New Video: Squinting Technique

Sale-a-Bration is over, and I hope you didn’t wake up this morning with regret over an order you didn’t place yesterday.  I just want you to be happy.  🙂  There will be more great promotions ahead of us (I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure they are great!), so there will be many other opportunities to earn great, free product.

Today I’m sharing a new video that shares a bit more about a basic element of card design: balance.  If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve heard about my oft-referred-to Squinting Technique (I’ve patented this technique, so you have to send me a nickel every time you use it).

A balanced card is a peaceful and beautiful card.  Whether it’s the size of an element, the depth of its color or its texture, every element on a card has weight.  Large elements have more weight than small, dark elements have more weight than light.  Counter intuitively, large blocks of white space can have more weight than anything (that’s why a white card with a small object in the lower, right corner can be perfectly balanced).

Elements on a card don’t have to be centered for a card to be balanced.  That’s where The Squinting Technique comes in.  Once elements are positioned on a card (but before they are glued down), I squint to see that everything is balanced the way I want it balanced.  Squinting takes away the words and images and allows me to objectively look at the weight of the elements.

Here are some ways to add weight to a part of a card front after you’ve squinted (and sent me a nickel):

  • Candy Dots.  There are so many times when I turn to Candy Dots to add weight – three little candy dots in a row are a great resource for balancing a card front.  Tip:  if you need a teeny bit of weight, add candy dots that are the same color as the cardstock beneath them.
  • Paper Piercing.  A couple of punched holes adds balance when only a small, additional element is needed.
  • Twine or Ribbon.  There are so many ways to add weight with twine or ribbon.  The texture of Linen Thread can add a wonderful element to a card front.  Ribbon also adds a great pop of color when it’s needed.
  • Abstract Elements.  Need to lighten some white space?  Add abstract speckles or abstract elements with a stamp set like Gorgeous Grunge.

I hope this video and blog post have been helpful.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Priceless! Didn’t realise I owe you so much!

  2. Suzie Patt Cullen

    LOVE your “squinting” technique 😉 as well as another Stamping with Brian video! Always a good way to start the day as well as learning new techniques or getting a refresher course! Hugs from out on the lanai! (Way before sunrise!!!)

  3. You are hysterical… your squinting technique….you will make millions alone on that technique! $.35 cents is a good start!! Keep at it!

  4. Thank , Brian….I’ll try it…I have been using “my gut” technique….which amount to, something is NOT right….now I know what it is. I too must owe you a lot of nickels!

  5. So funny. I’m glad you patented the technique because I’m sure others will try to steal your idea. All kidding aside, it is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Do you have an investment plan for all the money you will be getting from your technique? Apparently it’s not “All about the bass…” but it’s “All about the balance…”

  7. This reminds me of using the peephole for the door, which you can purchase separately, to view how my quilt pieces look for balance of color. I am thinking this would work also. What do you think?

  8. I’m sorry, but you are just too funny!!! lol. I also owe you tons of nickles. Can we direct deposit to you. hehehe.

  9. Hi Brian:
    Your squinting face reminds me of the fact my kids used to make when I served spinach! I had no idea at the time that this would become such a useful stamping technique! LOL Loved the video.

  10. Brian I suspect you are a jewel! Please post as your nickle jar fills up…LOL

  11. Hi Brian, A check is in the mail for future and PAST usage of your Squinting technique, I am sorry I had no idea, that you owned the Squinting technique! I enjoy your cards and your videos, are those also a nickel? Enjoy April 1st.

  12. Apparently you did not receive my 2 pound card. Do you accept Paypal?

    Lol, the card is cute, too. thanks for the morning laugh!

  13. Sandy Fiddler (Lake Havasu, AZ)

    always like watching and learning. I have some great things that I have created thinking about ‘what would Brian do”.

    Now where should I send the nickles.


  14. Your soooooooo, cute BRIAN!!! I only have plastic do u take that ?????
    And if I squint to much I’ll get old lines on my eyes , I’ll do it softly ok ,
    Hugs Frenchie
    Have a beautiful Easter !!!
    With lots of love !!!

  15. This is such a great video; thanks for sharing. Do you take wooden nickels??

  16. Thanks for the tip!! I’ve dropped at least a nickel in the mail to you! ;>)

  17. I might try this ,,,,I do the Walk Away ….come back with a new pair of eyes so to speak . Is it necessary to wrinkle up your nose also ? Just wondering ???
    Love the video . It is fun fun fun !!!

  18. You are so funny, Brian. Thanks for the great tip! =)

  19. You crack me up!

  20. I think I owe you $0.35 just from squinting during this video ;P

  21. Gosh, think I owe $$$ for the squinting technique, but one problem. We don’t have nickels in Australia to send!

  22. Boy, I have been doing this for years and never knew I could get paid! Great technique, thanks for reminding me why I squint so much at projects. Now I can tell my husband when he asks me why – “I’m just using Brian’s squinting technique to check for balance.”

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