You’re on my Mind, Atlanta

Wow!  It’s been an incredible day-and-a-half here in Atlanta.  By now, you may have seen all the reports about the harrowing traffic problems that ensued on Tuesday afternoon.  You might have chuckled at how Southerners are unable to deal with “a little inch of snow,” but I was on the road for 2-1/2 hours for my 4-mile commute, and it was absolutely horrifying.  Atlanta is a commuter city where most people travel by car.  If the sun shines in the wrong place, we can have gridlock on the streets for hours – that’s true.  This was different, though.  People were trying to make it home and to their children – everyone hitting the roads at the exact same time – while all of the roads were quickly and thoroughly covered in ice.  When my car was moving, it was sliding.  Thank goodness there were Good Samaritans on the side of the road to give our cars a push while we were trying to make it up a very slight incline at one point.  The office was closed yesterday and will be closed today – that sounds like plenty of time for stamping, but El Fungeon (that’s Spanish for The Fungeon) is way too cold for me.

Today’s card is a quick-and-easy card that uses a few of my favorite new products.  The whimsical Pool Party flowers are soft and happy – and an appropriate fit to say “I’m thinking of you” to all the people who are still left stranded or injured from Tuesday’s ordeal.  Here’s my card:Love You to the Moon, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Clean and Layered.  I’m not a huge proponent of labels.  I am who am I am, and that’s who I am.  I don’t have to define myself as a papercrafter or an accountant or a fashion model (yes, I’m pretty much all three) to fit in with my friends and family.  I’ve sought, though, to understand my typical design aesthetic.  I started with Clean-and-Simple until a friend (who is not a papercrafter) described my cards as Cleanly Tailored.  I like that!  Recently the Card Concept blog offered a style category of Clean-and-Layered.  I like that one, too!  While I certainly make Clean-and-Simple cards and certainly have a Cleanly Tailored aesthetic, I think most of my projects are Clean-and-Layered with lots of layers of card stock that don’t look complicated and busy.
  • The Band.  I love to center things – sentiments and bands are generally centered vertically and horizontally.  For this card, though, the sentiment wasn’t large enough to fill the center of the cardfront, so I decided to set the band off to the right and the sentiment closer to the bottom of the band.  This allows the Designer Series Paper to shine.  I added a small strip of Pool Party cardstock, trimmed with the Small Scallop Blade of the Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Arm.  The wave mimics the patterns in the paper without overpowering anything.Love You to the Moon, Stampin' Up!, Brian King
  • My Mistake.  It’s important to plan out each and every layer of a card.  This card was meticulously planned from the framed border to the layers of the band and sentiment.  At all points, the colors would perfectly balance each out.  My card was designed with a Pool Party Seam Binding Ribbon on top of the Basic Black band that runs down the card.  My sentiment panel would sit nicely on top of that layered piece.  When I layered the ribbon over the strip, though, the Pool Party ribbon (rather transparent) darkened too much to be pretty.  I went ahead and glued everything down without realizing I’d have a lot of black-on-black with the band and the sentiment panel.  It’s not what I wanted, but I decided to go along with it.

Stamp sets: Love You to the Moon  Papers:  Pool Party, Basic Black, Whisper White, Sweet Sorbet Designer Series Paper (Sale-a-Bration)  Inks:  Jet Black StazOn  Accessories:  Small Scallop Rotary Blade, Chalk Talk Framelits, Word Bubbles Framelit Dies, Stampin’ Dimensionals

SALE-A-BRATE – The Designer Series Paper featured in today’s card is from Sweet Sorbet, one of the products you can earn with every $50 in purchases between January 28 and March 31.  Here are two posts to help you get acquainted with Sale-a-Bration (here and here) – and there are more to come, so be on the lookout.  Woo hoo!

As always, if you ever have questions or need assistance with anything, please reach out to me at  I’m eager to help you and would love to earn your business.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. Great card. I like the black band and the DSP. 🙂

  2. Well Brian, I’m so happy you are ok. When I was watching the news of the mess in your hometown, I never thought you would be in the middle of it!!! It must have been really horrible to be skidding all over the road with no control over your car. I know 2″ of snow doesn’t sound like much but, it was the fact that it melted and then turned to ice that caused the horrible traffic jam. I can’t imagine being the parents of those children that were trapped on that school bus overnight.
    Your card is beautiful, I wish all of those people who got stranded out there could see it, I’m sure it would make them feel a lot better.

  3. Dear Mr. Taylored, I’m so glad you’re ok from the traffic incident! Scary stuff there. I love this card with it’s heavy black layer, reminds me of a wrist watch now that you omitted the seam binding. A great choice I might add! I learned something new today, I didn’t know you were not fond of labels! You wouldn’t know…Enjoy your day off, I hope Atlanta recovers soon. Best Wishes from Vermont.

