A Simple Thank You Notecard

I was talking to Mom last week, and she casually mentioned she’d be leading the discussion at her women’s Bible study this month.  Since this is the season of giving thanks, this month’s study would center around gratitude.  Because she was preparing and presenting the lesson, she was also responsible for a small giveaway.  She shared that the giveaway was typically a magnet or a bookmark or a solid gold wristwatch.  OK, the wristwatch wasn’t really one of the giveaways, but wouldn’t that be nice?!  She was at a loss for what to give.  We only talked a couple of minutes before I suggested she make a stack of thank you notes and give out one to each member of the group.  She could challenge each of the members of the group to express their gratitude to someone in their life.  How simple and yet powerful.  Mom was struggling to go through her stash of stamping supplies (she has a few things but really doesn’t pull them out unless I’m home).  I could hear the stress in her voice as she tried to plan out a simple card.  While we were talking, I grabbed scraps and pieces and made this card (followed by 10 more):Harvest of Thanks, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Notecards.  The notecards and envelope sets in this year’s catalog are a bit smaller than last year’s.  No problem there – it just means you write smaller on the inside.  Because the base of the card is Whisper White, I had to search for a DSP with white in it.  I quite love when neutrals and regals are paired with white.
  • Distressed and Crisp.  This card is a study in contradictions.  Not only are the Crushed Curry and Early Espresso paired with white (they would naturally, I think, be paired with warm Very Vanilla), but I included a distressed sentiment image with a crisp and clean Designer Series Paper.  They don’t seem like they should go together, but they do.
  • Visual effect.  This isn’t really a tip or a trick or a reminder – just a “Hey! Look at that!”  When I cut the DSP, I didn’t pay attention to the exact spacing of the patterns on the paper.  It just so happens, though, that everything lines up perfectly.  There are more patterns on the sides than along the top (by design).  When I stare at the DSP designs, my brain sees “x’s” along the top/bottom and “diamonds” along the sides.  As I continue to stare (why am I staring?), I see “diamonds” along the top/bottom and “x’s” along the sides.  No matter which I see along the top/bottom, I always see the opposite on the sides.  Any visual effects scientists out there who can explain why this happens?

Stamp sets:  Harvest of Thanks  Papers:  Notecards, Early Espresso, Eastern Elegance, Whisper White  Inks:  Early Espresso  Accessories:  Apothecary Accents Framelits

It’s so wonderful to receive a handmade card in the mail.  I don’t want to get too mushy, but it feels just as good to send a thank you card.  As this is the season of giving thanks, I think it’d be great if everyone challenged themselves to send ONE handmade thank you note this month.  What do you think?

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  1. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Yet another awesome story behind another great card Brian!!! I have no idea why you see the diamonds and then the x pattern on the same piece of DSP, but ever since you pointed that out, I cannot see it any other way!!! 🙂 These cards for your Mom’s group beat a solid gold wristwatch any day!!!

  2. Well, another heart warming story about your mom, Brian and how you came to her rescue, you are a good son, my dear. The ladies in her Bible group will appreciate this beautiful cards more than anything else.

  3. . . . and THANK YOU for your Blog, your inspiration and that Card Swap in July! 🙂

  4. I agree with you, Maria, about Brian being such a good son! We moms really appreciate such sweet things as you making those cards for your mom’s Bible study group!
    And not sure about the DSP, but I’m seeing the same, too! It reminds me of those prints a number of years ago where if you looked at them long enough, you would see a design embedded in them. Weird!

  5. Oooo, Brian your such a lovely SON , every mom should have just like you , I sord of but since his girlfriend she took over him , sigh … But he’s still loves me , as lone as he’s happy !!!! But your extra sweet !! Love that of you !!! And now back to your idea ,I think that was a great one ,oh your mom and those lady are going to love those cards !! Tfs another great story about your great mom !!
    Lots of hugs frenchie ,

  6. Oh Brian – I think it is such a thoughtful and wonderful idea for the bible study group. Just think, if every one of us took a few minutes to send someone a thank you note just because we are grateful to have them in our lives, how many people would have a fantastic day because they received that kind of note! AND, you came up with that idea of challenging people to acknowledge and share their gratitude so very quickly! Occasionally I will write a letter to a friend rather than call or email. The recipients response always goes something like “it was so nice to get something other than bills and advertisements in the mail”. This card is so bright and happy and beautiful and hopefully each of these ladies WILL send them to a special person in their lives. Fantastic card from a fantastic and talented son Brian. Your Mom must smile every time she thinks of you.

  7. Great card as usual Brian! I love your way of explaining how you come to these aha moments when creating. Your mom sounds lovely and I’m sure she is so proud of you! Of course I also wonder if she hustled you in to making those cards! Lol!

  8. I love the idea of giving Thank You cards when it`s your turn . I have given the same token bookmarks ,magnets , and gold watches but, never Thank You cards ! Mainly because most of my group types were card makers . The colors are in tune with the season and such a neat card . You do your Mama proud ,Charlie Brown !!

  9. Brian, your card is beautiful and I’m sure your Mom will love it. Also, you make a very good point in the post on cutting DSP. Your patterns do line up beautifully… “look at that!”

  10. Brian, what a great way to not only say thank you, but pass the message along for others to repeat the same inspiration! Love that the card is so simple and easy to mass multiply, yet elegant at the same time.

  11. What a special Guy, to help a special Mom, in need! The card is perfect!
    Moms gonna think,” I raised me a Fine, supported and smart young Man”!
    You so, inspired us, beyond the Thanks!
    Lets hear it for Brians Mom!!!! YEAH!
    Good job! Both sides will certainly gain, especially in Gods eyes! 🙂

  12. Now I know where you get that big heart of yours! Big hugs to you & your mom–
    I’m thankful each morning when I read your blog–you really are a blessing!

  13. Cute little card Brian. You are not only a great guy, super stamper and wonderful son! And after reading your post I see the same thing you described!!! Must be an explanation. Of course I don’t know what I would have seen had I looked before reading your description LOL.

  14. First let me say: I absolutely love your card!!! It is so warm and inviting!! I also think it is so nice of you to do this for your mom’s bible group!
    I try and send, or in some cases, hand out a handmade thank you card to someone that I am grateful that they are in my life, or to let them know how much they mean to me just by them being them.
    Usually when I do this I find out after the fact that when they receive a simple handmade card it has made an impact on them and made their day that much brighter! Who knew that something as simple as handing out a card could mean that much to someone?
    I think you have just issued me a challenge to send out another batch of “Thank you for being in my life” cards again. Thank you for this reminder Brian!! Hoping you are having a fabulous day!!

  15. Brian, it is funny that you mentioned seeing x’s and o’s because before even reading the whole post, I noticed that, too! This is such a great idea. I might just have to share this with my Thursday morning class – I’ll be sure to say the idea was all yours! 😉

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