A Word Scramble with Expressions Thinlits

Do you remember word scrambles from elementary school?  The teacher gives you a word, and you have to make other words by rearranging the letters?  THANKSGIVING:  tank, tanks, than, hang, hangs, gang, gangs, vat, vats…  I could spend the rest of my day pulling words from that word, but I’ve got a blog post to write, so I’ll have to come back to it later.

When Stampin’ Up! introduced the Expressions Thinlit Dies in the 2013 Holiday Catalog, we were given three great words to choose from:  Love, Thankful and Merry.  Yay!  Perfect for any occasion.  BUT…there are more than three options for these letters.  I played around with them and came up with this simple and straightforward card:Expressions Thinlits, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Mix-and-Match.  Again, the options for the Expressions Thinlits Dies are Love, Merry and Thankful.  These are perfect words for almost any occasion:  Combine the last two letters from “love” and the last two letters from “merry,” and what have you got?  That’s right – “very”.  See!  You are very good with this game. 
  • Removing the Thinlits.  I’ve seen this tip all over – and it’s a good one:  to remove the thin words from the framelits dies, add a piece of wax paper between the paper and the die.  It creates an easy-to-peal-away layer between the paper and the die.  See all the little dots on the framelits above?  Poke one of the holes on the back of the framelit with your piercing tool to pop the paper out a little bit.  Then, run the tip of the tool along the inside of the frame.  Let the side of the tool pull up the paper so that you aren’t paper-piercing your thin words.
  • Gluing down the Thinlits.  If you are a die-hard monoadhesive adhesiver, a dedicated Tombow glue gluer or a strictly sticky strip stripper, then you’re going to have to embrace a new method for gluing down these thinlits.  While you might get the words to attach to the page with any of these options, the result won’t be very pretty.  The best option?  Stampin’ Up!’s 2-Way Glue Pen.  It gives just enough glue to catch the back of these words without forming a puddle of adhesive.

Papers:  Tangerine Tango, Very Vanilla, Sweater Weather Designer Series Paper  Accessories:  Expressions Thinlits Dies

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  1. Very insighful! On my next order, will not miss out on Expressions Thinlits! What a cocept! Love the size of your card!

  2. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Wow!!! I am very thankful that you are sharing this card with us Brian!!! 🙂 What a brilliant idea and flawless execution!!! It looks fantastic!!

  3. Great idea Brian. Very clever. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  4. Woo hoo! That’s really clever! Now if only SU! had an actual Thinlit alphabet! I love what you did! SO clever! 🙂

  5. Super clever indeed!!! Love it when you find other ways to use SU products, this idea is really fantastic, thank you for sharing it.

  6. Ahh you read my mind Brian. I was thinking the same thing, wouldn’t it be great if you could make other words with these thinlits. I’m still trying to figure out how to turn the thankful into a thanks. If you can figure that one out let me know!

  7. You know the saying……..think outside the box. Your mind should automatically think of Brian KING. There should be a challenge for this kind of brilliant thinking. My vote goes to you, hands down. I can see this incorporated into the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner table. You’ve done it again.

  8. There you go again…knocking it out of the ballpark! Before I read the rest of your post I kept looking and wondering where you got the very and thinking how I must have missed seeing it with the others. I should have known it was you being amazing as usual. It’s a challenge trying to figure out how you think up all these wonderful ideas. 🙂

  9. Awesome card, and thanks for all the GREAT tips on how to use this die set!

  10. Now I know why I typed stampwithBRAIN by mistake on the way here! Great job! Reminds me of the song The Name Game, gotta google it!

  11. I agree with Maria …. I like being able to get many uses from my products and this is a Mr. Wizard idea !! I also like the card size ….it fits just right !

  12. This is GENIUS!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!! I love giving my customers more options with what they purchase!!!! :O)

  13. Talk about tongue twisters! Boy you had me going today Brian. The card is FABULOUS and, of course, the colors are perfect for the season. This card would make a great invite for Thanksgiving dinner or to put on a hostess gift for the holiday. I really like the size of this particular card because it fools my friends. They are so used to me sending them A2 size cards that when I make one that fits in a standard business envelope they are super surprised when they open it if they find a card. Gotta’ keep them on their toes you know.

  14. Hey Brian – I just went back and viewed the video – did you make that video? If so, you did a fantastic job! Yeah for you!

    • Grace – Stampin’ Up! has been making some really great videos for the new products they are launching. No need for me to make a video when I can inspire you with theirs. 🙂 This is a good tool to see the products. Oh! And I will be making a video soon. Promise. 🙂

  15. Genius! I loved that game in school too! This is a great card!!!!

  16. Brian….love creating new words! Have you tried using our Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets (120805) instead of wax paper? That way, the glue is already on there when you release the word. Not my idea…a great idea from Kay Kalthoff at Stamping To Share.

  17. Terrific! What a great idea!

  18. Beautiful card. So cool and provides me with a good answer to a customer who was saying it was too limited having only 3 words…. TFS. And will definitely give a try to Sue’s suggestion of using the adhesive sheets!

  19. Ve-ry clever Mr. King. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  20. now this takes creative to a whole new level….. fantastic idea and ty for sharing your creativity

  21. Very creatively done, Brian! 🙂

  22. Very cool!! Thanks for the great idea.

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  23. The leftovers from “very” spell Merlo… Cheers.

  24. You are brilliant!!!! You really are the KING!!!! Big hugs!

  25. You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing your takes on how to use the Stampin” Up items.

  26. Brian, as my kids used to say….You Are The BOMB!!! No!!!…all right, you are the KING!
    So very amazing!

  27. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Brian! Great idea for a great card!!!

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