My Private Diary: My Stampin’ Weekend

Dear Diary, 

What an incredible weekend I just had!  I want to share some of it with you, Diary, because you always listen to what I say and never judge me for my crazy thoughts (it’s kinda’ your job, Diary, and I appreciate it!).

Saturday was the Shoebox Swap that Pam, Deb and I planned.  We were so happy with the turnout, so I want to share a couple of pictures with you.  I was thrilled with the number of Stampin’ Pretty Pals who showed up from Georgia and Alabama (Katy made an early morning drive from Alabama).  There were others there (you’ll see them later), but this is the only group shot I have from the day. Shoebox Swap - Pals

Seated:  Katie, Katy  Middle Row:  Anne, Pam, Sharon  Back Row:  me

The Shoebox Swap was held in a Subway (“eat fresh”) shop owned by Pam’s parents.  The store has two restaurants, and this one is closed on weekends…so we took over.  I tried to ring up a couple of sandwiches and some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies but I didn’t have time to complete the online training for cashiers and cookie makers (I did get through the sandwich preparation materials).Shoebox Swap

For the shoebox swap, each participant designed a card and brought enough materials to make 15 of each card.  We all rotated around the room, making each of the cards until we were all done.  I’ll admit to you, Diary, that I didn’t get to make two of the cards because I was too busy running my mouth and visiting with the other cardmakers while they were busy working on their creations.  Without having to plan out the projects, each one was unique and wonderful.  We really left with some awesome cards and new techniques.  Here’s Katie, hard at work:Shoebox Swap

And here’s Katy at another table (her shirt says “Keep Calm and Make Cards”):Shoebox Swap

Pam’s Mom, Carol, brought the makings for a beautiful card using Mosaic Madness that included the coordinating embossing folder.  She remembered to bring her materials, and she remembered to grab the Texture Boutique Embossing Machine (Pam bought it for her when Stampin’ Up! was selling them for a trial period last Fall).  What did Carol forget?  The standard cutting plates.  With a Subway (“eat fresh”) magazine and a stack of napkins, Pam MacGyver’ed that machine to emboss that cardstock to perfection. Shoebox Swap

Diary, I want to share a couple more pictures – some of the cards we made with the creators of each card.

Pam and her adorable card (I will be sharing this card with my blog readers soon):Pam

Anne and her gorgeous “just because” card using Labels Collections Framelits:Anne

Sharon and her Regarding Dahlias design.  This stamp is now on my list.Sharon

Andrea made a gorgeous card with Wildflower Meadow and a luscious paper bow:Andrea

Katie and her ABSOLUTELY STUNNING sunburst card.  My blog readers will be seeing more of this card later this week.  Katie recently joined my team, and this was the first time I have met her.  It was such a pleasure to hang out with her and get to know her.Katie

Leishman and her patriotic pouch, with sparklers and a match.  Adorable!Leishman

Sharon and her twisted greeting card.Sharon

I didn’t get a picture of Deb with her card (I might have been talking too much), but here’s her card.  I liked how she added stretch trim to the edge of this card.Deb's card

During the event we also had a gift exchange.  Everyone brought a gift and we opened them in a random drawing.  Katie won a set of my DSP Swatch Books and was so happy (can you see the joy in her eyes?)  UNTIL Leishman chose to take them away instead of taking a gift from the table.  Sorry, Katie!  Them’s the breaks.  You can always order a set for yourself here.  🙂Shoebox Swap

So, I didn’t really have a photo of Deb Cozzone, but I have to tell you about ANOTHER event we are hosting this Thursday, June 27.  Deb hosts an annual Stamp Sale at her home in Roswell, Georgia and has invited Pam and me to join in.  We’ll have food and a make-and-take, but the real reason for the event is to allow us to unload our retired stamp sets and supplies at bargain basement prices.  Are you in the Atlanta area?  Do you want to oooh and aaaah at tons of merchandise from several demonstrators?  I’ll be  there, and I hope you will join us.  Thursday, June 27 from 7:00 – 9:00 at 1039 Charleston Trace, Roswell, GA.  Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like to join us.  My goal is to sell it all Thursday night.  If anything is left, I’ll update blog’s “for sale” section sometime soon.



