Holiday One-for-One Swaps: Day One

Today’s the day!  I love my One-for-One Swaps.  Not only do I get to receive these beautiful cards in my mailbox, but I also get the joy of mailing them out AND the joy of sharing them online for all the world (well, a small segment of the world) to see.  This Holiday One-for-One Swap was filled with beautiful inspiration, and I know you’re going to love these projects.

In a series of several posts over the next week, I will share these cards with everyone.  Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).  If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, your card creator will be sure to see your comments.

The collection of cards I’ll be sharing might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products (although that was requested), but every card gives good ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques.  Without any further ado, here is the first batch of your beautiful cards:

Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Julie RiceHoliday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Debra Anderson Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Susan Pennington Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Helen Rivera Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Jackie Wilcox Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Debra Olsen Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Sharon Haster Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Mary Rodgers Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Karen Olson Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Bette Schroder Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Brenda Sprenger Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Mary Harvey Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Tammy Fletcher Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Peggy Pride Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Maria Patrick Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Robyn Carter Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Helen Burnley Holiday One-for-One Swaps, Stampin' Up!, by Carol BlackwellPlease let these artists know how much you love their cards – and if you received one of them, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I was so excited to be apart of Brian’s card swap and received my card from Jackie Wilcox in Puyallup, WA. Thank you Jackie for such a sweet card and being apart of the swap too. Merry Christmas to you, Brian and everyone that participated in this years exchange.

  2. outstanding cards – love, love, love seeing the talent shared – thanks Brian

  3. First of all, thank you Brian for hosting this Holiday card swap, it gives us all a chance to share with others our creations and enjoy receiving our beautiful card.
    All of this cards are so beautiful, what a gift for my eyes this morning, there is a lot of love and care put into each one of them. I don’t see the one I received so I will wait till it’s posted.
    A big thank you to all this wonderful artists for sharing their truly beautiful creations. 🙂

  4. Beautiful cards everyone. Thanks Brian for doing this so we can share with others. Hugs!!!

  5. Wonderful examples of creativity. These provided several ideas for CASEing. I also love that several used the simply scored board to add some simple details. It is one of those simple touches that takes almost no time and adds a little extra without being fussy.

    Thank you for doing this swap and sharing it with us. I also appreciate that you identify the creator ON the image. This ensures that the creator gets credit, not only here and now, but in the future when these images have been shared on pinterest or other forums. You obviously put thought into everything you do.

  6. All of these cards are beautiful! Great job everyone!!

  7. Thanks to you, Brian for doing these card swaps. It gives us the opportunity to see the wonderful creativity that exists all across our nation. I received the adorable “Santa” card from Brenda Sprenger (MN). So cute! Obviously, I love punch characters, as my card is the snowman above. Thank you again for setting all this up. I hope to participate in any future swaps.

  8. Nice cards everyone. I especially like Debra’s snowman. It is so cute. Those cards made with the Christmas tree punch make me want to buy that punch. I also enjoy cards made with a “tag” like Mary’s. There is also some cleaver use of scoring boards and folders in the cards above. I forget to use these items sometimes. Great job everyone. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the creations hosted by Brian. Thanks Brian and everyone for sharing.

  9. All the cards are wonderful! So much talent in the stamping world!

  10. Great cards today! How fun it is to see our cards published. Thanks too Brian for organizing this beautiful showcase.

  11. Making cards with friends is so much fun. Viewing cards with a good friend is even more fun. Sitting here with my good friend Sharon and getting more fabulous ideas. I received Helen’s wonderful cream-on-cream ornament card. Wow! With its detailing of gold and pearls, it is sophisticated elegance. Thanks Helen. Thanks Brian for the fun.

  12. Beautiful cards! This is the best part of the swap, seeing everyone’s cards. So inspirational — I’ll be stamping today! Thanks for these lovely cards, everyone, and for posting them, Brian.

  13. Thank you, Robyn for your praise! I enjoy participating in Brians swaps and I love looking at all the cards and the talent we have out there. Thank you Brian for doing this and sharing the cards! They are all beautiful! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

    • Robyn, I realize you were writing about the other Helen with the beautiful “cream on cream” card, as you stated. I had not had my coffee yet and for some reason thought you meant me. But, your praise is so right for her card! Next time I will finish my coffee before looking at the swap cards. They are all gorgeous!!!

