A Host of Christmases Past & a Fun Video

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been making Christmas cards for several months.  Well, it’s true!  Tomorrow is Christmas, so this year’s season of Christmas cards will come to an end.  As a gift from me to you, I thought I’d offer you a quick look back at some of my favorites from this year, along with a fun video I made two years ago (it’s always fun to look back and smile).  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

You can click on any of these cards to open up the original post about each):

Sheltering Tree, Festival of Trees, Endless Wishes, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM139 Wondrous Wreath, Stampin' Up!, Brian King  Something for Baby, White Christmas, Project Life Holiday Cheer, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, CYCI47 Get Your Santa On, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM135  Ornamental Pine, Visions of Santa, Stampin' Up!, Brian King Trendy Trims, Watercolor Winter Too, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM133 Gentle Peace, Stampin' Up!, Brian King Project Life December Wonder, Gentle Peace, Endless Wishes, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PP219 Bright & Beautiful, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM132 Good Greetings, Holiday Invitation, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PPA225 Lovely as a Tree, Holiday Home, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM131 The Newborn King, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM130    Making Spirits Bright, Stampin' Up!, Founder's Circle Swap, Brian King Merry Everything, Stampin' Up!, Brian King  Christmas Bauble, Making Spirits Bright, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM Partridge & Pears, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS150 Ornamental Pine, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM121 Visions of Santa, Partridge & Pears, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM120   Cheerful Christmas, Wintertime, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PPA213Bright & Beautiful, Letterpress Winter, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS148I’m exhausted!  🙂  It was fun to share those with you, and I hope you found some in there you’d not seen before.

I also promised to share a video from two years ago – it’s the “bloopers real” from one of my first videos.  Mom was running the camera – it was all we could do to get through it.  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS BRIAN!!!!! Thank you for the laugh, for the memories and for the awesome fun I had this year right here on your wonderful blog. This video is priceless, it made me truly laugh out loud then and again today!! you and your mom make a great team!!!
    Thank you too for this amazing parade of your creations, all of them are truly awesome.
    I’m sending my best wishes for you and your family, may this Christmas be wonderful and 2015 be full of Love, Peace, Joy and Health.
    Hugs for you my dear, from Crown Point, IN.

  2. Ok, so its 6 am in Florida on Christmas Eve and I just laughed my but off watching your Bloopers video! Thank you for that! I am exhausted from all the Christmas preparations and needed that laugh. Thank you for all of your great cards and videos. I only wish I lived in Georgia to join you in stamping. Merry Christmas Brian!

  3. Oh I love this video ! It is too funny ! Yes, there are some cards here that I have not seen . Great array of designs and layers !
    Merry Christmas to you and yours ! I am looking forward to another FUN year with you and your adventures in Blog Land !!
    Big hug !

  4. Merry Christmas Brian! It was fun to look back on all of your cards. My favorite two (couldn’t decide between the two of them) is the Santa with Jingle Bells and the simple monochromatic sled card. But ALL are wonderful. I remember seeing this video; oh what fun!

  5. Merry Christmas to someone who brings so much joy to others.

  6. Merry Christmas, Brian!
    Great parade of cards and a fun video! Perfect way to start the day!

  7. Well, you’ve come a long way! How about more of your “bloopers” videos! Surely not every single one is error free! Makes us screw-ups feel better!

    • I wish I had better news, Hope, but my videos are all perfect now. 🙂 I actually do them in one take (broken into three segments), so you get my first take no matter what. That adds pressure but makes it a fun challenge. 🙂 I have plenty of “screw-up” cards that never make the light of day, though.

  8. Merry Christmas, Brian! And thanks for all the sharing you do!

  9. Merry Christmas to you Brian. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and an even better 2015. Your bloopers made me giggle. Thanks for sharing what you do with us every day.

    Be safe.


  10. Love all of your cards and love love your video! Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi Brian,
    I so enjoy reading your posts everyday, and today’s was no exception…your blooper reel was absolutely hilarious! No one in my house is awake yet, but I am sitting here laughing my !?* off! Thank you for that…this is the calm before the Christmas storm…
    Love all of your work, please continue to wow us in 2015.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Canada!

