Holiday One-for-One Swaps: Day Two

It’s really quite simple.  I asked you to send me beautiful Holiday cards that you designed and created.  I asked you to send them to me, and I snapped pictures of each, mixed them all up and then mailed them back out.  What fun!  For several weeks, I looked forward to opening the mailbox to these beauties.  The card makers are from all over, and my guess is that they represent people at all levels of the craft – some newbies and some near-professionals.  Here’s the second batch of my One-for-One Holiday Swaps:

I told you these were some beauties.  Did I lie?  Please let these artists know how much you appreciate their cards.  Which ones stand out to you?  Did you receive one of these?  If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

If you missed the other Holiday One-for-One Swap, check them out here:

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  1. Wow! I love every single one but my stand out favourite is Elisha’s, placing all the others equal second! Well done and thanks for lots of inspiration!

  2. Nice to see so much color and variety on one page! Lovely Stampers!

  3. Another great selection!

  4. Hi! I’ve never posted before, but I have to say that all the cards are lovely, but the one that stands out to me is the poinsettia card by Donna DeWitt. Beautiful! Also, very clever to make a Christmas tree out of the hexagons, Cathi Diener!

    • I was the very lucky recipient of Donna’s card and it sits in a very special spot for all to see – I wouldn’t dream of sending it on to anyone else. It is even more beautiful in person! Thank you Donna!

    • Thanks, Janice! I just wish I had more time to create cards and share them everyday. My job gets in the way of doing that…

  5. All are beautiful cards. Deborah got an ohhhh as I saw her card because of the beautiful colors. I love the flip card of Bobbi’s and would love to try those one day. The snowman of Elisha’s is cute as can be but I thought the flower of Donna’s was stunning. All of them had something I liked and would like to repeat. Thanks for beautiful cards everyone.

  6. So much beauty and inspiration ! Every card would be a treat to find in my mail box. I received Lisa Poe`s Lattice card and loved it ! This is always so much fun …..Thank you , Brian !

    • Sonny, so glad you are enjoying your card. I hope my card directions and supply list will help you create one of your own. Funny thing, I received your Joy To The World card. How clever to use The Open Sea world stamp. Very fitting with the sentiment. You did a very nice job. I love the card. These swaps are so much fun!

  7. It looks like all the ladies really had their creative juices flowing! Great job and so much fun to see.

  8. I love them all. My friend Laura, your card with the fork bow and the way the hexagon’s line up, cool. I don’t know Deborah, but she lives down the road from Laura and me, her card colors are wonderful. Vicky your card fold is interesting and draws the eye to the focal point. I could go on and on, they are all great.

    • Thank you 🙂 The card is a tri-fold and super easy to make with Framelits. I made a template on my Silhouette Cameo and cut them all before I left England 😉 P.S. The card is upside down (the jewels should be top right).

  9. I received Nancy’s and am thrilled with it. She used the technique that Brian demoed at convention. That white on the already beautiful specialty paper really makes it outstanding. Thanks, Nancy, for a beautiful card. Thanks, Brian, for doing this.

  10. I received Christina Thurlow’s card and LOVED it! All the cards today look great and have given me inspiration for next year 😉 This was my first 1-4-1 and may have to participate again when I return Stateside permanently 😀

  11. Applause to everyone. Yet another round of lovely cards. Always interesting in seeing the various colors people incorporate into Christmas cards. I am drawn to Elisha’s card for the simplicity and cuteness. Can’t wait for Day 3!

    • Thank you Lisa – I tried to keep it simple – another version included Cherry Cobbler Dazzling Details on the hat, but I opted for this one – sometimes less is more:-)

  12. Wonderful cards all. Thank you for all the inspiration! The one that really stood out for me (and probably will try to CASE it) : Donna DeWitt. Very classic yet different, love the choice of colors.

  13. The card I received and swapped was showcased today.
    Deborah Hofer, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED my card. My daughter loved it and said, she didn’t recognize it as one I ever made. Thanks for swapping! 🙂

    • Thank you Nancy. Same back to you. Little did you know that I can’t resist anything in Polka Dots. A Christmas card with polka dots and a bow? It doesn’t get any better than that in my world. 🙂 It’s sitting on my kitchen counter so I can see it each day. I love it and thanks.

  14. What an great bunch of cards.
    I received Laura Laures ingenious “25” card….and realized what a great layout for any occaision! Works well for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, just change up the colors and viola! Great idea, so thank you Laura !

  15. Ladies, these cards are all amazing! Brian, thank you for sharing 🙂

  16. I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I got totally sidetracked with some family issues early in the morning then, the day kind of ran away from me. I love all of this beautiful cards, I haven’t gotten mine but, with the weather being so super cold, I imagine all the deliveries are slow. It’s so much fun to participate in this swaps because they give all of us the chance to shine and to share our creativity. Thank you as always Brian, for hosting this swaps on your blog, I know it must take a lot of time to get all the cards ready for the picture, mixing them up, stuffing them in their envelopes and then, drive to the post office and send them on their merry way to us, you really are a trooper.

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  18. Elisha, I loved your snowman car. It is so simple and neat. And I loved the colors, too.

  19. All of the cards are so beautiful! I got Vicky’s amazing card and love it!!! That you, Vicky! thank you Brian for putting this swap together.

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