Holiday One-for-One Swaps: Day Two

When I started hosting one-for-one swaps several years ago I have no idea I would be introduced to so much amazing talent.  It’s awesome how much work someone can put into a single card that they are willing to share with someone else they don’t know.  I’ve really enjoyed the projects that have graced my mailbox – and I’m excited that I can share them with you, too.

This past weekend I began sharing cards from my latest Holiday One-for-One Swap.  I’ve included links below if you missed them.  Today, though, I’m happy to share a second batch of wonderful cards.  Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).  If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, your card creator will be sure to see your comments.

The collection of cards I’ll be sharing might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products (although that was requested), but every card gives good ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques.  Without any further ado, here is the first batch of your beautiful cards:

Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Karla Endris Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Candace Ramey Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Kevin Boyer Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Georgette Huff Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Connie Kuhn Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Kim Hadad Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Jane Mykleby Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Jennifer Lane Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Nancy Farrell Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Donna Lahtrop Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Lisa Poe Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Carol Snow Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Leishman Williams Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Cameron Clement Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Laura Banks Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Flo Pangelinan Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Lauri Coleman Holiday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Catherine DienerHoliday One-for-One Swap, Stampin' Up!, by Vicki RestainerPlease let these artists know how much you love their cards – and if you received one of them, please leave a comment below.

If you missed the previous Holiday One-for-One Swaps, you can see them here:

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Another batch of wonderfully beautiful cards, each one unique and special. You are right Brian, it’s awesome to receive a card someone we’ve never met made with care and love, all of this beauties are a perfect example of that. You have given all of us the opportunity to individually shine by hosting this card swaps, looking at the card we made on your blog is truly exciting. For me it also has been so rewarding because I’ve made some amazing friends who’s friendship I treasure. I still don’t see the card I received here so, I will wait for the day it will appear so I can thank this sweet lady who made it.
    So thank you all for participating and thank you Brian for being such an amazing host. 🙂

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes! There is my beautiful card by Connie Kuhn! I was thinking of three points, but nah, that’s not going to happen. Ovals are my favorite shape. I love the silver embossed tree. I love the embossed wood texture and the purples are a great. Thank you so much Brian and Connie for your hard work. 🙂

    Now on a different note . . . I am so sorry about my card. “Holiday” was the theme and I was so much in the Thanksgiving mode, I never thought it meant Christmas. I hope the person who got my card, can enjoy it and hold it for next year. 🙂

  3. How can you mail them back out….I would want to keep them ALL…..another round of beauty!!! Great job everyone!

  4. More beautiful cards. Thanks everyone for sharing. I especially am fond of washi tape and the cards above using them are really nice. Kevin’s card jumps out at me with those circles and dots. Nice job Kevin.

  5. I would be like Lucy ….I would want to keep them for myself !! Great cards and so much creativity . There is something so special about a hand crafted card !
    I see my “swap” friend Lisa`s card in the mix ! I met Maria and Lisa through Brian`s swaps . So not only are you swapping a card ,but you are gaining a good friend also !!
    Thank you , Brian !

  6. They are all so beautiful. What inspiration!!

  7. I love the card I received from Vickii Restainer! The color is my favorite! I so wish I could get that look with sponging in the background! And that beautiful cardinal stamp! I have been getting some cards from friends but I always put them behind this one in my card basket! And of course the cardinal is WV state bird! Perfect!!!! Thank you so much!

    • Candace I love your card, also. I live in Michigan now, but I’m originally from
      Virginia and the cardinal is our state bird also. I have a friend that loves cardinals so I’m so glad S.U. brought out another beautiful stamp.

      This was a lot of fun and my first so thank you so much for making my experience a great one with such a great card.

  8. I am the lucky recipient of Kevin’s fabulous card! As soon as I opened the envelope I was smiling because this is my favorite DSP. I love circles and dots! And my new favorite color is Lost Lagoon! Brian, how did you know this was the perfect card for me?! But there is more to the card than immediately meets the eye. That little snowflake circle goes around the center circle! Kevin, I would love to know how you did that!

    • Cathi–There is a penny under the two circles, then a dimensional on top of the bottom penny but not touching the sides and then another penny on top of the dimensional. The top penny is on top of the two circles and then whatever decoration you want is on top of the penny. It’s a fun card to make–thanks for the nice compliments!!

  9. I want to call out to Cameron Clement for the unique card…love the use of text to highlight the theme of the card…….That was a lot of planning to get all those letters cut out! And to get them to fit perfectly! Thanks for sharing your creation.

  10. Another display of gorgeous cards! I love swap share days!

  11. All of the cards are beautifully done! Lots of talent out there. I was the fortunate recipient of Kim’s very festive card! I love the pattern, it is nice. The colors say Christmas! Thank you for sharing, Kim. And thank you for showing all these cards, Brian. Merry Christmas!