  12. Merry Christmas Brian! It was fun looking back at all the cards.

  13. Love your video! You know they say that laughing keeps you healthy…I was sorry when it came to the end. It’s so great to know someone who enjoys making cards so much.

  14. I love this video so much! Thanks for posting it again! Merry Christmas to my favorite stamping son!

  15. Wonderful collection of Christmas cards! Love every one of them! And, your video is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh this morning! May you and family have a blessed Christmas!:-)

  16. It has been a real inspiration to have followed your blog this year! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, techniques, and tips. I DID go back and view yesterday’s video on masking. Very helpful and informative!
    You are the best!

  17. Love the video and a glimpse of the Fungeon! Merry Christmas!

  18. Thanks for sharing….always love to start my day with a giggle!!

  19. What an amazing lineup of cards! Really enjoyed that video! Lol, I was wiping tears away the same time you were. Such a pleasure to know you, Brian. Merry Christmas!

  20. Brian, this has become a Christmas Classic! I will watch it every Christmas Eve and think of you whenever I hear jingling bells. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hugs!

  21. Merry Christmas, Brian! It was wonderful to see all of the cards that you created — beautiful color combinations and designs — thanks so much for all the inspiration you share with us! Your video was a great gift — sometimes we put so many expectations on ourselves this time of year and it was so nice to spend time laughing and smiling — and focusing on family, friends and the true joy of Christmas. Wishing you a healthy, happy 2015!

  22. Thanks for the joy, Brian! Merry Christmas!

  23. I absolutely love every one of your Christmas cards. I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite. Thanks for all your great ideas and tips, not to mention the humor! Great year, Brian. Congrats on all your achievements!

  24. Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! You deserve the best! I’m so happy I found your blog a couple of years ago. You have brought me much laughter and many creative ideas. Thank you for so generously sharing yourself and your many talents. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds in store.

  25. Well Brian, of course your cards are all just super great! But that video?? It’s the BEST! You and your Mom are so adorable! Thanks for the laugh this morning, and thanks so much for all you do for us out here in blog land. I truly wish I would have “met” you before I signed up so that YOU could be my coach! What a fun time! I appreciate all your tips and tricks, and the way you make me think outside of the box. Merry Christmas and my very best wishes for a super great, healthy and Happy New Year! 🙂

  26. The bloopers reel is a giggle fest for those of us looking from the outside in. Thanks for a good laugh today, Brian. Thanks for the inspiration you give, too, I look forward to your blog post every day.
    Hohoho and Merry Christmas Eve from the west coast!

  27. Laughing hysterically and adoring your samples! Merry Christmas Brian. I’m thinking in another life, we’d be great friends!!

  28. Merry Christmas Brian….you are truly awesome…..thanks for the Christmas “smile”…. ok…Christmas “chuckle”……alright, the Christmas “belly laugh”…..Holiday Hugs to you and yours!

  29. Ok, now that I’ve composed myself I just want to say Brian I’ve loved all your different takes on creating a Christmas card. They encompass all the different views of the holiday from religious to humorous. Then you capped off all that pretty with something funny, that blooper reel is hilarious. Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

  30. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Great cards, Brian! Loved your blooper reel! 🙂

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and much happiness and good things in the New Year!

  31. Way too funny video ~ gave me a great gigglicious minute and I needed that !!! Love checking your blog everyday to see your fabulous projects. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  32. Oh my gosh, that blooper reel was the perfect way to sign off on Christmas Eve!! I couldn’t stop laughing…and actually have to admit that I was already giggling at the sound of the sleighbells. Thanks for all of your awesome card making inspiration and for making use smile in the process! Merry Christmas!

  33. Merry Christmas Brian, thanks for all the talent and inspiration you share on a daily basis. What a JOY!

  34. Brian, that Blooper video was hysterical. And I love your Christmas card collection!

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