Three Things I Like: Holiday One-for-One Swap by Kevin Boyer

Stampin’ Up! demonstrators are allowed to pre-order from catalogs before the products are available to the public.  My Stampin’ Up! pre-order came this week, and I am working on some great projects from the Occasions Catalog (to be released on Jan. 3).  Before I can share those projects, though, I have more Holiday One-for-One Card Swaps to share.  Today, I’m really excited to share today’s project by Kevin Boyer, and I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty wonderful. 

I’m going to share her card, and then I’m going to tell you why I like it (as if that’s really necessary).  First, though, let’s take a look at the card as it unfolds: 

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Gate Fold with Interlocking Ovals.  I love a good gate fold card.  I have seen several gate fold cards that use interlocking shapes to hold the card shut, and I love them.  When I first opened this card, though, Kevin’s shapes were so perfectly interlocked (everything looked so secure on the card front) that I didn’t even realize her card was a gate fold card.  Then, like a Transformer, the card began to unfold before my eyes.  I guess Kevin’s expert sponging and shading distracted me from construction of her card.
  • Straws.  I love coffee, but I don’t typically sip my coffee with a straw.  That said, these little striped straws are so adorable that I’m able to get past the logic of it all.  It’s simple – a couple of quick strips of Season of Style Designer Series Paper create a perfect addition to this holiday cup of joe.
  • Additional Coffee Inside.  I’m often guilty of spending all my creative energies on the front of a card and not really paying much attention to the inside (other than, of course, writing a nice sentiment).  Once I opened Kevin’s card, I realized she included little coffee stains with Gorgeous Grunge.  That little addition is so important to upgrade this card even further. 

That’s it!  I’ve limited my “likes” to three.  Of course I could share many more, but those are my three favorite things about Kevin’s card.  Please let Kevin know how much you love her card, too, in the comments below.

There are still more Holiday One-for-One Swaps to share, so please be on the lookout.  If you missed the other posts, please check them out here:

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  1. wow! So clever – love it! I had to scroll up and down a few times to appreciate how it all worked 😀

  2. How cute and I love the colors and the coffee stains ! I love love the interlocking cards but, my try at the interlocking ovals didn`t come out as good as Kevins ! Great card ! I guess I will have to keep at it and maybe my ovals will turn out opening smoothly . Well done ,Kevin …the straws are so cute !!

  3. maybe they are coffee stirrers rather than straws…. in either case — ADORABLE!

  4. Oh, how fabulous!!! I love it!! Those coffee stains inside are a struck of genius and the interlocking feature looks awesome!!!!! I also want to give this technique a try, I wonder how she made both ovals fit so perfectly. Thank you for giving us another little taste of the Holiday card swap Brian.

  5. Wonderful card Kevin – so well done!! I love the way everything nests together so perfectly – and I too love your use of Gorgeous Grunge:-)

  6. Who ever thought of flipping a gate card. How great! As a coffee addict, I love this stamp set. Love the grunge coffee stains on the inside. Vicki, I’m always scrolling up to look again too. 🙂

  7. Would love try have instructions foe making this card. Any chance of that?

    • Simple explanation – after the card base is cut and folded, glue the solid oval to the top of the card (centered in the middle). Shut the card so the oval is flat and then position the larger oval (with the same oval from the top of the card cut out of the middle) so that they are locked. Glue that to the bottom of the card. When closed, the shapes are interlocked and hold the card shut.

  8. Kevin, I love your card and the grunge stains inside put it over the top. My reasoning for the straws is that the coffees are iced coffee!

  9. I like the way the cups pop because of the cherry cobbler paper underneath them!
    Very well crafted card, both inside and out!

  10. When I first looked at this card I had no idea it was going to open from the center with the oval. I love surprises and this card certainly qualified as a surprise. Very clever, very imaginative and very well presented. Fantastic job Kevin! Some people just have so much talent for sure.

  11. I am the lucky recipient of Kevin’s amazing card! What a great “blend” of stamp sets, DSP and card stock! The interlocking feature is so clever and works like a charm. Cherry Cobbler is one of my favorite SU colors and the candy cane striped bands and stir straws make it a great card for the holidays! I’m hoping to re-create Kevin’s card as a special card for one of my fellow coffee lovers — thanks again, Kevin, for sharing your talents and your beautiful card with us!

  12. Absolutely brilliant card, stains and all! Well done Kevin!

  13. Love this Brian! Anything with those coffee cups to me is adorable, but the interlocking fold is impressive!

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  14. Cute!!! And of course it’s a peppermint stick in the mocha latte!!!!!!

  15. Wow awesome card Kev….. you are so creative !!!! Runs in the family I guess !!!!
    See ya soon.


  16. What an amazing card! I love gate cards, too Brian and this one is a keeper. So wonderful. And Kevin, even though I have been transplanted to to the Midwest lo’ these past 30 years, I am originally from Darrington, WA. Small world! Happy Holidays all!

  17. it is a great card, but i am confused by one thing: is Kevin a guy or a girl? i’ve always thought of that name as a guy’s name, but, Brian, you use the female pronoun when talking about what was done by the card maker. just curious!

  18. What a super fun card! Have seen alot of these types of gate fold cards. Will have to put it on my list to try. Every aspect of the card is great! I vote for the peppermint stir stick. Yummy

  19. i love the card and will try to case it. also wondered does kevin have her own blog to follow? nice card kevin. thank you brian

  20. Woo Hoo, Kevin! Awesome card – as always. Congrats! 🙂

  21. I love the colors and sponging you used with the interlocking ovals.
    Awesome card.

  22. Thank you so much for featuring my card Brian. What an honor. I love stamping and being creative. I thank everyone for their kind comments.

    • I LOVE your card . . . BTW, I always drink my coffee through a straw when I’m on the go, whether it’s hot or cold! Great job!! 🙂

      Thank you Brian for sharing Kevin’s card with the rest of us!

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  24. What a fantastic card! Does Kevin have a web page featuring her cards? I would love to see other cards by her.

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