Get Well Soon

Today I’m sharing another card from display board at Convention. When these projects wrap up – and it will be soon – I will post a link back to each of the projects so you can bookmark them and reminisce on these maculine-themed projects. Perhaps you could softly play a Celine Dion song on your CD player while you go back through the projects – crying and smiling all the way.

But that’s for a different day. I’ve created an illusion for today’s project. While I think I was relatively successful, I’ve been challenged on this, so I bring it to you to decide.  You’ll be impartial, right?  If not, please don’t vote.  Take a look at the card, and tell me what you see. Then, we’ll discuss:Perfect Blend, Delightful Dozen, World Treasure, You're my Hero, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

So, what do you see? If you tell me that you see a coffee cup on a piece of wood with a cross on it, please keep it to yourself. If you see a pill bottle on a bedside table, please stand up and shout it out loud. I was so proud of this card when I finished it, but everyone who is familiar with the catalog sees a coffee cup. Most people who are not familiar with the catalog see it for what it is – again, that’s a pill bottle on a bedside table.

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Making a pill bottle out of a coffee cup.  The shape of a coffee cup is very similar to the shape of a pill bottle.  It’s science.  The only difference is that the coffee cup has a lip with a hole so that the coffee can pour into your morning mouth like the juice of the gods.  How do you remove the hole?  Stamp the lid twice and cut it in half.  Lay the top half down on the bottom half, and you will have a seamless lid with no coffee hole.  Voila!Perfect Blend, Turn a coffee cup into a pill bottle, Stampin' Up!, Brian King
  • Decorating an unexpected card with unexpected stamps.  I looked all over for a symbol I could add to the pill bottle.  That’s when I saw it – the ambulance in You’re My Hero has a little, sketched cross that fits perfectly with this sketched pill bottle.  The sentiment from World Treasures make a nice border for my Get Well Soon sentiment – AND it kinda’ looks like a comforting pillow, don’t you think?
  • The bedside table.  I will freely admit that this card didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted.  The medicine bottle – yes.  The table – I had some issues.  I carefully cropped the bedside table from the Oval Accent Bigz Die after I stained the board to look like wood (see the technique here), but I wasn’t terribly excited about the piece I trimmed after I had trimmed it.  The real problem came when I glued down the bottle far too high up on the card – it looks like its balanced on the edge of the night table.  I’d be happier if I could have started all over – but I had way too many other things to do such that a complete redo was not going to happen.  Regardless, I really like the concept of the end result.

Stamp sets: Perfect Blend,  You’re My Hero, Delightful Dozen, World Treasures  Papers:  Smoky Slate, Real Red, Whisper White  Inks:  Early Espresso, Real Red, Stampin’ Write Markers (Real Red, Early Espresso)  Accessories:  Oval Accent Bigz Die, Stampin’ Dimensionals

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  1. OK I follow you! Very inventive to stretch the imagination and re purpose this coffee cup into the pill bottle! Love the wood table a lot!

  2. A hospital bedside table came to mind when i first saw this before I read your description . I think it`s a cute idea …. clever endeavor !!

  3. Suzanne Dzula Adams

    When I first looked I saw a leaking coffee cup, broken, like you could be considered when sick. The red cross continued that idea. Hence the Get Well Soon sentiment. It’s early, just finishing the first cup of coffee …

  4. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Very innovative Brian!! The font on the layered sentiment drew me in right away and I feel better already!! 😉

  5. Great use of the coffee cup as a pill bottle … really. It is so interesting to see how your mind works … like how you took the coffee lid and figured how to make changes so the hole disappeared. Hmmm …
    The woodgrain is done so well.
    An all around interesting and unique approach! Two thumbs up, Brian!

  6. I’m fine with it being a coffee cup because coffee always makes me feel better!! Maybe it’s some kind of medicinal coffee?! Thanks for the peek into your interesting mind! Have a great Friday! 🙂

  7. Brilliant!!! Being a nurse I fully appreciate your amazing creativity with this card…very well done!!!

  8. Coffee IS medicine, Brian!

  9. OMG your creativity shines again! I did see a coffee cup and figured that is healing tonic for many people I know, but once you explained the pill bottle – brilliant! Love the use of that little Red Cross (as a Red Cross volunteer, now my creativity is taking off on how to use that symbol in other ways besides the ambulance it’s on). Great job!

  10. sorry, thought coffee cup but did see the table it was sitting on! Now I do see the pill bottle, after looking at it a little longer. Love it either way!!!!

  11. Brilliant Brian! and very clever. I did see the pill bottle and wondered how come I never noticed that set…. LOL I admit the title of your post was a give-away too. Thanks for the tips on how to transform the coffee cup. Have a super great long weekend.

  12. sorry Brian I saw a coffee cup on a bedside table, but thought it must be holding medicine cuz of the cross, but I love coffee so my mind leads that way, however after reading your explanation I do see the pill bottle.

  13. Awesome! I love your table and saw it as that but I did see the medicine bottle as a coffee cup, sorry! But now that you told me, I totally see it as a medicine bottle. Its a great card, my bad not to “get” the pill bottle, your interpretation is awesome.

  14. Such a cute card Brian…regardless of what the Bottle/cup looks like..I am so impressed with the woodgrain background you did…Great job, for the entire card…and yes, I saw a pill bottle first 🙂

  15. I was too busy looking at the wood table and didn’t notice the coffee cup? Just kidding, but seriously, that table finish is awesome! I wish you had a gallery of all of your card posts. Of course, I wish even more that I didn’t miss it if it already exists or I will feel stupid 🙂 Happy Friday!

  16. Another interesting ‘thinking out of the box’ card. Very clever.

  17. Great job…love the little Red Cross….you are so wonderfully creative! TGIF and enjoy the long weekend!

  18. It’s a cup of chicken soup………of course i see a coffee cup, but like they way you got me to see another side. thanks for sharing

  19. Clever idea for re-purposing stamps! I’m with Rose, though — I saw a (very nice coffee) mug of chicken soup.

  20. honestly, i think this is brilliant and very creative thinking!

  21. So Creative!! I just love how you think!!

  22. You’ve inspired me to make my own prescription bottle…you can check it out here:

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