  4. Having lived in Atlanta many years ago during an ice storm, I know what it’s like down there. Ugh! Glad you got home safely … sorry it is too cold to work in the Fungeon! Guess you’ll have to brew some tea and “visualize” what you’ll be creating in your wonderful “Clean and Layered” style!
    I absolutely LOVE this card from the colors to the placement of the sentiment to the black sentiment layer on the black strip! What a great look! This will be a “fav” of mine for sure, Brian! Take care and keep warm and safe!

  5. Been thinking about you as I watch the news. So glad to hear all is well with you! Great card as usual!

  6. Beautiful card, but more importantly, so glad you came through Atlanta’s storm relatively unscathed! That must have been a harrowing afternoon from what I’ve seen on the news. I think you need to reward yourself with a heater for the Fungeon!

    • Diane, an excellent suggestion on the space heater for the Fungeon!
      It’s a must-have 🙂 especially when there are days off work due to “cold weather issues” 😉

  7. Atlanta we have a problem. WOW there is a lot of finger pointing going on from what I’ve seen this morning on the news. We deal with this kind of weather all the time in the Midwest. My heart goes out to everyone. Thankfully you were able to get home safely and not get stranded overnight like some. I also vote for a space heater for the Fungeon. Your card is BEAUTIFUL! Now how can you get it on the local news so everyone can see it and what a caring heart you have. Just a thought 🙂

  8. I’d like to say “sending you warm wishes” but it’s freezing cold up here in Maine! So glad you are safe and warm.

  9. Brian, Beautiful card, but more importantly I am glad you made it safely through the horrifying storm/traffic incident! When I heard the story on the news – I immediately thought of you and wondered if you were involved in the mess and hoping you were OK. I have a space heater in my stamp room – very enabling!! Keeps me in the place I love during these VERY COLD Midwestern months!

  10. Love the card, Brian. A space heater should absolutely be your next purchase as soon as it is safe to travel around Atlanta. One solution to keep seam binding from taking on a dark hue is to back it with a strip of cardstock before attaching it over dark colors. Works every time. Stay warm.

  11. Having grown up in Minnesota, I completely understand how frightening it is to be behind the wheel of a car you have absolutely no control over. I ended up in a ditch an almost down an embankment once and believe me that picture never leaves your mind. I am so thankful that you made it home safely and that there were folks willing to help along the way!

  12. I love your sweet card and am so very glad you’re safe and sound.

  13. Hi, Brian. I’m glad you’re doing fine. I live just south of Atlanta and I know what you mean about the mess in Atlanta. My husband was stuck in that mess on the interstates and did not make it home from work Tuesday until 7:30 Wednesday morning. this is my 3rd day off from work (I’m a teacher) and I have used my time to organize my craft room and create some new cards. I just wanted you to know that I love your designs and always draw inspiration. Have fun today.

  14. Brian, so glad you are safe…that is most important! I feel for all my friends and family around Atlanta….so hard to deal with ice. Saw on the news that there were many good samaritians out there, Yah Atlanta! But on the other hand with a high on Tuesday of -1 and the kids home for the 5th day in a row, it was pretty hard to have much sympathy. Love the card, the pool party flower paper is rad…stay safe and stay warm.

  15. Black ice is harrowing and I am glad that you got home to Bandit and El Fungeon (as we say here in CA.) unscathed! Your card is a perfect nod to the weather ( the long black strip) who doesn’t LOVE the Sweet Sorbet DSP? That card is serene with just the perfect touch of whimsy.

  16. As a transplanted northern, let me give some advice…you just have to know how to dress to work in your Fungeon. You will need lots of layers, and gloves, preferably those with the fingers cut off. A cup of hot coffee, tea or chocolate helps too. My studio is in the basement too, I worked down there yesterday & will be there today. Good luck. Glad you made it home safely.

  17. Two and a half hours for a four mile commute? That’s insane! You could have walked faster than that. Maybe you should ride a bike 🙂 You also need an electric heater for your fungeon. Is that enough unsolicited advice for one day? I love your card, that DSP is my favorite in the pack though I have been hoarding it for something special, LOL! Enjoy your day off, Brian!

  18. Brian, just a suggestion. You could have put a strip of pool party card stock in place of the thin ribbon. I am in AZ for the winter an not missing the snow at my home in TN.
    I’ve seen pictures our neighbors there have sent. Keep warm.

  19. What a horrible situation in Atlanta. I was thinking of you and hoping you were safe and warm at home. Well, glad you’re safe at home, even if it’s not warm in The Fungeon.

  20. Dear Brian , so happy the know your ok ,
    My Gs, please take care and be careful on
    The roads , thinking of you and praying
    That your always safe ,
    Love ya

  21. Ooops , I love your card , nice idea !!!!
    Hugs F,

  22. Our schools have been closed for two days because we had 1″ of snow here in the Charlotte.N.C. area ….because our snow becomes Black Ice …. People in the north don`t understand why we run to the store at the prediction of one snow flake . It is funny you and I talked about our conditions in the south when it gets too frigid just last week . Your card is very symbolic and as always the focus is on your sentiment …well done ! Glad you got home safely ,my friend .

