Game Day: You’re Invited

Back in June and July, while I was preparing projects for my Stampin’ Up! Convention Display board, I wanted to keep a good balance of the types of projects I was presenting.  I had “happy birthday” and “thank you” and “you make me smile” but I didn’t have an invitation.  As I glanced over my stamp sets, all stacked neatly on the shelf, I started to see how I could combine several different sets to make one wonderful tailgate party invitation.  Here is the finished product: The Great Oudoors, Great Sport, ABC-123 Outline Alphabet & Numbers, A Dozen Thoughts, Make a Wish, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Pay close attention to the date listed on this invitation.  How fitting that this invitation was next in line for inclusion on my blog – that’s today!

OK, so it’s time for a quiz.  I know you love when I quiz you – and you’re always so good at guessing and guessing correctly.  This card uses FIVE different stamp sets.  Can you name all five?  If you can, then you are a Stampin’ Up! genius and will earn a really big prize from me – all my respect and admiration (and I don’t give that out freely).  This is a challenge, so don’t just scroll down to find the answers.  See if you can do it – AT LEAST see if you can find the five stamped images…once you’ve identified them all, scroll down to check your answers.









Before I give you the answers (because I know you didn’t try to name the five stamp sets), let’s take another look at the card:The Great Oudoors, Great Sport, ABC-123 Outline Alphabet & Numbers, A Dozen Thoughts, Make a Wish, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

  • GAME DAY LETTERS.  These letters were stamped and snipped from ABC-123 Outline Alphabet and Numbers.  I originally thought I’d say “WE’RE HAVING A TOTALLY AWESOME FOOTBALL TAILGATE PARTY” but then  I thought that was just way too much to snip out.  “GAME DAY” was just right.
  • THE FOOTBALL.  This football was just what I needed to anchor the celbratory banners.  Lucky for me, I had already decided to work with Soft Suede, so the football fit right in with the rest of the card.  I’ve used this stamp set, Great Sport, several times but have only used the bold emblem – this was my first time using one of the sports balls.
  • YOU’RE INVITED.  I love the stamp set A Dozen Thoughts, new in the 2013-2014 Annual Catalog.  It’s filled with great sentiments that we all need in our everyday cards.  It’s easy to pass over sentiment sets (it’s less exciting to shop for groceries when you really want to shop for clothes, but sometimes you just have to have the groceries).  Don’t pass up this stamp set.
  • DATE, TIME, PLACE RSVP.  It’s an invitation, so you have to provide information about the party, right?  This stamp is from Make a Wish.  This stamp set made its debut in the 2013 Spring Catalog.  It’s not the stand-out stamp in the set, but it’s necessary to have on-hand.
  • THE CHAIR.  This chair is from the camping stamp set, The Great Outdoors.  It’s perfect for this invitation.  When stamped in an appropriate color, you can make this chair perfect for your favorite football team.  I did A LOT of snipping on this chair, but it was worth all the work.

Stamp sets:  ABC-123 Outline Alphabet & Numbers,  The Great Outdoors, Great Sport, A Dozen Thoughts, Make a Wish  Papers:  Soft Suede, Pumpkin Pie, Smoky Slate  Inks:  Jet Black StazOn, Soft Suede, Pumpkin Pie  Accessories:  Itty Bitty Banners, Pumpkin Pie Stampin’ Write Marker, Stampin’ Dimensionals

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  1. CUTE invite……and in our team colors….GO BROWNS!!!! 🙂 Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  2. Okay I guess none of the Stamp sets however knew you were a Browns fan from the colors and i think this would have looked much better in Purple and Black………..and BTW GO RAVENS who happen to be the world champs !!!!!!
    We will be playing you Sept 15 I think for our home opener. I love football.

  3. You look like a browns fan with the colors of orange and brown!

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Football Schmut-ball! What a great invitation card! Love the three banners under the Football and this color pallet! Amazing paper cutting up that chair! This card rocks!

