DAY ONE: 2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap

Today’s the day! Over the past month, I’ve been running to my mail box to collect the GORGEOUS cards for my 2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap. Today I have the pleasure of sharing some of them with you. Yay! In a series of several posts over the next couple of weeks, I will share each of these beautiful cards with everyone. There’s so much wonderful inspiration to share!

2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, day one, hosted by Brian KingI love these swaps because they showcase beautiful projects from card makers at ALL SKILL LEVELS – some are brand new to the craft, and others have been creating for years. Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).

If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment about that card when it shows up on my blog – that way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

The collection of cards I’m sharing today might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products, but every card gives great ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques – every project is sure to inspire you. Without any further ado, here is the first batch of your beautiful cards:

by Kate Lane, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Hilda Burton, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Cyndi Spears, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Noelle Albano, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Pati McBride, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Melinda Anderson, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Connie Tormey, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Lisa Poe, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Laurel Watkins, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Judith Hoffman, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Gina Bousson-Smith, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Deb Chestnut, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up!

What do you think? Aren’t those awesome?! Please leave a comment below to let these artists know how much you love their heartfelt creations. If you like these projects and want to see all of the other cards in this Sending Love One-for-One Cards Swap, I’ll be posting more in the coming days. ♥

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. WOW!!! This is one beautiful collection of card Brian, no wonder you enjoy going to your mailbox and opening them, I can picturing you sitting in your Fungeon or your kitchen admiring each one of them.
    I received my card yesterday, it’s beautiful, love it!!! I didn’t see it in this group so I’ll wait till you post it to tell the creator how much I love it.
    Thank you for hosting the card swaps, Brian, I can’t wait for the Holiday one, tee hee!!!
    Thanks to everybody who participated.

    • I must have been still asleep to forget to comment on Lisa’s sweet card with all of those rays of beautiful papers, what a lovely card, my friend.
      Lisa and Sonny are my pen-pals and we exchange cards regularly, I met both of them through Brian’s fabulous blog and these card exchanges so thank you so much for hosting these card swaps, my dear.

  2. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    Beautiful cards, Brian, and to all who made them♥️Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Such a great variety! Happy 4th of July???❤️

  3. Sonny Peterson

    Wow ! What a collection of inspiration ! Every card is so special !
    And just look at that pretty one that Lisa Poe did ! That would be fun to try ! I like the elegant look and simplicity of Melinda Anderson`s card !
    Gina Smith`s cute card is definitely on my CASE list !!
    I am excited about the next group . This is FUN !!

  4. Gorgeous “runway” of creativity. I love the variety of styles.

  5. Theses are all so pretty! Definitely some I will be trying to CASE!
    Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Great cards everyone!

  7. So many gorgeous cards! They are all inspiring. I received Patti McBride’s card and it is even more beautiful in real life. The details really make it special. Which, looking at all the cards today, you can really see that a lot of work went into these beauties. Thanks everyone and thank you, Brian!

  8. Whatever level of card maker, you have out done yourselves, these are fantastic, and will certainly be enjoyed by the recipient! It’s so fun seeing what each of you came up with.

  9. I love the variety of creative designs. I got mine yesterday and love it. Thanks, Brian, for doing the swap. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy your day!

  10. These are all beautiful and I can’t wait to see what my mail brings. I will be CASEing several.

  11. I already received mine in mail and loved Melinda’s card..thanks so much!

  12. All great cards! It would be hard to pick my favorite!

  13. What a great group of cards. I was lucky enough to receive Laurel’s card. What a perfect sentiment for the times we are in right now. And Gina’s turtle card is so cute. Thanks for doing the card swaps. It’s fun to see everyone’s creativity.

  14. WOW…..FANTASTIC line-up of cards created by the One-To-One Swap friends. Would be IMPOSSIBLE to pick one favorite. Well done fellow papercrafters.

  15. Robin Thompson

    Beautiful cards! Great colors and layouts! Thanks for doing the card swaps and sharing the cards with us Brian!

  16. Awesome describes all of them Brian. I can’t think of a better word for this lineup. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Angie L from IL

    Thanks, Brian, for hosting another super fun swap! I am the lucky recipient of Lisa Poe’s beautiful card. I love how Lisa showcased the Playing with Patterns DSP to make bright rays of sunshine! The resin dots and sheer ribbon brighten the card even more. Thanks Lisa and Brian! Best wishes everyone!

  18. What beautiful cards! Such talent! Glad you hosted this Brian! These cards get the creative juices going! I’m already thinking about using some of these ideas!

  19. Cindie McDuffee

    I received Cyndi Spear’s wonderful card yesterday and I’m so thrilled! Love it inside and out! I’ll be CASEing it, Cyndi, for sure!
    And Kate Lane- another fab card!
    So many ideas that I wished I’d thought of first, LOL Thanks to all! (and to Brian for all the work)

    • Wow! You really know how to make a gal feel special! Thanks! I am so glad you enjoyed the card .

      • Cindie McDuffee

        Today I CASE’d your card in pink pirouette with a washed out pineapple punch center pineapple punch . Sound odd, maybe, but it is just what I dreamed about last night. LOL I don’t always dream in current colors!

  20. Wow! Beautiful cards and what a lot of creative talent on this blog post! I have lots of ideas to CASE! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Kate Lane, I love your card. You are a very talented pre-teen. Thank you.

    • Cindie McDuffee

      Pat Crocker- you want her in the stamp room with you, trust me. She remembers every stamp and what set it’s in. She made me a card when she was 5 and I CASE’d the layout! LOL!

  22. I can’t pick one favorite, as they are all beautiful! Variety, creativity and passion shine in each one. Great job, artists!

  23. Beautiful cards everyone! Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

  24. The variety of card-making styles, the beautiful color combinations, and the encouraging and uplifting sentiments all combined to make this card exchange very inspiring — any of these cards would definitely make someone’s day brighter!

  25. What an awesome selection of cards. Such beautiful creativity!

  26. Hilda, I received your lovely card today. I love all the different layers and textures. Mostly, what I like is that you used product I don’t have so it’s really unique to me! Thank you for designing such a beautiful card and giving it away to me. 🙂 <3

  27. What a great group of beautiful cards thanks for letting me get in on it.

  28. Maryann Boisvert

    This is my first “card swap.” I love it and hope to do more! I loved looking at all these beautiful cards. I received my gorgeous card today! I can’t wait to see it displayed so I can thank my person!!

  29. I received Connie’s beautiful card today. What a treat! I love the creativity and beautiful colors in Connie’s card. Thank you, Connie! All of the cards are fabulous! Such talent!

  30. Chris from Pella

    Great cards. I wish I would have participated as it is so much fun to give and receive a card. But, it is still great to see the parade of cards. Looking forward to seeing more and recognising names I know.

  31. Today I received my card from Diana D’Arminio . I must say it is amazing, how did Brian know my favorite colors of black & white with touch of red! Yet more importantly, the message was the best ! HOPE, Everything will be OK even if we can’t see what OK is yet.
    Thanks you Diana ! Beautiful ❤️

  32. WOW! Such a great group of cards and so much talent!

  33. Wonderful cards! Such talent!

  34. What a gorgeous card parade! So much talent ♥️

  35. all are Great but on page one especially like Gina Boussen-Smith

  36. Gina Smith,
    Thank you so much for your fun card! I’m sorry I’m so late in responding.
    I had Covid for 14 days & still fighting the fatigue. Can’t believe I received a card all the way from NY!
    I really liked this card swap & can’t wait for the next one!

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