  23. Ice is THE worst Brian. I cannot believe you folks didn’t lose power like we did in the ice storm this year. We were 4-1/2 days of no power and 6 days without cable for internet or TV. I don’t think any state is really prepared for ice storms. Snow is easy to deal with but ice – no way. I was thrilled to hear the Governor tell everyone to shut down and stay home so they can clean up the mess. So glad you are at home safe and sound and creating gorgeous cards like the one you made for us today. Thank you.

  24. How do I get your daily card post?????

  25. I love love love this card … On the way to my Craft Barn (a real horse barn once upon a day) to play play play! You’re the second stop on my virtual tour every morning. TMZ is first so I can be well informed about Justin Bieber’s shenanigans – it impresses the granddaughters. Your page is second and I’m always inspired into action!! Stay safe! And thanks for waking up my creativity today!

  26. Brian, I am so glad you made it safely through the ice! My son had a fender-bender on black ice last week; he is fine but the car has been in the shop all week. A space heater is a great idea — just be careful that it is not near paper or ribbon or anything flammable. As soon as I hear the name Atlanta, I think of you. I’m so sorry you had to go out that day. Think twice next time. Your life and limbs are not worth venturing out. Now on to your card…it’s darling to dedicate it to your city. You should email it to your local news station if they ask for weather pictures! They could air it and then all of Atlanta would get to know you. What a treat for the viewers! Thanks for sharing your “adventure”. Stay safe and warm at home with Bandit. Nancy B

  27. Glad you made it home safe. I work at a Catholic School in Roswell but live about 15 miles north. My principal let those of with more than a couples of miles to drive leave around 2:15. At 5:00 I was just at Milton High School with about 7 more miles to go. The road was blocked. I parked the care safely and started walking. I was smart enough to pack warm socks, walking shoes, long goose-down coat, two pair of gloves, scarf and hat. I started walking. About an hour in, I see my wonderful husband. He had hopped into the Jeep and was able to meet me about half way. My trip was 5 hours. Our school counselor left at 2:30 and didn’t get home until 7:30 Wednesday morning. She had to travel down 400. We’re getting ready to go pick up the car.
    By the way….love the card.

  28. Love your card, especially the dp and off centered sentiment. I thought of you too when I watched the news, but I did not chuckle at you southerners, scary for you all. Those of us living in northern climates are usually equipped with snow tires and our cities with plows and salting equipment. I also think you should go out and buy a heater for the Fungeon, as soon as it is safe to drive!

  29. this is lovely, but this inquiring mind REALLY wonders WHY you don’t have a space heater for El Fungeon? such valuable stamping time not being put to good use!

    can you believe my Starbucks was CLOSED yesterday, due to the cray-cray! it was tre magnifique (that’s French for fantabulous)! enjoy your free day today…you do have working legs and could haul some things upstairs, where you have a table and some beautiful natural light, right?

  30. Weather is not a funny thing… We had three days of freezing rain up here in the Great White North just prior to Christmas and it took some places two weeks to get power back. The number of fallen trees and property damage was crazy. If you are not used to driving in that kind of stuff, it is really scary… Even with snow tires it can be scary. Glad to see you are okay… I mean, how would I get my daily card fix? Card is great… Love the stamp and the paper.

  31. Bryan, I’m glad all is well. I actually miss the cold weather. I’m stuck with a little rain in Northern CA… we need it too. Today I think was in the high 60’s (very high)… but I’m so proud that your Spanish lessons are working… lol. Miss ya!

  32. So happy you are home safely! As many of the others have said, I think of you when I hear Atlanta. We had ice and a slight powdering of snow here in Central Alabama.
    You have made a beautiful card and with your sentiments. The power company and emergency workers don’t often hear,”Thank you”!

  33. Hi, Brian! Love your card…it’s great! Love the colors and layout, too. We had some of the same problems here in Southwest Louisiana with the icy roads, but the State Police advised everyone not to travel unless it was an emergency. The first storm no one took as seriously, so there were 2 deaths and multiple injuries. The second storm had no deaths, they heeded the advice. Your roads should have been closed down or re-routed. Ce’st la vie. Have a wonderful, safe day!

  34. Beautiful card! I have lived in Northern Chicago suburbs my entire life and this is “The Worst winter EVER!!!!! Driving is nothing short of a challenge and even walking can be deadly and we have salt and equipment. I really feel for you guys, especially those parents trying to get their kids. Nothing is more frightening. I had a four hour commute yesterday due to blowing snow, snow falling and unclean roads. I thought about you guys alot!

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