this. You are the BEST!!!!!!

  31. Very, very clever. I think we all need to be open to a little more inspiration from around us. I was inspired today by the beautiful site out my kitchen window of the lilacs, apple, and crab apple trees in bloom, and felt I needed to create a card. Will post it later.

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  33. Super CUTE card…love it!!!

  34. Made it. Love it. love, love, love it! Thanks Brian

  35. OMG I love it 🙂 Just got back from holiday and seen this! Definately a ‘case’ job to be.

  36. Brian, I LOVE IT!!!!! Fabulous Idea!!!!
    And your song to Bandit is PURRFECT!!

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