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Do you live in Atlanta?  Do you live near Atlanta?  Are you willing to travel to Atlanta to spend an afternoon with me?  I’m hosting a fun event on February 16, and I’d love for you to join us.Tools of the Trade Workshop

I’m hosting an Open House event called “Brian’s Tools of the Trade” at 2:00 on Sunday, February 16.  The idea started when some of my amazing group members requested a crash course on all the wonderful tools and supplies offered by Stampin’ Up!.  I’ll be reviewing a large number of products and answering questions like:

  • How can I get consistent results with heat embossing?
  • How does this Envelope Punch Board really work?
  • What are some easy ways to get awesome results from an AquaPainter?

Won’t you please join us?  Won’t you bring a friend?  To RSVP, please email me at [email protected] – I’ll add you to the list and respond with directions.

Woo hoo!

Thanks so much!


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DID YOU MISS THIS MORNING’S POST?  This is my second post today.  If you missed the first one, check it out here.


  1. Oooh Brian one day I’m going to try to go to one if your classes
    I live in Fl but I would love to go ,
    Need mor time to plan , one day ok ,
    Hugs Frenchie
    Have fun , and I’ll be thinking if you all

  2. Sign me up, Brian! And I’ll hit up some friends this weekend to see if any can come with. Gotta get some learnin’ on! And some day, if Frenchie ever gets up to see you, I want to meet her – she should meet one of her stalkers.

    • Anne – AWESOME! I’ll put you down for “one – with 25 guests”. Woo hoo! Frenchie is my dear friend and a Pal. While Frenchie makes AMAZINGLY gorgeous cards, she’s not the same as French Martin (although she’s been confused with her on my blog before).

  3. Sure wish I leaved near – but I don’t…… your work – and how nice of you to
    offer your customers a class to help them improve their skills with all the wonderful
    SU products…….everyone – including yourself – will benefit!!!

  4. I’m eight hours away, if I could I would but this isn’t a good time for me. Thanks for the offer maybe next time. Cindy (Indiana).

  5. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    One day, one day, me, too! I would *love* to spend some time in the Fungeon!

  6. Oh, pain and suffering, I just wish I could attend, this would be wonderful!!! but unfortunately, I live so darn far away, that this workshop might as well just be on the Moon.
    Being in the World Most Famous FUNGEON and in your company would be just about the best fun ever!!!!! Plus I could learn a thing or two from the King!!!!!
    Hope you can take some pictures and share with the unfortunate ones that can’t make it, like me!!! Snif, snif.

  7. Brian,
    I am a Michigander, but would love to find a way to join you all in the Fungeon. Someday….In the meantime, have you considered a YouTube video or live streaming to share your expertise? I so appreciate all you do and look forward to stopping by your blog each and everyday! Thank YOU!

  8. Wish I could travel to participate but my husband’s birthday is Saturday and I can’t make the trip from Cincinnati on Sunday morning! Thanks for the invitation! I know you all will have a ton of fun! I would love to be there! Another time for me…Nancy B

  9. Hmmm, I see Ohio and Michigan….maybe you should take the trip up to see us and then visit your friend in Pennsylvania. How fun…enjoy the class!!

  10. Your a tease! LOL I would kill to join you, BUT I live in Chicago and I am getting MORE SNOW!!!!! Jealous hugh……

  11. I’m in Savannah- would be able to come with more notice on your next event! Sad to miss! ❤️❤️

  12. Could I be further away from you?!? So jealous of those who can attend!!!

  13. What about a demonstrator that lives in Chattanooga…would she be able to attend or are you planning this for customers only?

    • I am opening this workshop to anyone who wants to come – customers, demonstrators, demonstrators with customers. Its’ nothing SUPER-SPECIAL, so I’d hate for you to make the drive all the way here just for this, but I’d happily open my door for you all the same. I’m planning to just go through a bunch of products and give a quick “here’s how” on each. It’s more like a fun lecture than a hands-on, all-day event. Let me know! Woo hoo!

  14. Would love to see all the demo’s in person, but we are snow in in Indiana. Would it be possible to discuss or give instructions in your Blog. As I’m a new Groupie maybe I missed them. Little hints and the secrets of the trade would be a lifesaver for us Newbies…. Love your Posts and Humor. I can always count on a chuckle or laugh from you.

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  16. That’s my birthday, It.would be a nice gift to my self, but I’m with the snowed in, in the mid west. I’ll be there in spirit.
    I also would love to see a
    U Tube video done by you on these subjects.

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  18. Oh, how I’d love to come to your class; but alas Atlanta and Durham, NC are too far apart for me to make this class. If you’re ever in the Triangle area, I’l be more than happy to host you for you to be a feature artist here! You and other Stampin’ Pretty Pals teach me so much online, I can only imagine what an in-person training would be.

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  20. 🙁 I want to come. Need to get myself a private jet (when I win the lottery 😉 lol) xx

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