Day Two: Spring One-for-One Card Swap

I’m excited to share another batch of beautiful cards from my Spring One-for-One Card Swap.  After a couple of weeks of collecting these beauties , I am excited to share them with you.  This Spring One-for-One Swap was filled with beautiful inspiration, and I know you’re going to love these projects.

In a series of several posts over the next week, I will share these cards with everyone.  Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).  If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

If you missed the first two One-for-One Swap posts, you can see them here:

The collection of cards I’ll be sharing today might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products, but every card gives good ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques.  Without any further ado, here is the first batch of your beautiful cards:

Georgette Huff, card swap, Stampin' Up! Georgina Haynes, card swap, Stampin' Up! Helen Burnley, card swap, Stampin' Up! Helen Rivera, card swap, Stampin' Up! Jane Mykleby, card swap, Stampin' Up! Jodi Fillers, card swap, Stampin' Up! Judith Hoffman, card swap, Stampin' Up! Julie Hulka, card swap, Stampin' Up! Karen Olson, card swap, Stampin' Up! Kym Cole, card swap, Stampin' Up! Lauri Coleman, card swap, Stampin' Up! Lisa Reber, card swap, Stampin' Up! Liz Bailey, card swap, Stampin' Up! Marcia Peck, card swap, Stampin' Up!Maria Patrick, card swap, Stampin' Up!

What do you think?  Aren’t those awesome?!  Please leave a comment below to let these artists know how much you love their heartfelt creations.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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Wait!  There’s more!  If you missed the first two One-for-One Swap posts, you can see them here:

There will be more coming this week, so be on the lookout!  Yippee!

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  1. Woo Hoo!! another amazing batch of lovely, beautiful cards and, the best part is, that the card I received is the one Karen Olson made and it’s more fabulous in person.
    I’ve never seen a card folded that way, it looks so lovely standing up, with this glorious paper and colors. In the back Karen placed a space for writing to the person you are sending it to, but this card will be with me always, it’s just beautiful.
    So thank you so much Karen, for creating this lovely card that I was lucky to receive and for participating in Brian’s Spring card swap, he gives us the opportunity to be creative and to share that creativity with so many people through him and his fabulous blog.
    Thanks too to all the other amazing crafters who created the rest of this beautiful cards, for also participating from all over the USA.

  2. WOW! More great cards. Again, I’m glad I don’t have to select one favorite… there are too many!

  3. More beautiful cards with many creative ideas ! Thank you Brian!

  4. Every card here is a beauty . Such great ideas and creativity . These are really something and to think you have more coming for us to oooh and aw….over .
    As I said before ….such fun !!

  5. I received Maria Rodriguez’s card which was displayed on “Day One” and thank you for such a sweet card. Loved all the extra detail you had gone to. And thank you for such kind comments on my card. It’s an easy and fun card to make the best part is it still can lay flat for mailing! Once again Brian deserves a big THANK YOU from all of us.

  6. These stampers “have it going on”. Very creative and very beautiful cards.

  7. Thank you for sharing these the past 2 days Brian. They are beautiful!!

    Hope that you are having a great time in Hawaii!!

  8. Oh wow , beautiful cards Brian
    Tfs my friend , have a beautiful day !!!
    Hugs frenchie ,

  9. Thanks Brian. You’ve showcased another set of fabulous cards. The beauty is often in the subtle details, and these cards definitely have that. With layers of flowers, embossed textures, scored edges, wonderful color choices, they keep a clean simple look that really make them pop. I loved them.

  10. What an exciting day! Both my card and the one I received are posted today, so I can comment away. First, thank you Jodi Fillers for the striking red, white and black card you “made” for me! All the gems arrived safely, too. I love it!

    Second, if you haven’t participated in one of Brian’s swaps, you must do so! You cannot imagine the thrill of seeing one of your creations posted here. I’m practically swooning!

    Third, all of the cards above are SO fabulous that I’m going to print the entire blog post for future reference. Why have I not used my Flower Patch stamps more?! Every time I see what someone has done with it, I alternately kick myself and drool with envy.

    Last, but certainly not least, thank you, Brian, for doing this so all of us who participate can have a moment in the spotlight and look forward to the “real” mail again.

  11. What a wonderful selection of cards, thanks to all who participated, they are so fun to see and get additional ideas and inspiration!

  12. Another day of beautiful cards! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Fantastic cards again!

  14. Georgina Haynes

    Thank you Julie Hulka for the card you made with butterfly basics! It is just my style .Love the dazzling details Georgina.

  15. Jane Mykleby, I love your card! I received your in the card swap and I so want the die. I have this on my wish list now – at the top! I love the little bee too, he is too cute! This card I will be sending to my sister in WA. They have 165 acres of Apple, peach, cherry orchard and they keep bees on the property so this is a very fitting card! Thank you so much for showing us you creativity and for the lovely card!!

    • You are so welcome. I hope she loves the card. I always default to bees because of my last name. Happy Summer.

      • Oops…hit send to fast. Wanted to say thank you for your card. It is lovely. It will be sent to my friend in Texas who is a rose gardener.

  16. I am so glad I participated even though I don’t think my card submitted is “worthy”. I am the happy recipient of Lisa Reber’s Hello card!

  17. It is a shame so many of they are going away – Stippled Blossoms has always been a favorite – though retired from SU -will be using it for years. Thanks for all the beautiful card ideas.

  18. Oh my goodness, another batch of beautiful cards. So much inspiration, thanks ladies for your lovely cards and thanks Brian for sharing them.

  19. There is so much talent and inspiration displayed in these cards. I love all of them for different reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Another round of beautiful creations. Thank you everyone.


    all of the cards are beautiful! I might have to try the swap this………….

  22. Thanks to all of today’s card makers for sharing their creativity — I think Marcia had a great suggestion to print these pages and use all of these beautiful cards for future ideas and inspiration! What a treat it would be to find any of these cards in my mail box!

  23. Simply amazing! Another set of cuties, creative folds and colorful combos. Thank you, Brian, for sponsoring these swaps and shares.

  24. Another fab collection of cards! Love all the pretty flowers and wonderful designs…awesome!!!

  25. Another set of beautiful cards. Makes me wish I had participated in the swap, and will do so next time. Today’s favorite was Helen Burnley’s card with the lovely layered blue blossoms. So pretty. And, I love the fabulous bouquet that Kym Cole created. It reminds me of a wildflower bouquet.

    • Mary Alice, I can tell you that Kym’s card is even better in person because it’s sitting on my table! This swap has been such fun and I will definitely be participating in future swaps.

      Many thanks for organising this Brian.

      • Just want to say Thank You to Maria Patrick for the beautiful card I received in the mail. I love all the flowers and “layers” you had on the card. The little bird was beautifully painted to match the flowers in the paper. This card is a keeper. Thanks for the kind words about my card.

        Thanks again to Brian for doing this while getting ready to go on that fabulous trip to Hawaii. We all love getting “REAL” mail. Hugs to you both!!

  26. So many clever ideas and designs. Love them!

  27. Thanks Brian for sharing more of these beautiful swap cards and more fun! I really am enjoying this swap…it’s a fabulous idea! 🙂

  28. Gay Lynn Morrison

    I was thrilled to receive Lauri Coleman’s card in the mail! Those colors are perfect together and that card makes me smile! We have such talent in this group from everyone.

  29. Been away for the weekend and found my beautiful card made by Georgette Huff when I checked my mail! Georgette, I love everything about my card! The colors are so happy, and I love the embellishments you used. I’m using it to send to a sick friend…I know she’ll really appreciate time and effort you put into this lovely card….thank you!

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