Day One: Spring One-for-One Card Swap

Today’s the day!  After a couple of weeks of collecting gorgeous cards in my mailbox for my Spring One-for-One Card Swap, I have the pleasure of sharing them with you.  To top that off, those of you who participated will have the joy of receiving one of these beauties.  This Spring One-for-One Swap was filled with beautiful inspiration, and I know you’re going to love these projects.

In a series of several posts over the next week, I will share these cards with everyone.  Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).  If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

The collection of cards I’ll be sharing might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products, but every card gives good ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques.  Without any further ado, here is the first batch of your beautiful cards:

Angela Stevenson, card swap, Stampin' Up! Angie Lisk, card swap, Stampin' Up! Beth Hooper, card swap, Stampin' Up! Cameron Clement, card swap, Stamp Carol Snow, card swap, Stampin' Up! Cathi Diener, card swap, Stampin' Up! Cathy Morgan, card swap, Stampin' Up! Christine Holdsworth, card swap, Stampin' Up! Cindy Henry, card swap, Stampin' Up! Debra Anderson, card swap, Stampin' Up! Debra Olsen, card swap, Stampin' Up! Deneese Croffort, card swap, Stampin' Up! Diana Jensen, card swap, Stampin' Up! Dianne Keough, card swap, Stampin' Up!Donna Lathrop, card swap, Stampin' Up!What do you think?  Aren’t those awesome?!  Please leave a comment below to let these artists know how much you love their heartfelt creations.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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Wait!  There’s more!  If you missed the un-official kickoff of the One-for-One Swaps, be sure to check out this post:

There will be more coming this week, so be on the lookout!



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  1. Wow! All of these are gorgeous!

  2. Beverly Williams

    They are all beautiful. Lots of talent shown here. Thanks for sharing =)

  3. WOWZERS! What a great collection of card…inspiration to the max!

  4. How beautiful they all are!!

  5. OMG, these cards are beautiful. I’ll have to Pin my favorites . . . or the whole post! My #1 fave would be Christine Holdsworth’s, Thank You card. I believe you can never say Thank You enough!!!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I’ve been waiting for this parade of Spring cards since you asked us to participate, I can picture you Brian, opening this cards and just delighting and enjoying each one.
    I don’t see the card I received but I can tell you, it’s just so beautiful and unique, I’ve never seen a card folded this way.
    All of this cards are so beautiful so thank you ladies for sharing your talent and creativity with us.
    Thank you Brian for hosting this cards swaps, we enjoy the making of the cards, sending them, receiving them and then, watching them on your blog, you are one very awesome host.

  7. All the cards are beautiful! I received the card made by Dianne Keough and since my birthday is in May it was perfect for me! Thanks for doing this Brian!

  8. These are all beautiful ! Such talent out there! Thanks for doing this swap, Brian!

  9. What talent and creativity ! Great ideas ! A box of a few of these would make a great present for someone to use !!!

  10. I received the card from Angie Lisk and LOVE it! All of the cards are wonderful and have given me ideas. Thank you Brian for doing this.

  11. These are all so beautiful! Great creativity!

  12. Thanks Brian, I really enjoy your card swaps. So many wonderful ideas. It sure made it feel like spring is in the air with the use of great colors, sweet vellum, fun stamps and flowers. These swaps let me look at many of the materials I have and see them in a new way. A beautiful group of cards.

  13. I am inspired by many of these cards–so beautiful! This was my first swap with you, Brian, and I loved it! It was such fun to receive my card and see what someone had created for me, in a roundabout way. Neither my card or the card I received were posted today, so you can bet I will be anticipating your next posts. Great work, everyone!

  14. The anticipation of Brian’s revealing of these swaps is so exciting. I always scroll down just enough so one card is in frame. That way I can admire each one’s beauty. These do not disappoint. They all are beautiful creations. Thank You ladies! To Angela Stevenson, love the simplicity of your card. Another shout out to Brenda Sprenger (three thinks I like about. See Brian’s link above) I am the lucky recipient of your chalkboard beauty. Gorgeous!

  15. I have to start doing this on your next swap!!! Beautiful cards.

  16. These cards are fabulous!!!

  17. I’ve looked at the cards three time and Oh am I glad you didn’t ask us to pick a favorite. What great cards. I have so many that will inspire me., I can’t possibly pick a favorite. Thanks so much for doing this Brian, all the benefits of a swap with lots less work!
    Suzanne, glad you liked my card! Happy birthday!

  18. Hi Brian, oooooh , WOW what a beautiful parade of cards , love them all ,
    Tfs ,
    Hugs Frenchie,

  19. What wonderful new ideas. Way to go Cindy Henry.

  20. This was my first swap with Brian and I truly enjoyed it. I received the card from Cindy Henry and just love it! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful cards!

  21. It was great to see so many creative ways to use several of my favorite stamp sets (Crazy About You & Butterfly Wishes)! I enjoyed Cindy’s use of the Something Borrowed DSP and a paper doily to build a cake — can’t wait to try that on a future card! Thanks for sharing such beautiful cards!

  22. Beautiful cards ladies. Thanks for sharing them Brian.

  23. Awesome cards! Thanks for sharing everyone!

  24. Compliments to all the artists. These cards are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  25. WOW, we really have a group of talented people showing their creative side on display today!!! We are blessed! Love them all. Thank you all for sharing your gifts!

  26. Beautiful, I love them all.

  27. Lots of techniques and ideas–love it!

  28. What a fun card swap to be part of!! Thank you, Brian for organizing it and for posting the cards for all of us to see and admire. I was lucky to get Diane Jensen’s card – love it! Did you get the one I sent? Too funny!!

    • I’m glad you liked the card. I have your card sitting on my stamping table for inspiration! Wasn’t this a fun swap!

  29. All the cards are lovely. One stood out for me. Cameron Clement’s card was so clever, and unique. I immediately thought about what stamp set could I use to recreate a card styled like that. I also love the color combination.

  30. Very nicely done, Stampers! You leave me many choices for CASEing! Thanks to all for sharing.

  31. Wow, what fantastic cards! I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. I love the technique Angela used on her vellum, looks like she painted the back side of the leaves in white.

    • Thanks Dana! Just rubbed the back of the velum with a stylus over our Stampin Pierce Mat…and yes it turns white and embosses! so much fun! 🙂

  32. A wonderful collection of cards! And, a big thank you for Carol Snow for the lovely card I received with the sweet flamingo…so pretty! I love these card swaps that you host, Brian! Thanks so much!!!:-)

  33. Thank you Christine Holdsworth for the beautiful card. All of the cards are beautiful.

  34. What a fun swap Brian! The cards are so pretty! I loved receiving your card Brenda Olsen…thank you!

  35. Gay Lynn Morrison

    What a fun swap and what a variety of cards. I love them all and I’m so inspired by all of the talent in this group.

  36. Like all your colors and designs. I like the Tip top taupe card and I am anxious to experiment with the new color. Thank you for sharing. I am a newbie demonstrator and have not set up a blog yet but hope to in time.
    Keep sharing and stamin’

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