Convention Wrap-up: Day Two

You always ask for pictures and tales from my Stampin’ Up! Convention experience – and I’m still excited to share with you.  Yesterday I shared some pictures from Convention’s Awards Night (you can see them here), and over the weekend I shared my Convention swap cards (you can see them here and here).  Today I’m going to share more pictures from Convention – many of these come right off my cellphone, while others were swiped from Facebook and texts from friends.

Convention is a wonderful opportunity to hang with other demonstrators from all over.  Today I want to share some pictures of my amazing friends, my new friends and some cherished experiences.  I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures and the stories they tell.

My Convention experience started early, early in the morning on Wednesday.  After I made my way through security at the Atlanta airport, I found this woman, applying her makeup on a bench:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

I only share that picture of Pam Morris, my beloved upline, because I promised her I wouldn’t.  With that out of the way, here are some pictures from Convention.

My new friend this year is Shawn de Oliveira, a super-talented guy from Massachusetts.  Shawn was a customer of mine for about a year and decided to join Stampin’ Up! in April.  Shawn’s calm, quiet energy was a great match for my almost-manic energy.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King One of the highlights of Convention was the reveal of the 2015 Holiday Catalog.  Who doesn’t love new product?!  We were so excited to get our hands on these books and spent most of the three days playing around with and watching demonstrations with the new items inside these pages.  The catalog is titled “Handmade for the Holidays” – and is filled from front-to-back with bundles.  Lots and lots of bundles.  What fun!  Here’s your favorite Stampin’ Up! demonstrator holding his very own copy of the new catalog.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingPeople flipped out over this new catalog!  Not everyone was happy, though.  After Lydia Fiedler and I flipped through the catalog for a bit, we knew we were in trouble – the entire book is filled with “must haves.”  Here’s our artistic interpretation of how our credit cards viewed this awesome, new catalog:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingBut things quickly flipped for Lydia and me – once Stampin’ Up! started giving away awesome prize patrols!  There were paper packs and stamp sets and punches and new ink pads (the new Archival Basic Black ink pads are INCREDIBLE!).  As presenters called out wrist band colors, we all eventually won something new.  Yippee!

Every time someone won, we jumped up and danced with excitement for them – Julie DiMatteo won the Holly Jolly Greetings stamp set – yay!Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingThe anticipation of our name being called, though, sometimes got the best of us.  I tried my very best to cheer her on when Susan Itell won a super-fun new stamp set and Ornate Tag Topper punch that I really, really wanted.  See how happy I am – that kind of happy comes right from the heart.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingI eventually won a wonderful stamp set of my very own – and a natural smile was returned to my face.  🙂  We were able to see and play with lots of new products in the Product Sandbox and demonstrations – I’m really excited about this catalog.  I even finished a card (not a usual experience for me in a group setting like this – when I could be socializing) with a new stamp set.  Look closely, and you’ll see that I have a strip of Glimmer Paper on my card – what’s going on?

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingWhen my work was done, I got to spend time with “my people”.  I didn’t capture all of them on my camera, but I did get quite a few.  Here are some of my favorites.

Brandy Cox is one of the kindest people I’ve met in my Stampin’ Up! experience.  I was rooting for her at Awards Night – and she delivered in all three major categories.  She’s had an amazing year – and everyone wanted to chat with her!  This wonderful picture of great friends was ruined by a photobomber – that cameraman just HAD to insert his knees into our picture and ruin everything.  🙂

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingSpeaking of kind, wonderful people, Linda Heller and Mary Ellen Byler posed with me in these Stampin’ Up! windows for a fun photo opportunity.Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingMy incredible team member, Deb Cozzone, had a stellar first year.  Not only did Deb promote to Manager inside her first twelve months, but she also earned the Getaway Incentive Trip.  It was nice to travel all the way to Salt Lake City to hang out with Deb who lives 20 miles away from me.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingI was happy to meet Mercedes Weber, an awesomely talented designer for Stampin’ Up!’s Artisan Design Team:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

I always enjoy running into Judy Prahl and her sister Mary Polcin.  The two are so very sweet and absolutely distinctive – even when they wear the same shirts at these events.  I’ve never once called one of them by the other’s name.  It’s just never happened and never will, so there’s really no reason for me to talk about that here – I guess talking about it makes it seem like maybe, just maybe, I have goofed up and called one of them by the other’s name.  Since that has never happened, I’ll just move on – but first, here’s the picture (I’m the one in the middle):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

I enjoyed meeting Dianne Keough, my demonstrator friend from Delaware:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

Tami White is known in some circles as “The Woman Who Takes No Bad Photos.”  It’s true.  When I was feeling overheated, my Diet Coke felt amazing pressed against my cheek.  My Diet Coke made Tami look beautiful and perfectly photogenic.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

Lisa Pretto, Shawn de Oliveira and I spent a few evenings at The Vault in the Monaco Hotel.  It’s important to drink lots of water so you can stay hydrated on these hot Salt Lake City days.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

Late nights couldn’t stop me from early mornings.  Here’s a picture of Mindy Backes and me – I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby when she returned from an early morning run.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

Every year, Wendy Weixler likes to get her “Could I appear any more petite than I already am?” picture, asking me to just stand straight and tall.  In summary:  Wendy is tiny, and I am large.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian KingPerhaps the most enjoyable part of Convention is seeing “my people.”  The InKing Royals are an incredible group of people, and I love them all.  So many were able to attend Convention this year – makes me so happy.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of photos (not everyone was ever in one place at the same time).  On the last night, we gathered those who were still in town together for a quick, unplanned dinner – I think I was the last one invited.  What fun we had!  Here’s the group who joined us Saturday night:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King

