Spring One-for One: Kate

I mailed out the Spring One-for-One cards last weekend.  Woo hoo!  I didn’t announce the mailing so that the participants could be surprised when their card arrived.  Yippee!  Now that you’ve received them, I’m going to start sharing them.

Before we get started – if you received a card, please wait until your card is posted here to leave comments about how much you loved it.  I know you are anxious, and I want you to leave comments on all the cards, but I also want the creator of the card to see what you have to say.  I will be rolling out all of the cards over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout.

Today, I’m kicking off the Spring One-for-One share-a-thon with a card that knocked me off my feet (that doesn’t happen a lot – I’m 6’5″ and pretty steady on my feet).  This card is from Kate who lives in Santa Cruz, California.

by Kate (6 years old), Stampin' Up!, www.stampwithbrian.com

From the letter that accompanied this card, I learned that Kate checks out my blog every day and loves to stamp with her mother.  Kate can’t read my blog posts, though, so her mom reads it to her.  Why?  Because Kate is only 6 years old.  How super-cool is that?!?  Setting aside the fact that she’s 6 years old (did you catch that when I said it a couple of seconds ago?), this is a great card.  Here are three things I love about Kate’s card:

  • Color.  Kate’s color choices are adorable.  I wouldn’t normally pair bright pink and soft blue (I think she chose Pool Party and Strawberry Slush), but they work really well here.   I tend to think that any combination of red and blue can work well.  I guess Kate thinks the same thing.
  • Candy Dot Brad Base.  I was super-excited when the candy dots were released last year.  I knew I’d use the bases all the time to create a nice frame around the dots.  I ordered a bunch of them but never used the first one.  The candy dots (for me) have almost always been an after-thought.  Kate used the base like a pro to showcase the center of this flower.by Kate, Stampin' Up!, www.stampwithbrian.com
  • A Floral Background.  Every stamp might not be precise on the background of this card, but I love that Kate created an entire card front made of this large flower.  She then steals our attention away from the background with a burst of flower power secured to band across the front.  Lots of flowers, lots of places to look and smile.

So, what do you think?  Don’t you agree that Kate deserves accolades for this card?  I’m happy to have Kate kickoff the whole parade.  Please leave a comment below to let Kate know how much you loved her card – I already know she’ll be checking out my blog post today.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I thank you all so much for your kind words to Kate- she is beyond thrilled to be featured on Brian’s blog (thank you, Brian). As you can see, she loves to create in our stamp room and she enjoys blog surfing to get ideas from all of you!! She especially likes to watch the videos, so keep ’em coming, Brian! I never thought I would be consulting my 6 year old on which way looks better? should I sponge ? add rhinestone? We have a lot of fun together stamping (not to mention, she is a great excuse to buy more stuff!!!) Thank you for your overwhelming appreciation for her creation!

  2. PS-
    Laura, you are too sweet to also post Kate’s card on your blog. She thinks she is famous now!!!

  3. kate, you have great taste in color and stamp sets. i’m going to CASE this card for sure!

  4. Wow, Kate! What an amazing card! Love the floral stamped background And, love the candy dot for the center of the flower! Well, done…keep making gorgeous creations!

  5. Beautiful card, I really like your color choices and the pop of color with the flower is great.

  6. WOW!!! Beautiful,, congrats Kate

  7. Kate, I LOVE your card! It’s a WOW! I love your sentiment, “thank you” it is one of the nicest things you could say to someone. You did such a beautiful job with your card and I love the “candy dot,” too! Have fun stamping with your Mom!

  8. Beautiful. My daughter & son like to craft w/me as well – it’s such a fun way to be creative together 🙂

  9. Great card Kate! I also love the candy dot and the colors. You did a wonderful job! My girls also like to craft with me…..and look at you! You’re famous now!

  10. Oh my goodness!! Kate, your card is amazing! I love the color combination–you picked two of my favorite Stampin’ Up! colors. And I really love how you created a beautiful background for that lovely flower on the sentiment strip. GREAT use of the brad base and candy dot! I’m going to CASE your card idea!
    And it must be really fun and wonderful to get to create such pretty things with your mom. She’s got to be the happiest mom in the world having you there to share all this with! Keep up the great work!

