Paper Storage in the Fungeon: Cardstock (Part 1)

There are two types of stampers: (1) those who work in a clean, sterile environment where supplies are neatly arranged behind cabinet doors and (2) those who want all their goodies in plain site as if the room boldly says “I HAVE LOTS OF STUFF – LOOK AT IT ALL”.  I’m in the second category.  If something is hidden away in a cabinet, it will never get used, so I want to see everything.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, there are three things you already know about me:

  • I make all my projects in the basement of my home (it’s technically a partly-finished crawl space under my house).  You have to walk outside and down a set of stairs to get to the door of my stamping space, so it’s not the most appealing place on Earth.  That’s why Allie, a member of my team, re-branded it a couple of years ago as “The Fungeon” – it’s a dungeon-like space where fun happens.  🙂
  • I really enjoy inks and stamps and accessories, but I love paper.
  • I’m absolutely adorable.

Today, I want to share with you some pictures from The Fungeon to show you how I store my Stampin’ Up! cardstock.  I have a lot of it because I never want to run out.  One time last year, I used my last scrap of Whisper White paper – it was a low point that left me with shivers for weeks, so I’ll never return to that misery again.  Never.

I store my unopened cardstock in an old mail sorter that was given to me by my upline and dear friend, Pam.  The metal case weighs about 7,000 pounds, and I store it on a metal shelving unit I purchased from Container Store years ago.  Here’s my shelf of unopened paper:

Paper Storage Ideas, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingHow do you organize your paper?  There are several schools of thought about how paper should be organized.  Some sort it by color (green, blue, red…) and then shade (light to dark).  While I respect their right to sort their paper in a way that works for them, I think those people are absolutely crazy (except you – I think you’re wonderful).  Since this shelf has four columns, I sort my paper by color family, in alphabetical order.  Brights, Subtles, Regals, Neutrals.  There aren’t enough places for every color of paper, so I combine the ones I don’t have a lot of (Perfect Plum and Rose Red are happy to share a slot).

Here’s how I’ve organized the side of the metal case that faces my stamping area.  There’s a magnetic, wooden “hello” that was on my room door for the Caribbean cruise last year, a magnetized basket that holds my Heat Tool and my case for sponge daubers and sponges.

Paper Storage Ideas, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingI blogged about my daubers and sponges case some time ago (you can see that post here).  Since then, I use the same method for organizing them but have upgraded to a case that opens from two sides (vs. keeping them in two containers) – all in the name of space-saving.

So, there you have it – my quick summary of how I store my Stampin’ Up! cardstock.  I’ll be sharing more posts about Fungeon storage in several posts over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    My name is Laurie, and I am a stamper… one who boldly proclaims, “I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF, AND I WANT TO USE IT, SO I NEED TO SEE IT, SO THAT MEANS YOU GET TO SEE IT TOO!”
    Yes, I also fall into your second category Brian!! And you are not just adorable, but also AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! 🙂 I love how you re-purposed that fabulously old-school mail sorter into an SU color collection paper-orgaizing extravaganza!!!
    No wonder Pam is one of your BFFs!!! 😉 And she is also AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!

  2. Oh Brian, I also love to see all of my stuff in my craft room, my paper is in a vertical storage case with slots right there next to my work desk, I do store the paper by color but not by shade, it will take way to much space.
    That mail organizing unit is priceless, what a wonderful gift!!
    I love to see how other crafters keep their spaces organized, you can get a lot of new ideas to make your own space better.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. Hi Brian,
    Do you have a tour of your craft room? Would love to see it.

  4. Hi Brian,
    Do you have a tour of your craft room? Would love to see it.

  5. Brian, you are absolutely priceless. I googled you on YouTube, you are quite the comedian. Love you, Linda Fisher

    • Linda, if you have not been following Brian, then you must go back to his first blog post and read forward. You are in for a treat.

  6. Awesome. Can’t wait to see your other ideas, especially how you store the paper once the package is opened. Paper scraps and designer paper. I also NEED to see my products or I forget about them. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the fungeon.

  7. Well, guess what? I’m the crazy one in your opinion, Brian! I find my papers so much easier because I sort them in order like a rainbow and from light to dark. Even the retired colors are included too. Before moving a year ago, all my Stuff was out in the open, but now I have a much larger space and a double closet with 4 oversized shelves so all my stamps, paper and cutting dies are stored neatly behind closed doors, but it’s not hard to open them, walk inside, turn the light on and see everything perfectly! I had to giggle reading your blog this morning! Oh, I do agree that you definitely are A-dorable! I love your sense of humor and how you seem to take things in stride and not get stressed! Thank you for bringing “fun” into card crafting~

  8. Hi Brian. I totally agree with point #3 🙂 Like you, I store my paper by color families. But Pam didn’t give me a huge metal container (and it would look horrible in my craft room anyway) so I store them in plastic file folder bins; one bin per color family. They are each in hanging file folders in alphabetical order.

