Spring One-for One: Kate

I mailed out the Spring One-for-One cards last weekend.  Woo hoo!  I didn’t announce the mailing so that the participants could be surprised when their card arrived.  Yippee!  Now that you’ve received them, I’m going to start sharing them.

Before we get started – if you received a card, please wait until your card is posted here to leave comments about how much you loved it.  I know you are anxious, and I want you to leave comments on all the cards, but I also want the creator of the card to see what you have to say.  I will be rolling out all of the cards over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout.

Today, I’m kicking off the Spring One-for-One share-a-thon with a card that knocked me off my feet (that doesn’t happen a lot – I’m 6’5″ and pretty steady on my feet).  This card is from Kate who lives in Santa Cruz, California.

by Kate (6 years old), Stampin' Up!, www.stampwithbrian.com

From the letter that accompanied this card, I learned that Kate checks out my blog every day and loves to stamp with her mother.  Kate can’t read my blog posts, though, so her mom reads it to her.  Why?  Because Kate is only 6 years old.  How super-cool is that?!?  Setting aside the fact that she’s 6 years old (did you catch that when I said it a couple of seconds ago?), this is a great card.  Here are three things I love about Kate’s card:

  • Color.  Kate’s color choices are adorable.  I wouldn’t normally pair bright pink and soft blue (I think she chose Pool Party and Strawberry Slush), but they work really well here.   I tend to think that any combination of red and blue can work well.  I guess Kate thinks the same thing.
  • Candy Dot Brad Base.  I was super-excited when the candy dots were released last year.  I knew I’d use the bases all the time to create a nice frame around the dots.  I ordered a bunch of them but never used the first one.  The candy dots (for me) have almost always been an after-thought.  Kate used the base like a pro to showcase the center of this flower.by Kate, Stampin' Up!, www.stampwithbrian.com
  • A Floral Background.  Every stamp might not be precise on the background of this card, but I love that Kate created an entire card front made of this large flower.  She then steals our attention away from the background with a burst of flower power secured to band across the front.  Lots of flowers, lots of places to look and smile.

So, what do you think?  Don’t you agree that Kate deserves accolades for this card?  I’m happy to have Kate kickoff the whole parade.  Please leave a comment below to let Kate know how much you loved her card – I already know she’ll be checking out my blog post today.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Awesome job Kate. I love your card. I love the colours you chose and love the little candy dot brad. Good job.

    Watch out Brian. There’s competition around 😉


  2. I think the colors go well together. One would never know this came from a 6 year old. Kate you will go far in the stamping world. Wonderful card.

  3. I’m blown away. I LOVE clean and simple cards – and I think Kate has done an amazing amazing job with this one! If she is making cards like this AT 6- what amazing creations will she make in the future!?!? I’m sure she will take the paper rafting world by storm! Xxx

  4. Loved this card and from. 6 year old! Awesome .

  5. Oh Kate! Your card is just beautiful ! I love the colors and that big flower is what makes this card so special. Well done ! You are such a wonderful card maker ! And thank you for joining in on the Card Swap!

  6. What a great card Kate – I love the bold flower combination!

  7. Well, this is truly fantastic, little Kate is a budding artist. You did a wonderful job Kate, I specially love the little flower on the corner, it compliments the whole design of your card beautifully. Thank you for participating, I hope you will do it again on Brian’s next card swap.
    Note to mom…..get ready, you will be busy reading to Kate all of the comments she will get for her pretty creation.

  8. I think it looks quilte similar to your smart layouts Brian! Kate this is fabulous! Very professional looking card! We’re keeping an eye on you, soon you’ll be old enough to Recruit! Congratulations on todays Blog Post!

  9. Great job, Kate! Sometimes I feel like my cards look like a 4th grader made them. Oh, boy! Now I’m going to have to re-think my age classification! There is a 1st Grade pro in the house! I may have to take lessons from you!

  10. Wow, well done Kate – this is a fabulous card. Keep up the good work.

  11. Great card Kate, you are a budding artist, you made a lovely card. I hope you participate in Brian’s next swap, I would love to get one of your creations.

  12. Wow! Beautiful card, Kate! You have inspired me to get those candy dot brad bases out and use them.

  13. Kate…You are a super-star! Your card is beautiful….Isn’t Brian the best…I wish that you could meet him in person because he would make you smile and laugh!!!

  14. Fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  15. Amazing! You are a very talented cardmaker. Love your card!

  16. I can see this headlines one day….Kate, Santa Cruz CA…..youngest member to join Stampin up’s Artisan Design Team. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait for you to be able to read all of Brian’s blog post. You are learning from a great designer.

  17. So adorable!
    Great card Kate!!!

  18. Great job Kate! I love your card!

  19. Hello from Maine, Kate! You are a very talented girl, to be a stamper at six years old. It is so nice to see you using your creativity. Your card is a beauty…hope you decide to keep on stampin’! Cheers!

  20. All I can say is WOW!! What a great card and from a young’un too. I hope she keeps up the great art. She might even challenge you, a great card-maker and artist!

  21. Very nice card, Kate. When I’m stamping, it reminds me of art time back in grade school. Kate, you’re living my dream, except you have better supplies to work with! I really like the flower with the candy dot in the center.

  22. Terrific card, Kate! I like the colors you chose and the bright spot of color in the single flower you centered with a candy dot brad. Stamping is fun, isn’t it?