  1. Dear Diary, Thanks for sharing such a great event, looks like everyone had the best time!

  2. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Oh what fun y’all had! Thank you SO very much for sharing your private diary with us Brian!!! Perhaphs you will get to complete your full “eat fresh” training another time & we can only hope you will take pictures to prove it! LOL 🙂 You have a fabulously amazing group & clearly had a blast!! All the smiling faces convey the pride & delight in the room that day!!!

  3. How I wish I had a tardis (“doctor Who time warp machine)” to hand 🙁 I’d love to join in the fun! Lovely to see the cards & their creators. Mind you – I had fun at my monthly craft club on saturday. Jo had 4 fab cards for us and a lovely little A6 document / card box. Then as it was cricket on the TV and the ‘OH’ was otherwise engaged I sat and made a whole load more yesterday. So I am unusually chilled for a Monday morning 😉

  4. Beautiful cards and it is apparent that fun was had by all! Love the MacGyver move – what a hoot – desperate times call for desperate measures LOL!

  5. Thank you for sharing all those fun pictures and the cards all of you made . You do just what I do at gatherings “chat’ . I just love to mingle with card makers . I have been looking at that Dahlia also and I have so so many flower stamps that I wondered if that one might be too close to some of the others . But, you have swayed me to get it . It goes on my next order ! Wish I lived closer I would certainly come to your combined retired goodies sale .

  6. So jealous! Why can’t I live closer to all that fun! All cards are real stunners! There does seem to be something missing…………………………Your card. What’s up? Not sharing?

  7. Dear Diary,
    Wish I lived closer to Brian so I could partake in all this fun!!

  8. Oh my gosh, what a FUN day y’all had! Can you feel the “green with envy” oozing from my post? (It’s only the nicest form of envy – hmmm, is there a “nice” form of envy? I sure hope so!)
    Thanks, Brian’s diary, for sharing all these super pictures of the Shoebox Swap and the Super Swappers. Looks like you were having tons of fun!!! Beautiful cards, tons o’ talent!
    Ah shucks! Why do I have to be a “two-day’s drive” from Deb’s annual stamp sale? Sounds like another really fun event … Diary, do you think Brian will have more pictures from this event, too? 😉

  9. Okay, trying not to be too green with jealousy here! I’m thinking y’all should come and visit the beautiful Oregon coast. I mean, who wouldn’t want to escape that Georgia heat for some cool fog and ocean breezes?

  10. Oh my – wish we had some events like that in this area but alas, tis not to be I guess ! Question – What is the embossing folder on Deb’s card? I looked through the catalog and couldn’t locate it.
    I have the Mosaic Madness stamp set and punch but not the embossing folder.

  11. What an awesome gathering, by the looks of the smiling faces it shows what a good time everyone had. 🙂

  12. OOPS and DUH – I was looking through LAST year’s catalog. Sometimes I’m such a dip. Anyway, I found it in the new catalog on page 191. Sorry to have bothered you Brian.

  13. Reading your post is sooo much fun! Can you hear me laughing out loud all the way from MD? I love doing shoebox swaps and going to these kind of events. I also love road trips so don’t be surprised if someday I show up (with Susan Itell in tow! LOL)

  14. A page or three from Brian’s private diary posted on line….guessing ‘someone’ thought how fun it would be to share a few private thoughts…how very lucky we are that ‘someone’ was on their toes to share the obvious fun and fabulous inspiration of these true designer cards…convention swaps may be easier to make now! Thank you ‘someone’ for sharing with all of us! Hoping there will be a few more of the private pages so that we see more fun!?! And maybe get a few how-tos….?

  15. I am so sad that I missed this!!!!!! Looks like I missed some huge fun! I cannot wait to meet you at convention. Pam too! Sigh…..maybe next time. That is the problem with working weekends when the rest of the world works during the week. 🙁

  16. Thanks for sharing Brian–it’s a treat to see you all!

  17. Dear Diary: You are so lucky. You get to talk to Brian all the time – and I think he must be a hoot!! 🙂 if I live in GA, Brian, I’d be in your group!! Such fun!!

  18. I want to know where Katy got the cool shirt!

  19. Ladies are fun times at eat place!! Congrats make it!!! Thanks Pam.

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