  14. Wow all of these cards are just amazing!!! They are very creative and stunning!!!

  15. Hi Brian, thanks so much for hosting this swap. This was my first and I eagerly anticipated receiving my swap card, Tammy Fletcher from North Judson, IN did not disappoint! Tammy, I loved the house popped up on dimensionals just waiting for the Family that lives there to arrive with the Christmas tree! Happy holidays to all my fellow stampers!

  16. Every one of these is so beautiful! I love these swaps and being able to share the fun and love. I received my card from Julie Rice…thank you so very much, Julie! I am in love with it! So glad you used the Lost Lagoon cardstock, that’s my newest favorite. The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside and your little note I’ll hold next to my heart. Mwah! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon – I have been out of town for the past ten days and out of the loop for Brian’s card swap. What a wonderful surprize to go through the mail today and receive your card – which is absolutely beautiful !!! Your design has given me some great ideas for when I get back to my paper crafting space (which won’t happen until the laundry is done, sigh…) I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas season – Cheers, Julie

  17. All the cards are beautiful. Sure a lot of talent and imagination. I love them all!!

  18. What a fantastic way to start the day. Congratulations to every one of the artists represented by these cards. You all did such a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing Brian and for hosting the exchange so we could all see what a talented following you have.

  19. Carol, I received your card. It is just beautiful.

  20. These cards are sooooo pretty. I love them all

  21. Thank you Helen Rivers from Punta Gorda, FL for my beautiful ornament card! I’m torn on if I want to send it out or keep it all for myself! LOL
    Thank you Brian for hosting this swap – I’m really enjoying see all the different designs!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
    Kim from Naples, FL

  22. Wish there was a way to leave a comment under each card ….they are all just great !
    I am especially taken with Susan`s Partridge in the Pear Tree ….what a neat way to do it ! I love that stamp ,but wasn`t interested in all of the coloring . That is what I love about these events ….you get such good ideas !
    Thank you ,Brian ….I am eager to see the next group coming up !

  23. Oops! I scrolled down too far and left this comment of Brian’s previous post. here it is where it belongs: I am really inspired by the card that Karen Olson made, and I received. I’ve made cards with gate openings before, but never with the triangle gate. This is something that is very unique, and will thrill the recipient of my cards. I also love the scoring on the borders of the inside of the card. Thanks for the card Karen and Brian.

  24. I want them all………………and all the ones to come in the upcoming posts! When admiring all the talent here I think to myself, now why couldn’t I’ve of thought of this design. Because each and everyone of us has a different thought process making every card unique. Kudos to everyone! Can’t stress enough the hard work Brian puts into this……………….THANK YOU BRIAN !

  25. Thanks to Brian for organizing this swap…lots of fun ideas to CASE. I received Sharon Haster’s card. Thanks Sharon for this quick and easy layout that can lend itself to so many interpretations……I love the embossed lines around the card…gives the illusion of layers without the added cardstock. I better dust off my Simply Scored!
    Mary Rodgers

  26. All these are awesome cards. So different from each other, but all so creative and inspiring. Thanks to all the participants.

  27. These are amazing cards – great job everyone! – think I’ll have to participate next time….

  28. What a bunch of nice cards. Great ideas!

  29. Seeing Brian’s post this morning was like opening my mailbox and finding it filled with beautiful cards from family and friends! It was really inspiring to see all of the creative ideas and the many uses of embossing folders, scoring, designer paper and embellishments — thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

  30. Beautiful , all those cards , Tfs Brian,
    Love them all ,
    Hugs and love

  31. Such a lovely bunch of cards! The textures and variety of colors are so great. Makes me inspired to start making my cards for next year already! Loved participating in the swap. Thanks Brian for your hard work so we could enjoy some more creativity. Sure beats eating Christmas cookies. I’d rather play with paper.

  32. Awesome swap cards, love them all.

  33. Wonderful Cards!! You have some very talented blog followers!!

  34. Quite the variety of cards! Thank you for hosting the swap and for posting them. It was so much fun to receive my card in the mail. Let’s do it again!

  35. Wonderful cards Brian! There is so much talent out there! I love your swaps; I hope you got my card this time (I didn’t get my act together in time for the last swap). Thanks for sharing these great projects!

  36. What a FAB collection of cards!!!

  37. I received the card made by Maria Patrick. It is beautiful. Thank you.

  38. So many beautiful cards! Such talent in this group.

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