DAY TWO: 2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap

Welcome to Day Two of the projects from my Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap. Over the past month, I’ve been running to my mail box to collect the GORGEOUS cards for my 2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap. Today I have the pleasure of sharing some of them with you. Yay! In a series of several posts over the next couple of weeks, I will share each of these beautiful cards with everyone. There’s so much wonderful inspiration to share!2020 Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, day two, hosted by Brian King

If you missed the Sending Love One-for-One Swap post I shared on Friday, you can see those projects here:

If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment about that card when it shows up on my blog – that way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

I love these swaps because they showcase beautiful projects from card makers at ALL SKILL LEVELS – some are brand new to the craft, and others have been creating for years. Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway). The collection of cards I’m sharing today might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products, but every card gives great ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques – every project is sure to inspire you. Without any further ado, here is today’s batch of your beautiful cards:

by Bobbi Miller, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Linda Williamson, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Kathy Kinsey, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Cindy Kruizenga, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Diana D'Arminio, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Dee Libis, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up!2  by Cindie McDuffee, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Brenda Sprenger, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Toni Leidenfrost, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Marylin Day, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Susan Burch, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up! by Maryann Boisvert, Sending Love One-for-One Card Swap, Stampin Up!

If you missed the Sending Love One-for-One Swap post I shared on Friday, you can see those projects here:

What do you think? Aren’t those awesome?! Please leave a comment below to let these artists know how much you love their heartfelt creations. If you like these projects and want to see all of the other cards in this Sending Love One-for-One Cards Swap, I’ll be posting more in the coming days. ♥

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. What a nice variety of beautiful cards. I love the inspiration. Enjoy your day!

  2. So pretty! And so many ideas! Gotta love that little piggy. She gave me a smile this morning.

    • Thank you for your comment on the little piggy card. It was fun to make and I’m so please that it brought a smile to your face.

      • Dee, I received your card. Little Miss Piggy is adorable! I am now going to send her to Utah to brighten my sister’s day. Many thanks.

  3. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    Such lovely cards! It’s so fun to see the different designs, color combos, stamp sets, and the states these card artists are from! Thank you, Brian, for sharing today’s card swap cards.

  4. Gorgeous cards, every one!

  5. so much creativity and style!

  6. Again – all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! Gorgeous cards from all areas of the country. I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing Brian.

  7. MargaretAnn Hammond

    I received Marylin Days beautiful card and love it. Thank you Brian for taking time from your busy day to organize this swap. I love to see the cards from all over the country,

  8. What creativity! I MUST push myself to get in on this next time.

  9. Wow these are all fabulous, as were the ones from Day One!! It seems like all the participants have really stepped up their cards! Thank you for doing this. It is such a great way to share wonderful cards from people who don’t otherwise have an online presence. Who made the piggy card? It made me laugh out loud!

  10. Dee Ibis- your piggy card made me giggle! So cute! And Kathy Kinsey, your oars card put me over the edge for those dies (and stamps)
    Another great day of inspiration!

  11. Chris from Pella

    Another great parade of cards. Such a variety.

  12. Cindy K: Received your lovely card. My favorite color. Beautiful work!
    Thank you.

  13. Another stunning collection of cards. All so pretty and so encouraging.

  14. I received Susan Burch’s lovely card. Thank you so much. It is fun to see all the cards. A big thank you to Brian for organizing the card swap.

  15. So colorful and so creative ! Love seeing all these great examples of what we all love to do ! So much talent !
    Love it !!

  16. Maryann Boisvert

    I look forward to receiving this email to see all the beautiful creations! I see the one I made in this email. Can’t wait to see the one I received. I love it!

  17. Mandy VanHavermaet

    I was the recipient on Bobbi’s card. The picture does the card no justice…such a beautiful work of art! The card base is actually vellum! Very cool.

    Also in today’s lineup is my upline Brenda Sprenger’s card. Such a talented card maker.

    • Brenda Sprenger

      You are too kind Mandy. Thanks for the encouraging words. The card I sent was actually a CASE of Debbie Schneider. The bold color combination was inspired by you. : )

    • Thank you Mandy! Such a nice thing to say. I got the inspiration from Makaela Titheridge. I love working with the gorgeous Fern suite. I’m glad you like the card.

    • 8m so glad you liked the card. It was inspired by Mikaela Titheridge. I’ve always wanted to try vellum and it came together very quickly. thanks for your kind words.♥️

  18. Everyone did an amazing job! These are beautiful!

  19. More beautiful cards! Thanks everyone for sharing positive thoughts this difficult summer!

  20. Jean A Bergenthal

    Dee Libis, your piggy card made me SMILE. I have several friends in a nursing home, and I’m going to be sending them these cards…. Both of them lived on farms too! Such creativity.

    • Thank you Jean Bergenthal. I know your friends will get a laugh from the piggy card. It was fun to make and send. I made 18 of these and mailed to family and friends. Enjoy!!!

  21. Another great day of creativity & inspiration! Kathy Kinsey’s card makes me long for a trip to our favorite lake in northern Wisconsin — thanks for sharing your card with us!

  22. I was the lucky recipient of Linda Williamson’s card. It is just gorgeous. Thanks Linda! And thank you Brian for organizing the swap. So fun!

  23. Maria A Rodriguez

    Another stunning parade of beautiful cards, Brian, so much talent and creativity in each card. I still don’t see the card i received among these beauties, maybe next time.
    Thank you all for sharing your love of card making craft with us and thank you Brian for hosting these card swaps.

  24. Lovely group of cards, totally love “this little piggy stayed home”!

  25. My daughter, Kate, received Brenda’s card and we both love the bright colors and pop of red! Thank you. Cindie’s card makes me wish I ordered the sunflower set…… it in dark blue!

  26. Wonderful collection but Dee Libis is sooooo stinkin’ cute!

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