  11. Wow , real pretty , thanks for sharing !!!

  12. Kate is a stamping genius! This is so pretty, and the balance is perfect. I can see how it knocked you off your feet Brian. I literally dropped my jaw open. Very nice, Kate, and I’m so glad you stamped along with us!

  13. What a great card Kate! I love the colors and the brad in the center of the flower is the perfect touch! I crafted with my daughter yesterday, but she’s a little older than you (26 yrs.). Enjoy your crafting time with your mom! Keep up the good work!

  14. Wow, Kate, what a pretty card you made. Your mom is lucky to have you to stamp with!

  15. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing Kate

  16. Kate!!! Your card is just beautiful. It is so beautiful that I must CASE it! I spoke with Brian yesterday and he told me all about your card. He is a big fan of you and you made his day by sending him a swap. You are so precious. Keep on stampin!!!

  17. Kate your card is wonderful! Such talent at such a young age holds great hope for the future! Keep on stamping and spending quality time with your mom creating cards and memories that will last a lifetime

  18. What an awesome card Kate. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Beautiful card Kate! Love your choice of colors! Keep up the good work.

  20. Kate, thank you for reminding me that everyone can make something beautiful, no matter how old or young, if they are inspired by their creativity

  21. Kate,
    I love this card! Your color choices are perfect! I love the sentiment with the bold flower and candy dot with the brad base!
    Keep up the great work! Creativity is such a great gift to share with everyone!
    Thank you for sharing yours with us!

  22. Kate, I like your card so much, that I just might copy it for one of my classes. I think my friends would love to make a card like yours, too. And, I will be sure to tell them who designed it. You need your own blog!

  23. Brian, you are so lucky mister! I just think Kate’s card is fabulous! Does Kate and One Proud Momma have a blog or website? Would love to see what else she has done?

  24. Beautiful. Kate’s mom should start saving for a craft account as well as college! Kate is an artist in the making.

  25. Wow Kate, you have created such a beautiful card! You chose great colors and used your embellishments like a seasoned pro. I have a 3 year old daughter and hope she will join me soon in my stamp room. When did you start creating with your Mom? Take care & keep the wonderful cards coming 🙂

  26. Kate is great! Great at designing and stamping cards! A great artist! I stamped with my daughter when she was little and now she is in college studying graphic design. Kate you are awesome!

  27. Beautiful card, Kate! The colors you chose for your card are some of my favorites! My daughter & I enjoy stamping together too! Keep creating — hope to see more of your cards on future card swaps!

  28. Kate,
    I am so impressed with your beautiful card. YOU are a natural. Maybe you should have your own blog.

  29. Beautiful card. So pretty beyond what I would have thought was done by a 6-year-old. You have LOADS of talent, Kate.

  30. WOW! Kate, you are extremely talented!

  31. Great job Kate! I love the color combination and the flower!

  32. Fantastic work!

    I can’t wait to receive my cards in the mail. It might be a few weeks yet! Hurry up already, Australia Post!

  33. Love your card! Nice design, creative organization of color, but the thing I’m MOST impressed with is the execution. It’s technically pretty darn close to perfect and that’s amazing, considering the short time Kate must have been stamping. (I’m 6 decades older, with 20 years experience and can honestly say, my clean simple cards are not often executed that well.) GO KATE!

  34. Love your card, Kate! How fun to be 6 years old and making cards with your mom!
    Keep up the awesome creating! 🙂

  35. Go, Kate! You have magical paper crafting skills. Love that popped up flower!

  36. Superb little Miss Kate 🙂 You’re going to be stiff competition in a few years!!!! Keep up the spectacular work — and keep creating. You’re a natural! Hugs, Wendy

  37. Katie: What a great job! That card is beautiful – you certainly have talent!

  38. Way to go, Kate!!! Awesome card!! I love your background and the popped flower off to the side!! You rock!!

  39. Love your card, Kate! I am a beginner stamper and I see I can learn a lot from you (and Brian). Thanks for sharing! LN

  40. Wow! the youngest talented crafter I have come across! Excellent work 🙂

  41. Great card Kate. You rock! And so does Brian.

  42. WOW Kate…this is awesome!!!! Aunty B and Uncle T love your card!

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