    Where did you get that big sponge and dauber case? Right now I have 3 cases! I’ll probably keep the three, but would have loved a single large case 🙂

  9. Everyone sees my stuff! Nothing is hidden….and I mean NOTHING. I do have storage containers and do sort my paper by color! Great post and we all know you are simply, awesome sauce!! 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. What a great way to start the day- with a great big laugh! You really are so funny and talented!
    I guess I’m in the minority- I store my paper in a file cabinet alphabetically.
    Thanks for the Sunday smiles!

  11. I have about 4-5 blogs I visit each AM before staring my day for inspiration. You and Mary Fish are at the top of my list. Thank you for sharing your little corner of your world. Please consider showing us other little tidbits of storage and how you organize. I know I’m not the only one hungry for ideas. I fully agree …… Yes you are a born comedian. What a wonderful gifted person you are, and funny too…..

  12. Okay…this is SPOOKY ! I woke this morning with card stock sorting and a better left over scrap system on my mind ! You know I Love Love colors and paper …..I think we need to form a Paper Support Group ! I fall into category #2 ….I want to see it ! I use to think I was a little peculiar until I got into a stamp group !
    Thank you for showing your “stuff” and we would love any helpful hints you wish to share with us .
    BTW….how do you feel about Office Supplies ?

  13. You had me at paper. Yes, I must have “all” of my stuff visable at all times! Since I’m short I use two 4′ bookcases for paper storage. That means squats to get to the bottom shelf, exercise is important. I arrange the stacks in color family. Each stack has unopened, open, and a folder for scraps. I can’t throw anything away. I might need it! You enable me!

  14. Love the shelving unit. I hate it when I realize that the floor is one my major storage areas.

  15. You inspire me! Have a great day, Mr. Adorable!

  16. Yes you ARE adorable Brian! I love seeing your craft space and can’t wait to see more. While my craft room is not always clean and sterile (although I wish is was) while or soon after I craft, I do like all of my supplies neatly stored away in cabinets or the closet. I usually have a stack (or several) of used cardstock waiting to be filed away. I wish I was disciplined enough to file it each time I finish crafting. I’m laughing at the number of unopened cardstock, especially the neutrals on your shelf. It comes within a week of ordering, you probably only need one backup, ha ha.

    Happy Stampin’!

  17. What a great mind to think of all these wonderful storage options! I too love to see what I have in order to use it & have finally chosen open storage options. I do wish I had a magic screen to pull down when I have company, though. When my son comes over he always says I have “too much stuff”. Of course, he hasn’t seen you paper collection! Lol. Mine is just a hobby. Yours is a business.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Brian. I can’t wait to see more of your storage solutions!

  18. Well Brian, ditto to all the comments above! You are so funny! I too can’t believe how much unopened cardstock you have (especially neutrals!). I used to have a card making corner in my sewing room but since redecorating, I use all 4 walls AND the floor for card making supplies! Just waiting for my husband to hang some storage baskets from the ceiling and my life will be complete. It’s just as well my daughter has left home as my sewing and other craft supplies have had to relocate to her bedroom… By the way Brian, Rose Red and Perfect Plum are gorgeous and if you used them more they would warrant a shelf each. There you go, I’ve set you a challenge!

  19. Your Fungeon is fabulous, and well, you are adorable too! I love the idea of sorting paper by color family. I will try that. I have been an alphabetical organizer. But, the color family way is more visually appealing.

  20. My craft area looks like a bomb went off in a major craft supply warehouse, but I can always find everything I need. The fact that I’m usually working on at least three projects at any given moment doesn’t help the clutter, um, valuable merchandise. I have a filing cabinet with hanging pockets, and store my paper in Stampin Up color groups with tabs labeling the color. Each color group also has a pocket for scraps. PLUS, I have two cardboard boxes of more scraps and misc papers, plus a six-drawer tower of 12×12 scrapbook totes for that size paper. It’s kinda sorta in some sort of order but not really…everyone here makes me feel so normal! Can’t wait to see more of Brian’s Fungeon! Love that title, BTW.

  21. Oh, I definitely fall into the second category, Brian!:-) And, you are too funny about the cardstock! That is how I felt about the dimensionals recently…lol! I store my paper all over, unfortunately. Some are in racks, baskets, and shelves. Hmmm…I should remedy that!:-) And, I wanted the colors of the rainbow with the racks, but you are right. There is just too many different papers of color and patterns, etc. Anyways, love the mail sorter you have for your paper and great post as always…ty!:-)

  22. Thanks Brian, it’s always interesting to see how product is stored, you never know when you can case a really cool organizing idea! I also, have my paper stored by stampin Up color groups. I totally can relate to running out of whisper White, so much so that my friends all purchased it for my birthday. Call me crazy but I was thrilled! LOL

  23. The third thing about you I would have listed would have been genius but adorable is a great description, too!

  24. I think you’re adorable and I’m glad you think I’m wonderful!
    Hilarious post today, but I can’t believe that perfect plum must share a space! So sad!
    And running out of whisper white? The idea makes me cringe……sorry you had to go through that!

