It’s THAT Time of Year!: One-for-One Card Swap

I have hosted several One-for-One Card Swaps over the past two years.  What a wonderful way to share your love of cardmaking with someone you don’t know!

We are all exhausted from mailing out our Halloween cards, right?  With Thanksgiving and Christmas in our sights (small card-giving holidays compared to Halloween, no?), I thought it would be a good time for us to share our cardmaking hobby with others.  That’s why I’m hosting a One-for-One Holiday Card swap.  For the next couple of weeks, plan and strategize your most perfect Holiday Card.  Focus on December – it can be Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah (even though it’s early this year) or just a snow-filled card.  Give me your best, and I’ll make sure you get a beauty in return. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • You mail the following to me:
    • a handmade, self-designed card (a standard 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″ card). If your card features current Stampin’ Up! products (available in current catalogs or online), then there’s a good chance your card will be featured on my blog.  You might even get an entire blog post written about your gorgeous card…
    • it’s OK to find inspiration in someone else’s card (that’s why we bloggers put our cards out there), but please do your best to make this card your own.  
    • a self-addressed, stamped envelope (just fold it in half and include it with your card).
    • a little information for me if you want to share: your name, your email address, your level of interest in stamping (are you a light hobbyist, a serious hobbyist or a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?), and your website address (if you have one). I will share your name and city/state on my blog and with the person who receives your card.  The other information WILL NOT be shared with anyone else. I just want to get to know you better.
    • You can stamp your name on the back of the card, but please don’t write on the inside of your card so that the recipient can use it (if they choose to) to send to someone else. 
  • I will gather the cards I receive, mix them up and mail them out so that everyone who sent me a card will receive a card in return.  Yipee!  As long as I receive a card from you by the deadline, then you will receive another card in return.
  • This swap is open to anyone, anywhere.  If you are outside the U.S., though, please mail your card to me ASAP.  I received several after the deadline last swap, and that made my heart sad.

Because of the popularity of this swap, I must limit you to one card per person.  It makes it so much easier to match up and mail out.  Thanks for your understanding.  Please make sure you include a return envelope for each card you send.

Mail your card and return envelope to:

Brian King

1758 Colt Drive

Atlanta, GA 30341

Please mail them as soon as you can – but make sure they arrive by Thanksgiving.  During my Thanksgiving break, I will gather them, sort them and then mail them out shortly after.

Who’s in? Email me if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


Sneak Peek.  I know how important it is for you to see new work each day on my blog, but I feel like this announcement deserves it’s own day – I want to give you time to create your masterpiece and get it to me.  That said, here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s post (which is a part of The Pals Blog Hop), so it won’t post until 5:30 tomorrow.  Any ideas what this is?Sneak Peek


  1. Count me in on this swapping round. Can’t wait.

  2. OMG! I am so excited. This is my favorite thing to do. Thank you in advance, Brian, for all the work involved. 🙂

  3. I’m in Mr. King….you are THE BEST in doing this!!! It is always fun to get a new card!!! Hugs to you!

  4. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Oh goody, how fun Brian!!! And let’s see here Mr. Snipster, I am going to guess that your little preview is a part of a snowflake you cut on Crumb Cake and Old Olive and then pieced together!! 🙂

  5. Oh Yes!! this is just so much fun, specially when you share all the cards you got on your blog and we get to see ours. As always, count me in!!

  6. I would love to participate in the swap. 🙂 Yay!

  7. Hmm my guess for the sneak peek is Gently Falling… I’ll be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the entire thing!

  8. It looks like the leaf in Wonderfall to me

  9. I have been counting the days until your next swap…..can’t wait!! If anyone is wondering if this is worth your time…..don’t wait, do it now… much fun….

  10. Looking forward to the one for one swap!
    Thanks for doing it.

  11. Count me in ,Brian, love this swap

  12. my guess is Gently Falling as well, when is Thanksgiving in the US? (ours is in Oct.) need to know for the timeline and to avoid football on TV that day,lol.

  13. Ohhh I love swaps!! I’m in thanks for organizing this for us Brian.

  14. I agree with some who said they think this is a leaf and maybe a Gently Falling one. …as far as the swap well it wouldn`t be the beginning of Christmas season without it !!
    I will get a card all gussied up for the big event !!

  15. I’m in!!! Can’t wait to work on my card!

  16. Yes! I believe I will swap a card! Love that it’s just one card!
    I will try to make something pretty.

  17. I’m in!!! Assuming this is open to Canadians again?

  18. Yowza! My card has been ready, just waiting for the announcement! In the mail this week! And no… I cannot imagine what your sneak peek is. hmmm….looks like a leaf of some sort, or wait! I know! a ball of twine… Has Bandit been playing in your stash again??

  19. It’s a leaf!!

  20. Brian, I’m in. It’s the first time I created a card from scratch by myself and first share ever! Scary, but I know everyone will be gentle. 🙂 I made it last night. Coming your way soon.

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  26. As I clean out my in-box, I realized that I blew this deadline… whoops! I’ll try the next one. Can’t wait to see everyone’s lovely cards on your blog.

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