  5. Love this card and how fitting for the launch of the College football season! Go Gators!

  6. I love to let stamp sets mingle….who wants to hang out with the fam all the time anyway? This is terrific!

  7. I didn’t cheat and knew 3 of the stamp sets 🙂
    I love the camping set, being a fav of camping, If it has to do with any sports I’m write there and you’re invited works well in so many cards. I Love your card Brian but……i’ll have to make mine in Red/Blue and hint of gray 🙂 Go Patriots!!!!

  8. Now that is one masculine card! Great combination of stamp sets, are there any left to use?! I love to use a ton of sets too! Have a fun day! 🙂

    • jrk, You really DIDN’T want to say it was a masculine card 🙂 Alot of women LOVE sports as much as men!!! NOT all women are out shopping on super bowl Sunday either 🙂 YOU BAD!!!!!!! But, hugs anyway 🙂

      • Karen, 🙂 In fairness to Justin – this card was part of my display board at Convention that featured “masculine cards”. He and I both agree that “masculine cards” can have pretty colors and beautiful layouts and that “feminine cards” can be brown with hard edges. No rules here – it’s all about the person you are making the card for. 🙂

  9. Perfect card for this time of the year ! I guessed a couple of your stamp choices right ….Yay for me and my Carolina Panthers ! I am a football fan so this card makes me hum… now if it was in turq. and black it would be double yay !! And wow on that chair cutting out project !! Great card !

  10. Great invite Brian. Love the use of multiple stamp sets to pull it all together.
    Coincidentally right after I read your post I received an email from Pinterest which was filled with boards all about ‘Game Day’. Looks like everyone is on the same page today

  11. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    The King of snipping strikes again!! I would love to tailgate with you, thanks for inviting me!! 😉 What a great, fun card Brian!! Your use of multiple elements came together in a very sorry & coordinated way!!!

  12. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Oops!! I really meant SPORTY & coordinated!! Now I’m sorry!! 🙂

  13. Wonderful card, Brian! I happened to have my catalog sitting right here, so I just had to look up all the stamp sets. I love the set, A Dozen Thoughts, too. You are so fun!

  14. Love all your cards

  15. Now that’s a knock-your-socks-off card if I’ve ever seen one – and, the colors are a preview of the amazing season of fall which is ready to begin. Love it Brian!

  16. I’m with you, Patti Willey! Not a football fan, but great card! I may have fudged on the names of the sets (blush), but was “visualizing” the sets … does that count? 🙂
    Okay, I guessed three of them that way.

    • It counts, Suzie, if you just visualized all five of the sets…oh, wait! Only three? Nope…you do not win my admiration and respect. OK, you do win it. Congratulations!

  17. Wait a minute! I will bet a lot of us tried to name those sets! I only got 3 right, (I am slipping.)
    But ooooooo party at Brian’s, everyone! What can we bring?

  18. Really awesome card, perfect for a tailgate or game watching party. Clemson colors? If so…beat those Dawgs!

  19. FANTASTIC card!!! But I am a little confused. You snipped the chair?! It is hard to tell from the picture. How did you keep all the little sketch lines?

    • I stamped the chair on different colors of card stock. Then, I stamped the chair on the white card front. I trimmed all the card stock pieces and glued them down over the white. That’s how the sketch marks are on the card front. It’s really hard to see in the card, but that’s how I did it. Thanks for the question, Katie!

  20. Wow!!! A whole lotta snipping going on here with this card, Brian! And, I am sayin’…AWESOME! And, go BROWNS! I’d love to make a card like this with scarlet and gray colors, too! I am just LOVIN’ this card! My hubby is a huge football fan and I’m thinkin’ I need a couple of these stamp sets! Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  21. Great way to kick off the new college football season. Another gold star for you today Brian. Hey Maria, I’m with you….scarlet and gray! Did you say party Cindie, count me in.

  22. Love this card – another Brian classic! I got 4 of the stamp sets straight off – it was the ‘you’re invited’ that had me stumped. Thanks for bringing ANOTHER stamp set to my attention and onto my wish list 😉

  23. Card is great…only improvement I can see is that it could have been RED and BLACK….
    for GO DAWGS! I’m a real UGA fan!

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