New Video: Transfer Adhesive Sheets

Stampin’ Up! offers a variety of Thinlits Dies that allow us to crop super-thin words or super-thin shapes.  The Hello You Thinlits and Butterfly Thinlits immediately come to mind, huh?  I’ve personally found that the Tombow Mutlipurpose Liquid Glue works perfectly, but it takes quite a bit of care and precision (and a mixture of practice and luck) to get that glue to come out in just the right amounts and in just the right places.  Well, if you haven’t quite figured out the Multipurpose Liquid Glue, then have I got a gift for you?  The answer to this dilemma has been sitting under our noses for almost a year now…Transfer Adhesive Sheets.  They are a perfect way to glue down these super-thin cutouts (along with almost anything else), and today’s video shows you how.

Here’s my video – it’s a little longer than my usual video, but it’s SO worth it:

I’ve recently received emails from readers who either can’t hear or can’t see my videos.  I really want you to watch my videos, so I wish I could come to your house and fix the problem for you.  After looking into settings in YouTube, I found that my videos are produced with the option for subtitles (or with the computer’s idea of what words I said in the video).  I decided to watch the video with the “closed captioning” (it’s the cc in the bottom, right corner of the video) option on and found that many phrases in the video are completely incorrect.  Just for giggles, here are a couple of screen shots from my video that DID NOT translate exactly:

Closed Captioning provided Closed Captioning provided Closed Captioning provided Closed Captioning provided Closed Captioning provided Closed Captioning providedI love the option of Closed Captions, and I tried my best to update the words, but I don’t think it can be done.  80% of the words are dead-on, but these are quite amusing.

I hope you will give these Transfer Adhesive Sheets a try – they truly made all the difference in the world.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Loved the video tip and CC bloopers, what a hoot! Twice CC wanted to put you into a government postion (congress and poles) if that were the case I just wanted to let you know that I’d vote for you!

  2. Love the Transfer Adhesive Sheets…discovered them about 8 months ago and have to get more as I am almost out of them. Use them all the time.

  3. Oh Brian, love the blooper pictures, what a laugh!!! 🙂 Those adhesive sheets are really awesome for detailed dies, I can’t imagine having to put glue on the letters, what a mess. When I saw your brand new cutting plates I remember I need some new ones, mine are really awful and I hate it when I cut something and the card stock comes out marked.
    Thank you for your very detailed video, it’s very informative.

  4. Wonderful tip

  5. Giggle giggle love the ‘out takes’. I also never new what or how to use transfer sheets. Thanks for the education.

  6. Phyllis Shepherd

    Learned something new today! Thanks Brian!!! Nice tutorial!

  7. Thanks for the video and tip!! Cant wait to try it out!!

  8. Wonderful tip! That beats the glue on a toothpick method that I have previously used. The CC errors are hilarious. Can’t wait to visit the “esteem prime dot com” website. Happy Wednesday!

  9. I have wondered about these transfer sheets; I might have to pick some up now! 🙂 My big question is, do they work to adhere vellum without showing through? Most adhesives show through the vellum, but I wondered about this product. Do you know?

    • Naomi, I actually tried the transfer sheets with vellum before this. There’s good news and OK news. Yes, it works. Yes, you can see the adhesive behind the vellum. BUT – it’s a uniform pattern of tiny dots – all lined up perfectly. It almost adds a slight pattern to the paper behind the vellum and isn’t as distracting as a bit strip of adhesive would be.

  10. Great video. I love the transfer sheets. Oh and the close captions made my morning jolly!

  11. The Hello You thinlits are on my pending order this week, and now I’m going to order some transfer sheets, too. Will my order come with the starter peas? I have friends who are gardeners and I’m sure they’d love to do some early planting. 😉 I’d also like to know how the transfer sheets work with vellum, as that free gift is on my order. (Such fun reading your blog this morning; lots of giggles, even before coffee!)

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you Brian. The transfer sheets were a total mystery to me but since you taught me how to use them I laugh at the ways I tried to use them before. I won’t share those because I would be totally embarrassed and feel really dumb! Now that I use them properly they do make a HUGE difference. You are just wonderful!

  13. Great video Brian, I will definitely try this, it sure beats using the liquid glue and a tooth pick. Thanks for this tip.

  14. Shut the Front door, who knew, not me…thank you, thank you, thank you!
    And as always, thanks for cracking me up first thing in the morning.

  15. Love the video Brian! Great tip on those transfer sheets. I haven’t purchased any, but maybe I should. I was one of the people who couldn’t hear you when you faced the camera, but it was better when the camera was behind you. It’s completely great now! I don’t know if the settings on You Tube fixed it, but I can hear you fine now! 🙂 But, my favorite is the computer’s interpretation of what you said. I wonder….. if you were in Tampa, running for Congress, using the transfer adhesive that the she man walking used, you could buy some starter peas and be ready for the pre-season polls. Then you and Paul could get out of there and go see the arts at Arcata, which is a very hot spot. Then we all could visit your new website: The Esteemed !! 🙂 🙂

  16. Awesome!!!

  17. Thank you for introducing me to yet another product I must have! Here’s a tip for you: you need to set your closed caption translator on “Georgia.” 😉

  18. Hey Brian-
    Love your video, love your enthusiasm for all things stamping!!! I am wondering if the adhesive sheets you are using are any different from the sizzix adhesive sheets stampin up use to sell??? Can you use them for the same purpose?
    thanks so much for always enlightening me and sharing your tricks of the trade!!

    • I’ve got a huge stash of the Sizzix Adhesive Sheets from SU! and have been using them to do this for over a year. I think the Adhesive Transfer Sheets are a totally different product, but for this purpose the older version will work well.

    • Jen – I think the Sissix sheets are a double-sided sheet. One attaches to the cardstock (for example), the other to what you are gluing the cardstock to. The Adhesive Transfer Sheets actually put lots and lots of dots of adhesive on the back of your cardstock (for example). Does that make sense?

  19. Great video ! Your detailed description is super. I was wondering if the adhesive sheets are the same made by Sissix . I have some of those I bought from SU before .
    I will certainly be giving this a try because the green glue is great ,but it does not like me !
    Funny funny close captioning !

  20. cc=hilarious!
    You always make me smile Brian!

  21. ROTFL! That is hilarious!!! I’m going to have to go watch for myself now. hehe

  22. I like it. I wonder if you could have cut the transfer sheet even smaller so there’s no waste. I hate wasting adhesive.

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