Spring Polka Dots

A wise man once said, “When life gives you punch-outs, make a polka dot stamp.” OK, so maybe that’s not a real saying – but it should be – and I am the person who said it. While the sentiment of this card is inked by a beautifully-designed rubber stamp, the rest of the stamped images are created with other items and leftovers. Let me explain. First, here’s my card:Chalk Talk, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Tips, Tricks and Reminders:

  • Making Polka Dots. A week ago, I featured a card that uses Great Sport, the stamp set featured below. When I assembled the stamp set some time ago, the center of the emblem is a punchout – a circle that is removed to help with a clean stamped image and is intended to be discarded. Why discard it? It’s a perfect circle made from the rubber used to stamp other images. Perfect for polka dots. The smaller polka dots were made with the flat end of the eraser of a new pencil.
  • Shading the polka dots. I didn’t want these polka dots to “steal the show” from the banner and sentiment, so I stamped them off two or three times each to result in a fainter image. I inked up the circle, stamped it on a scrap piece of paper a couple of times and then stamped on the Whisper White card stock. Makes the polka dots less bold and brilliant.
  • Color selections. Certain combinations of colors just work together. Sometimes paired up, and sometimes in triples. It all started with this Daffodil Delight piece of Designer Series Paper. From there, I added Melon Mambo and Tempting Turquoise – a beautiful combination of bright and bold colors. They all play a balanced roll in this Spring birthday card.

Stamp Sets: Chalk Talk, Great Sport (circle only) Inks: Daffodil Delight, Melon Mambo, Tempting Turquoise Papers: Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo, Whisper White, Sunshine & Sprinkles Designer Series Paper Accessories: 3/8″ Striped Organdy Ribbon

Spring Catalog. We were all wowed by the Spring Catalog when it made its debut in January, but this is the last week to order from it. Friday, May 31 (believe it or not, that’s THIS coming Friday) is that last day to order from this book. The beatiful striped organdy ribbon (featured in this post) is one of the items that is going away FOR-E-E-V-V-V-E-R-R-R (dramatic, huh?). So, flip through all three of your catalogs and get your order ready for Friday. Woo hoo!

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  1. Cute card ! So bright and cheerful . I love polka dots and this card is a polka dot dream . I just was wondering ….does anybody know where the name Polka Dot came from ? I don`t think it originated from the dance ….just wondering ?????

    • Sonny, I’ve done some research, and I have some good and bad news. Good news – you are right. It appears the term polka dot came into fashion alongside the popularity of the dance in the U.S. bad news – I apparently have not demonstrated polka dots on my card as polka dots are uniformly equal-distant from one another. Mine are too random to be polka dots – they are just dots. I guess today’s card is just a sham. Thanks for pointing that out, Sonny. 🙂

  2. Super cute……happy Memorial Day everyone!

  3. Maria Rodriguez

    This is a very pretty card, how brilliant that you used that perfectly round “scrap” of rubber to make this polka dots, I have never seen a round rubber stamp before so this idea you had is great. I also love the colors on this card, they really complement each other beautifully.

  4. I hear ya, I couldn’t just chuck that baby in the trash can either! What a Crafty Guy! Love the stamped off polka dots! And the fact you were able to use up some scrap DSP -or is there really any scrap in this craft? It’s all good! Pinning!

  5. Hey Brian , thank you for the answer to my question ….I had no idea that the dots had to be positioned so so ….and this is for Maria …try using a pencil eraser like Brian did for your round dots…I do that every now and then and it`s fun …except now I will have to measure the distance between them while I am doing the Polka !!!

    • Maria Rodriguez

      Hey Sonny, the pencil eraser idea is great but, is doing the Polka a requirement while stamping the polka dots? Brian didn’t mention that in his description of his card today. I’m going to give it a try but I can’t promise that the dots would come out very even since I’m going to be dancing.

  6. It’s a happy card just like the sentiment. The colors remind me of popcicle’s, strawberry, blue razzleberry and lemon. It’s a cool card! I have also kept the circular remains of stamps to use. More bang for your buck. It’s a soggy Memorial Day here in Ohio 🙁 Saluting all the service women and men who have served and are currently serving our country and those who have lost their life for our freedom. Do not forget their family’s who have also had to sacifice sto much also.

    • Maria Rodriguez

      Lisa, indeed we must be grateful and pray for all of those heroes, both overseas and at home, who have given so much to preserve and defend our freedom. Thank you to all of them, with all our hearts.

  7. Brian, you are so creative. I love your cheerful “dots” card ~ Polka or otherwise! The dots, the colors, and the word stamp (is that new or have I just overlooked it?) make it such a happy card. Great idea using the leftover circle to create another stamp. Thanks from the north GA mountains to all those that have served and sacrificed for our freedom!

  8. I have been polka dots with a pencil eraser for years. I keep a “good” eraser in my stamping supplies for just that purpose! I especially like to use these dots as a “filler” when I stamp my on wrapping paper! Great minds think alike….right, Brian?

  9. Cindie McDuffee

    To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America and her people, I salute and thank you.
    And the the Polka Dot thread that came thisclose to being hilariously hijacked and had me laughing at each reply, I also thank you for my dose of morning humor. I’m going to find a new pencil now and make a few dots…

  10. My hubby, who is sooooo totally Country Western when it comes to music, got caught Saturday night watching a show called “Polka Party”. He wears a wireless headset while watching TV so as not to interfere with what I am watching in the craft room. Well I went into the living room and saw his fingers a tapping away, I looked up and sure enough, a ton of folks doing the polka. So, yesterday I made him a card covered with eraser made polka dots just to pick on him a bit and he absolutely loved it! Too funny.

    Today hubby is driving his 1928 Model A truck in the Memorial Day parade and he has American Flags all over it. We are so grateful to those who are serving and have served. I just hope that this younger generation is teaching their children to be thankful as well.

  11. Sylvia/Georgia

    Great card! I thought I loved polka dots; now I guess I just love dots. :o) Brian, you have the greatest followers. This is the only blog where I read all the comments too. Loved Grace’s comment. So grateful, especially today, for those who gave all for our country.

    • Maria Rodriguez

      You are absolutely right, this blog is amazing, fun and inspirational and I have to say that it’s all because of Brian King. He has made this blog a meeting place for all of us stamping enthusiasts, to learn from him and each other. So, thank you Brian, this Polka Dot salute is for YOU!!!!!

  12. Really fun card. Will make anyone’s day.

  13. Brian, I LOVE this card! It’s my all-time favorite color combo, and with dots, no less! It
    ‘sings’ to me. ;o)

  14. And the whole time he was putting this card together he was thinking: Colleen will like this one…no greens!” Yep…you’re sooooooooooo right Brian! 🙂

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