  23. Way to go, Kate!

  24. Kate ~ Hi from Minnesota! I just retired from teaching kindergarten and first grade for many years, so I know quite a bit about 6-year-olds. Believe me when I tell you that you are one VERY talented young lady. Your card is awesome! Keep up the great work and one day you’ll probably be the CEO of Stampin’ Up!

  25. Kate – Your card is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Fun card! Beautiful design! Way to go, Kate the Great!

  27. Dear Kate, You are amazingly talented! Your card looks so professional, well beyond the capability of a 6 year old. I absolutely love the candy dot in the and brad in the center of your starburst flower. This flower stands out beautifully on your card. You did an outstanding job creating the background pattern on your card. Keep on stamping. When you turn 18 you can join me on Brian’s team and be a rising star as one of Stampin’ Up!’s newest demonstrators. Only 12 more years to go 🙂
    Blessings, Kelly D

  28. Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

    Oh, Kate. You have a great future in crafting. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your designs again.

  29. WOW, look at all these comments! Very good job Kate. How wonderful to be able to stamp with your Mom, and at only 6 years old. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  30. WOW! Keep on stamping. Kate, you are so talented and have so much to share. I really love your the flowers you used and your attention to detail by using the brad base to make your candy dot pop is awesome. You definitely have a gift to make people happy.

  31. Kate did an amazing job – time to sign her up as a demo! By the time she’s 10 she’ll attain Shining Star status. Kate, I hope you are having fun stamping because that is really what it’s all about. A special time for you and Mom to be together. Good for both of you.

  32. What an awesome card Kate, you are really an upcoming Stampin Star! I love your choice of colors, your background is wonderful and the added flower on the front with the pretty brad makes the colors pop.

  33. Hi Kate: When are you starting YOUR blog?!?!?! I would love to see more of your cards.

  34. Great job Kate! I can’t wait to see more of your creations. I think it is awesome that you are creating beautiful cards at such an early age. So now you must keep up the good work and “Dream Big”. Imagine the places you can go with your talent!

  35. Kate has made some super cards over the last couple of years ( yes, you read that right) and she really does have design talent. I CASED her St Patty’s day card from last year! LOL! One never knows where inspiration will come from!!!
    Happy Stamping everyone!

  36. Wow Kate, great work! Your card looks like it was designed and created by someone much older than 6 years old! Keep up the crafting you will do wonderful things!

  37. Cool card, loved it. 🙂

  38. Beautiful job Kate! Great job Mom, no one is to old or to young to create. Love to see more Kate!

  39. What a beautiful card, Kate. I too love the use of the candy dot brad base, use of color and layout!

  40. Welcome to our little family Kate! Isn’t it exciting to have your very first swap card be the one Brian picked to feature on his blog! You must be tickled pink! You did an excellent job. I really like your choice of colors and the pretty background. The die cut flower stands out nicely and love the candy dot brad. Isn’t making cards so much fun. Hope you make another card the next time Brian has a swap. Can’t wait to see it. Maybe I’ll be the lucky one to get your card in the mail. Keep on stamping Kate!

  41. Seriously, Kate is only 6 years old? This card is awesome Miss Kate. I love your color choice and the flower with the dot I the middle is a perfect accent. Way to go!

  42. Good morning from Portland Kate,
    One of my favorite ways to spend some free time is stamping with young people (boys too!) of different ages. I find they love to come over and spend an afternoon stamping holiday and birthday cards. I work as a TA in second grade and prep special holiday or occasion cards for the students to put together in their own creative fashion.
    Before I knew you created this fantastic card, I said to myself……it is so my style of simple elegance. It is wonderful to see a young person spending time with such a splendid hobby. Something you can do for life.
    Have a great summer if stamping Kate and kudos to your stamping partner!

    Oh…..what flower stamp and punch did you use??

  43. Good job Kate! You are a rock star! Love your color choices!

  44. Kate – You’re so talented! I love to stamp with my daughter, too, but she’s only 4. 🙂 I hope you keep stamping and that it always gives you so much joy. Beautiful card!

  45. Hello from Florida, Kate! Super-cute card! I am pinning this on Pinterest so soon you will probably be world famous. Oh wait, you already are since Brian’s blog is read by soooo many people. Yay you!

  46. Charlotte Coombes

    MY goodness, only 6 and already rocking stamping like a pro! Your card is wonderful, and if this is what you can do NOW, I can’t wait to see your designs in another 12 years when you are old enough to sign up under Brian and become his next rising star! 🙂

  47. Wow!! Kate, this is a beautiful creation. The clean and crisp look is just right to showcase Spring! I love your color choices and the fact that you are just 6 years old astounds me. Keep up the great work! To have such talent at such a young age can only mean one thing…we are witnessing the making of a Million Dollar demonstrator. Way to go Kate!

  48. Kate, I got your card in the mail and posted it to my blog too! Thanks for playing with all of us! Your card made my day.


  49. Kate,

    You and your mom should be blogging so I can follow you to see what you are creating! Gorgeous card – simple and elegant — just like I love them. Keep stamping and sharing!

  50. Kate, your card is lovely! I love the stamped background and the pop of color with the cut-out flower. I hope you don’t mind, but I may just case this with a group of older women who are just beginning to learn how to stamp!

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