An Awesome Gift for my Team Members

Let it be known that I live a charmed life with amazing friends and family. I arrived in Orlando for Stampin’ Up!’s 2018 OnStage event earlier this week with cute pillow boxes that would soon be filled with some great gifts for my incredible team members who were joining me there (I shared those pillow boxes yesterday – you can see them here). The gifts that would fill the boxes arrived in Orlando from Australia.

On the first day of the event, I gifted each of my team members with a Pool Party lanyard so we’d all stand out in the crowd. While I whipped up 35 pillow boxes before the event, my lanyards arrived with Louise Sharp (my favorite thing about Australia). Her Mom made the lanyards for my team (so she’s giving Louise a run for her money in the “favorite thing about Australia” competition).

Louise’s Mom is often visiting her when I chat with her through Facetime – such a joyful woman with many talents! Louise and I both received much of our artistic talents from our moms. Here’s a sweet picture of Louise and her adorable Mom, Phyl Willetts:

Louise Sharp and Phyl WillettsSee those gorgeous lanyards around their necks? Those are the lanyards Louise’s sweet mom made for me to give to my team members. How cool is that?! Here’s a picture of the lanyards she made for me to give my InKing Royalty team members:

Lanyards from Australia, Stampin' Up! gifts, Brian KingLouise created a graphic to showcase all of the special elements of the lanyards:

Lanyards from Australia, Stampin' Up! gifts, Brian KingHow absolutely cool is that?! It’s always wonderful to stand out in a crowd. Here’s the pin that my team members affixed to their lanyards, along with other pins they collect at the event:

InKing Royalty Badge, Brian KingMy team members loved them as much as I hoped they would – and we could easily identify each other  in passing or in a crowd. I was so happy to share these lanyards with my awesome team members – and it’s made more special by the fact that they were created with love from a special friend.

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  1. What a great blog entry today, Brian! So fun to see what you put in the pillow boxes! You all are having a grand time in Orlando for sure!

  2. I love this perfect gift for your team. Great job by you and Louise’s mom. I love unique gifts. Enjoy your day!

  3. How fun are those!!! What a cute idea….I’m sure you will get allot more inspiring ideas from your show…love that you share your passion with us, thanks!!!

  4. Love the lanyard! Beautifully made. I wore it everyday at OnStage. Thanks Phyl, Louise and of course, Brian!

  5. Where would we be without friends.

  6. So happy that you have friends as nice and caring as you Brian! The Lanyards and Team pins are perfect! I know each team member was beaming with pride to be on such a Royal Team! So delighted for all.

  7. How awesome is that! Love the lanyards, the pins and the boxes you put them in. You do lead a blessed life Brian but I must say you are one of the few that realizes that fact. Hopefully you are having such a fabulous weekend you are wishing it wouldn’t end. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to hear more about it.

  8. Such a fun team effort for your team! You continue to be an inspiration in so many ways to us all. Hopefully the cards for the swap will arrive from CA unscathed, since both No Cal and So Cal have been burning for a few days. We are lucky our home was untouched, many lost all.
    Thanks for keeping our spirits up with fun tales from Onstage!

  9. Always so thoughtful Brian!!

  10. Oh my friend, they are beautiful, what a special gift , and vary telented fried , Tfs my friend, and hope to see you at NC , we’re planning it as we speak ?
    Hoping your trip back was safe,
    Hugs and more hugs ,
    Frenchie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Brian, it was a joy to meet you on the last day! My team was very jealous when I showed off our picture together? I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for all your tips and inspiration!

  12. What fun you’all are having!
    Kudos to Phyl and Louise on being such a creative duo, mich like you and your Mom are!

  13. The Royals rock! Great lanyards and buttons!

  14. I love this special gift, and especially hearing the story behind it! I wore it proudly the whole three days. Thanks SO much to Phyl for making these beauties, to Louise for transporting them halfway around the world, and to you for being the best upline ever!

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