New Video: Background Stamping with Vintage Leaves

Before I share today’s post, I want to clear the air about something – yesterday’s post went live at 5am just like every other day.  For some reason, though, the email notification never went out [insert sad face] so my blog subscribers were left with no notification of the goodness that was waiting for them.  In other words, tens of people were left stranded, wondering why I suddenly had nothing to offer.  I received emails and early morning phone calls – even from Mom – to make sure I was OK.  So sorry for the mixup.  In case you missed it, please make sure you take a peek at my project from yesterday – CLICK HERE.

Today I’m sharing a quick video about in which I create a background for a fun Fall card.  The colors, the images, the placement.  All of these things work together to create the perfect backdrop for an Autumnal delight.  Please enjoy this video:

Vintage Leaves creates quite a lovely wall of leaves, huh?  As I shared in the video, I’ll be sharing the finished project tomorrow – the video ends that way for two reasons – (1) to build the suspense so you’d come back for more and (2) I didn’t have a finished product when I filmed the video.  🙂

The Vintage Leaves Bundle (the Vintage Leaves photopolymer stamp set and the Leaflets Framelits) is available in the 2015-2016 Annual Catalog – click on the image below to see the items in my online store:

Vintage Leaves Bundle, Stampin' Up!

Vintage Leaves Bundle, Stampin’ Up!

As I shared in the video, the combination of colors makes this Fall card so beautiful.  I picked a shade of brown, yellow, orange/red and green – and they all seem to work together beautifully.  If you missed my chart of Classic Thanksgiving and Fall Color Combinations, you can click on the chart below to see the original post:

Stampin' Up! Color Inspiration: Classic Colors for ThanksgivingAfter I posted this chart a couple of weeks ago, my friend Therese Arsenault translated the colors and title into French for me.  Thought I’d share it here, too (in case you want a fancy version of the same chart 🙂 :Stampin' Up! Color Inspiration: Classic Thanksgiving ColorsPlease don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see how I finished the card I shared in my video.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!


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Product Shares and Designer Series Paper Swatch Books.  I’m thrilled with the new Holiday Catalog – and I’m excited to share my product shares and Designer Series Paper Swatch Books with you.  I’ll be posting my shares this week and hope you’ll join in the fun.

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  1. Great tip for creating backgrounds. As long as I’ve been stamping, I never per could get it just right, but now, I can. Thanks Brian!

  2. Looks like I owe you a few bucks! That’s dollars 😉 I didn’t realize you invented the squinting technique!! I might be ok, I changed mine by 20%! Lovely balanced leaves, can’t wait for your card tomorrow. x

  3. So glad you are ok, wondered what had happened….I always check you post as I’m having my first cup of coffee.
    And love the leaf background!

  4. Thanks for the vidéo and the french chart !

  5. Bravo ! A great video and can`t wait for the finished product . Beautiful stamp set and I have said this before ,but I like the picture of the Bundle contents . Last ,but not least …love that color chart . Used it yesterday !
    Now I wish you would do one on all the blues and all of the greens ,etc.
    Today I will be practicing saying the Fall Colors in French as I make my cards . Thank you Brian and Arsenault !

  6. Wonderful technique. Some really great tips. It totally rocked my face off.

  7. Gorgeous background. I’m going to need an address to send those nickels. Lol

  8. Thanks Brian, that was a great video and idea !!! Can’t wait till tomorrow to see the finished card ! Tfs,
    Hugs Frenchie,

  9. Love ur videos Brian but what is “squinting “. I haven’t been following you very long but I think your projects are great. How do I see former videos?

    • Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much for your comment! Early on, I was trying to describe how I balance things on a card. Distracted by the words or images, I described “squinting” as a way for people to see that the weight of colors and shapes is appropriate for the card. I jokingly said that I patented the technique (thus, folks owe me a nickel when they use it). I even did a video about it. You can see the rest of my videos on my YouTube channel here: Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

  10. Great video, Brian!

  11. Gorgeous background. Can’t wait to see the card!

  12. I just love a good Brian King video on Sunday morning! You did a wonderful job of showcasing that set on a tiny piece of card stock! Looking forward to tomorrows card.

  13. Great video and gorgeous stamping. Can’t wait to see the finished card! I will be sending you a check for many nickels. I watched this today while putting on my makeup. That means no glasses and a lot of squinting to be able to see what you were showing us. ?

  14. Brian, this video is a really elaborate way to remind me that I owe you $1.15. These are great tips however, so it’s worth every nickel.

  15. So nice to have a cup of tea with you this morning Brian! It’s miserable rainy here today so it’s a great day for stamping. I have your color combo chart printed on nice thick card stock and pinned to my work space! Thanks for sharing these beautiful fall colors and a great way to make a perfect background. The only problem is that you are putting me in the poor house because now I absolutely, positively have to have this stamp bundle which I so totally overlooked when going through the catalog. I just know that tomorrow’s unveiling of your completed card will be spectacular! Thank you again, and again, and again for all you do for us.

  16. Love leaves, looking forward til tomorrow!

  17. Brilliant video with my second fav set right now (next to Lighthearted Leaves)….love your “I think you kinda need it” at the end..totally a David Spade feel there…spot on!

  18. Lovely background. Looking forward to seeing the finished card. Any comments you’d care to make about your new personal accessory? 🙂

  19. Wondered what happened yesterday, flash backed to your hospital stay a long while back! Great video looking forward to the card.

  20. Wonderful video…love the colors on your card…

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  22. Hi Brian,
    I follow your blog everyday so I too was confused when nothing was posted on Saturday. I went to Friday’s blog and clicked on newer post and I was able to see your post for Saturday. Just a hint if that ever happens again, which of course won’t.
    I love your style and I don’t know how you knock it out of the Fungeon every single day.

  23. Good morning from the sunshiny eastern plains of New Mexico! I enjoy your posts very much. This one was great. We don’t have trees that make those gorgeous colors around “these parts” – so Fall colors are wonderful and exotic and delicious. Love the ink colors you chose.

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