  12. They are all so beautiful…I just love seeing homemade cards…everyone giving a “little piece of themselves.”

  13. Brenda from Indiana

    In looking at all these wonderful cards it is plain too see; there are card crafter’s across the USA that surely has talent on lend from God….. including you. So much inspiration.

  14. I was delighted to receive Georgette’s card this holiday season. It displays a warm glow with its browns and tans. Although not shown here, the inside of the card is equally beautiful as the winterscape continues. With great attention to detail Georgette has created a card we would all love to receive. Thank-you Georgette.
    Thank you too Brian for again hosting your exchange. It’s so much fun seeing our cards and receiving such amazing works of art.

  15. Beautiful cards ladies (and gents)! I was the lucky recipient of Lauri Coleman’s card and can tell you it is even more beautiful in real life than in the photo. Thank you Lauri for the beautiful card. I keep picking up it up to look at and love it more each time! Great job everyone!

    • Thank you, Traci! This card was designed as part of a set of cardinal cards that I send to a cardinal-loving friend every year for her birthday in late November. She loves to send them out to special people for Christmas, so I try to keep them flat but still visually interesting. I had fun making them, and I’m glad you enjoyed the card too! I loved your card as well, but I’ll keep my comments until it appears on Brian’s blog.

  16. Ah, yes! There is my card from Donna! The gold embossing is exquisite! Lovely pin boughs and pretty Christmas tree inside, too! Thank you so much, Brian, for hosting this card swap…so fun!:-)

  17. First, thanks to Brian for hosting the swap. I’m sure it’s a lot of work at this busy time of year, but much appreciated; and now, thank you to Sharon for the lovely comments about my card. Finally, kudos to Flo for the accordion-folded snowman card, which I received. It’s amazing!

  18. Wow love them all, your all so telented,Tfs Brian,
    Hugs Frenchie ,

  19. What a beautiful group of cards! It’s so nice to see all of these talented people featured in one place, on one day. (Or 3) Thanks to all for the inspiration!

  20. Oh what fun it was to open my card from Lisa P., I so love it, CASEing this for sure. My eyes were drawn to the two trees on the side, love the texture of Decorative Dots with the gel pen dot in center. And not to be outdone the tree in the middle stands out with the pretty glimmer star. thanks Brian for sending me Lisa’s pretty card and hosting this swap.

    • Hi Carol! So glad you are enjoying the card. It’s a pretty simple card to make. Thank you for your comments. Merry Christmas !

  21. I was so happy to receive Laura Banks’ card. It is just fabulous and so much work to it! All the cards are so creative. Keep doing these swaps Brian! We appreciate all your efforts.

  22. Oh my! What can I say? Every one of these cards is fabulous. Such talent among your followers Brian! The colors and balance and, and, and…………well I can’t find the right words but thank you for sharing all these beautiful cards with us.

  23. Brian, wanted to thank you for the goodies we got . They’re great .thanks so much . All the cards in the swap are so cute and we’ll done. Hope to get that good one day, thanks again.

  24. Once again, the cards are stunning! It was fun to see the varied uses of the “Festival of Trees” set – thanks for the great ideas! I also enjoyed seeing washi tape on several cards — Kevin, I too would love to know how you constructed your card so the small snowflake goes around the main circle! Thanks to all for sharing their talents with us!

  25. Brian, so many beautiful cards, so many talented stampers and not nearly enough superlatives to express how absolutely stunning these creative projects are. They’re all unique and charming in their own way. I love every single one.

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  27. I find it so fascinating how our mutual crafting is so diverse and how this one person allows us to come together no matter what paper we like, the glue we use, or how much effort we put into these cards. But most of all, that we come from all parts of this world and are able to share these ideas. Again Brian, thanks for the caring and sharring and for being the “glue” that brings us together.
    Thanks for all the Joy!

  28. I love the simple sketch of Leishman’s card. This is the card I received in the swap. The baker’s twine is a great accent. Love how Santa is flying over the roof tops among the silver twinkling stars.

  29. Another beautiful bunch of cards. Thank you for offering these swaps for us Brian.

  30. Great job, everyone!!

  31. These swaps are like having new presents under the tree! Every one is unique in its own way… I love the swaps and thanks Brian for putting it all together for us. I got my card but it’s not posted yet, so I will not comment yet. Thanks again and great job everyone!

  32. The cards are all so beautiful. I was the lucky recipient of Catherine’s card. The lost lagoon and pool party are gorgeous together and the fussy cutting of the partridge and pears really make the card stand out. Merry Christmas to all and thank you Brian for doing the card swaps. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity.

  33. Brian thanks for creating this one for one swap.

    I received Mary Harvey’s partridge in a pear tree card just in time to use as inspiration for creating just one more Christmas design. Thanks Mary.

    Thanks again Brian, Mary and all who participated in this one for one swap.

    Happy Holidays to all.

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