  25. This is wonderful but where are your In Colours? I’m worried they may be somewhere without air. Surely not ?!

  26. Anyone who isn’t a crafter would probably wonder how seeing your card stock storage system could possibly be interesting, but those of us who share your stamping obsession are enthralled!! Can’t wait to see even more…and I have to say that those shelves full of gorgeous Stampin Up card stock has my heart all a flutter!

  27. Brian, Love this post. I am always interested in reading about organization! I agree -keep the families together! Looking forward to more of your organizing ideas…

  28. Ooo, Brian, you do have lots of card stock my friend , but that’s ok , that only means we have some where to go if SU runs out , lol, I love how you have it all by family, I just have mine on a paper rack, but no order , bad girl ha ???? But I’m looking forward how you store your other stuff, I love to see organization, Tfs friend , I love your paper shelf,
    Ok , will be waiting ,
    Hugs Frenchie ,

  29. Hi Brian:

    I’m sure your stamping Fungeon is organized better than if would be if Martha Stewart herself arranged it! LOL

    I keep my 8.5″ X 11″ paper in file folders in a file cabinet. I like my paper separated by color and the files have clear labeling spaces to identify them. When I get a new paper color I punch a little heart of the color and make a label with the color name and color family it goes to with the heart quickly showing me the color. It works very well for me as my craft room is small and it is also my sewing room, embroidery room and computer room. I keep my stamps sets in alphabetical order by name but as I get each new stamp set I photocopy the cover, print out the page and have it in a notebook so that I can quickly scan through and see what I want to use. I wish I could have all my supplies out so I could see them but in order to do that I would need a 25′ X 25′ room minimum. LOL TFS Brian, it’s always fun to see how other people organize their supplies. Hugs.

  30. Hi Brian….I love reading your blog each day. My question… you find that your card stock fades on the edges when stored on open shelves? I’ve always stored mine in folders in 2 filing cabinets. I, too, used to store them by color families but then I changed and starting storing them “by the rainbow” (red, orange, yellow etc.) and then sort each color light to dark. Actually, all my SU has been in a storage unit for the past six months while we are staying with relatives until we can find a new home. I took only what I needed to make my Christmas cards since we were hoping to have a new place in a month. I am hoping that nothing will be damaged by being in a non-climate controlled storage unit over a harsh Michigan winter. Thanks, again, for keeping up your blog so faithfully. Bobbie

    • Thanks, Bobbie! Since my basement has little-to-no natural light, I don’t worry about the edges getting bleached by light. If direct sunlight were hitting the paper, I’d definitely find another place to store it.

  31. Brian, you crack me up and reading your blog makes me with I knew you IRL. I think you should put the Neutrals before the Regals and Subtles, in the name of alphabet fidelity. Just sayin’.

  32. Selina Kilpatrick

    Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Particularly today, I love that everything is in its place!

  33. you are adorable Brian! and talented! always look forward to your posts.

  34. Love posts about organization – and will definitely be doing your dauber and sponge idea! I’ve been going back n forth on what I want to do and your way will be awesome! I already have a case like that that I use for my sewing threads and bobbins. Didn’t even dawn on me that it would also be great for sponges and daubers!! I should mention that I store my cardstock by color family as well….love that I can reach for the colors and go!

  35. Brian, three things…first, I too store my paper alphabetically by family. Two, I’m green with envy over the amount of paper you have and three, you’re right, you are adorable!

  36. OMG….I have the same mail sorter and store my paper the exact same way..alphabetical order by color families. I found mine at a second hand shop and you are right…it weighs a thousand pounds!! Imagine me carrying that baby around so no one would steall my find and buy it out from under me. LOL My upline, Susan Itell, has said before that we need to meet. Now I know we are kindred spirits! I love my paper and seeing all the colors. Once I open a new package it means time to order another. I can’t wait to see the rest of your fungeon storage. I may have to borrow your name as the one problem with my crafting room is that I don’t have any natural light…it is located in a basement room as well. We do what we got to do. It’s my happy place!!!!

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  39. Hi Brian – recent subscriber to your blog, but have admired your art on Pinterest for ages. Two questions about your paper storage, where do you store the in-colours and with paper sitting on shelf, how do you manage damp/humidity given that you create in the Fungeon?

    • Hi Nerida, Thank for your kind words. I store the In Colors along the bottom rows on the shelf. They might be a bit random, but they are there. 🙂 I had my basement sealed off a couple of years ago and had a full-home dehumidifier installed. It runs all the time down there, which keeps things from getting damp. I hope that helps!

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