Join Us for a Holiday One-for-One Swap

I love to share with you, and I love when you share with me.  That’s why I’m thrilled to host a 2018 Holiday One-for-One card swap – and you are invited to join the fun!  Yippppeeeee!

If you have never participated in one of my card swaps before, now’s your chance.  You don’t have to make 20 cards or 10 cards or even 5 cards – you just make one card and mail it to me (with a self-addressed, stamped envelope).  In return, you’ll soon receive another card in the mail – and it will likely come from someone you don’t know.  How fun is that?!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Guidelines for the Swap

In order to make sure everyone’s on the same page, there are some rules to play by.  Here are some quick-and-easy guides for the swap:

  • Please mail me a gorgeous handmade Holiday card (a standard, full-sized 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″ card) designed by YOU. You can loosely base your card on another card, but please make every effort to make this card your own.
  • Please make every effort to use products from the current Stampin’ Up! catalogs.  If people want to recreate your card, I want them to be able to easily acquire the products they need.
  • The theme is HOLIDAY – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, winter snowscape.  The choice is yours! I can’t wait to see what you make!
  • Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (just fold one in half and include it with your card) so that I can send your swap back to you.
  • You are welcome to add-in a wad of cold, hard cash (not required) – I post this every time, but have YET to receive a wad of REAL cash.  Poor, sad me.

Please don’t write on the inside of your card so that the recipient can use it (if they choose to), but feel free to stamp your name on the back.  I will gather the cards I receive and will mix them up and mail them out so that everyone who sends me a card will receive a card in return.  Oh, glorious day!

I must limit participation to one card per person and (sadly) to folks with a United States address – I’ve tried to include other countries in the past, but the mail took too long to get here and get back to the participants.  Sorry – I don’t like for people to be disappointed. Thanks for understanding.  If you are out of the country and just want to send me a card, I’m happy to receive it.  🙂

Mail your card and stamped, return envelope to:

Brian King
1758 Colt Drive
Atlanta, GA 30341

Please mail them as soon as you can – but make sure they arrive by Friday, November 16 – that’s four weeks away.   That’s when I will sort them and then mail them out. I will also include photos of the cards on my blog (giving proper credit to the creator, of course).  You won’t want to miss that parade of cards – always fun!

If you want to check out the swaps we shared during this year’s Spring One-for-One Swap, you can see them all here – what a brilliant lineup of projects!:

And take a look at all the comments these posts receive – you’ll receive such great feedback for sharing your card – there’s nothing wrong with amazing feedback.  🙂

Who’s in? Email me if you have any questions – [email protected].  If you have participated in the swap in the past, please leave a comment on this post to let others know how much fun you had with it.  🙂

I’m excited to see what you make!  Woo hoo!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. No wonder this is the best time of the year! I love the holiday swap. I do go through some anxious moments trying to come up with something but I think this year I will go with the flow and have fun with this. What’s even better than getting a card in return, is seeing the fun parade of cards on your blog. Oh what talent and creativeness. It is almost like a present to myself!!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! is it time already??? WOW!! where did time go,??
    I’m going to put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.
    Thank you so much for hosting this Holiday card swaps my dear, I can’t wait till you start showing the cards on your blog.

  3. One of my favorite things! I’ll have get busy!

  4. I love this card swap! It is the first challenge I ever tried and over the few years I have participated I have received some amazing cards and have enjoyed seeing and making special cards with different techniques. Thanks Brian for hosting this again.

  5. Brian, sounds like fun but I haven’t put in my Christmas order yet and I’m headed to Orlando so I’m going to run out of time this round!

  6. Florence Pangelinan

    I always look forward to these swaps. TY for offering it again, Brian.

  7. This sounds like fun, Brian! I’m going to give it a whirl!

  8. I like this swap also, its only one card. I’m in again. I already have a card in mind. Thanks Brian.

  9. I’m from Canada. Can I join? I wouldn’t have access to the correct stamps, but I would put in some cash to cover the cost of postage.

  10. My card will be going in the mail tomorrow!

    Thanks Brian!

  11. Hi Brian
    Renee nokes here to ask if you would ever consider doing the same thing one on one card swap but with Christmas tags. How cool would that be to receive a Christmas tag from another person. My sister Sue and I exchange Christmas tags. We call it “ count down to Christmas”, we send a Christmas tag once a week till Christmas. So much fun. Hugs.

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