Back row:  Pam Morris (my upline), Jackie Beers, Lynn Kolcun, Brian King, Deb Cozzone, Bonnie Bake  Front row: Kelly deTommaso, Candy Ford, Julie DiMatteo, Cheryl Ann Campbell

With all the things I have to be thankful for in my first three years with Stampin’ Up!, I am most grateful for the wonderful relationship and friendship I have with my upline, Pam Morris.  The woman is amazing – not only does Pam know everything there is to know about the art of stamping, but she offers me a wonderful support and balance.  It’s silly to travel to Utah to spend time with her (just lives just up the road from me), but I always enjoy every minute with her.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015, Brian King Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Thanks for all the pictures. It makes us feel almost like we were there. Congratulations for all of your awards.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear about the fun you had, whether “just” making cards, or from a convention. 😉

  3. You are such a joy and hysterical. Always enjoy your recap posts!

  4. Your posts are always so fun!

  5. Hi i saw you at the convention and as chicken as a was i could not ask if you would like to take a pricture with me. Even some people i recognize from you’re picutres. As a Dutch demonstrator it was very lovely to be part of this despite the fact that is was only for one day gr corinne

  6. Love your pics Brian. They are great. Your pics and posts of cards are always wonderful. Thank you so much fall all of the inspiration and education that you do. I appreciate it very much. So glad you had a good time.

  7. Now that’s a cliff hanger at the end! 🙂

  8. Awesome photos and such a FUN post, Brian! Looks like lots of fun! Thank you for sharing!:-)

  9. Oh I love seeing these pictures! Such fun! ANd the picture of you and Pam warms my heart… you both!

  10. So love seeing the fun you all had! I bet if I stood beside you, I would feel really, really short, too! I’m 5′ 1″…LOL!

  11. What could be more awesome “friends and stampin”!!!

  12. Great summary, Brian and the proof is in the pictures…we had a great time at Convention. I’m so glad to have gone and met all those wonderful folks who welcomed me with open arms. A special thanks to you for taking me under your wing.

  13. Oh Brian – how great that you shared so much of convention with all of your followers. I love that SU demos are so close and willing to share their knowledge and talents with not only each other but us “regular” people as well. So glad you had a wonderful time and again, congratulations on all your awards!

  14. Thank you for sharing Brian! I was unable to attend Convention this year but all of your pictures and most definitely your comments, have brought a smile to my face. ? My favorite pic? The credit card one – I too want everything!!

  15. It looks like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  16. Chris R. from Iowa

    Fun photos – almost like being there myself without all the cost and hassle. I really like seeing photos of you and others I get blog posts from. Again, congrats on your achievements!

  17. You always have such fun! I love the naughty posting of the ‘make-up on the bench’ shot hahahaha. I hope you were suitably chastised after promising not to post it…..! 😀

  18. I am so glad you met Dianne from Delaware. Thanks for posting my uplines pic with you. Dianne is awesome!!! Looks like you had an awesome time at convention.

  19. Yeah – that cameraman, I swear!!

  20. Great recap and wonderful photos! It was so much fun to meet you, and I know I’ve said it before. You rock! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your photos with us today.

  21. Brian, it is such fun to share just a tiny bit of the Convention with you thru these wonderful pictures and your fantastic narrative. I’m hopeful that we will get to share in the fun of a similar event in the future.

  22. What an awesome SHARE! You are always so gracious and humorous with sharing your experiences as a demonstrator with SU! So glad you had an awesome time and congrats on all your awards! 🙂

  23. Hi Brian! Thanks for the kudos–so much of my success has come from being part of our team!

  24. Thanks for the pictures and commentary! I’m enjoying it, especially since I could not attend convention this year.

  25. Love your photos! You are hilarious! I know you must have been exhausted at the end of each day, having to stoop over for so many selfies with your adoring fans. You are quite the celebrity, and you deserve every bit of it!

  26. Great photos and commentary! How fun!

  27. Oh what fun ! Thank you for showing so many great pictures !
    Love it !!

  28. Oh this post was soooooooo much fun Brian!!! Loved the read. Every bit of it. That Tami white – I will get a bad photo of her one day….
    I loved the credit card interpretation photo. You and Lydia are a scream. Thank you so much for sharing this Brian. My FOMO is slowly dissipating thanks to you.

  29. Looks like you had amazing fun! Still giggling at your comments!

  30. It was great seeing you at convention, Brian. So happy and surprised to see my picture with you here! Fun times!

  31. Your group had quite a presence at convention! I kept seeing you everywhere…especially on stage–congratulations!! I just have one question: you stated in the very first lines of your post “I found this woman, applying her makeup on a bench”. I am just wondering why on earth she would be applying her makeup on a bench! That stuff is too expensive to waste on a bench!! (sorry…couldn’t resist!) 🙂

  32. Brian, thanks so much for sharing your excitement!!! You are such a hoot! Can’t wait to see what goodies you will put on your credit card(s)… lol! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create in the next couple of weeks to see what temptations await in the new catalog! ?

  33. Brian, you made so many people happy at convention. It was so much fun to watch the joy that you brought. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments! You are my favorite stamping son!

  34. so great to see those photos!! looks like a great time was had by all!! thanks so much for sharing!!

  35. OMG- was that really a hint of sparkle, aka- glitter on that card! There’s hope for you yet my friend!?✨?

  36. So I just happened upon this post! How wonderful of you to include a photo of me all sweaty and non-made-up;-) You DID forget the awesome photo I have of you “testing out” the new fine tip glue 😉 Seriously though, I wanna go back. Right. Now. 🙂

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