Three Ways to Share the Joy of Card Making Today

These are different times. While some of us can stay holed up at home to keep our social interactions to a minimum, it’s difficult to find the right balance between happy, healthy and safe. I know what it can mean to receive a handmade card and a kind note of support and love, so I’m hosting two card drives and offering a third way to share the joy of card making today.

I can suggest three things you can do today that will make three people (you, me the recipient of your kindness) very happy. I’d love for you to please do me the following three favors this weekend:

  1. Make a card for my delightful Great Aunt Margie
  2. Make and send a supportive, kind card to nursing home shut-ins
  3. Earn yourself a $5 coupon that can be used toward your August orders

There’s more information about all three of these in the following post.

1 – Send a Card to My Great Aunt Margie

I have a wonderful family. For as long as I’ve been alive, my Great Aunt and Great Uncle have hosted our family reunions near Walterboro, South Carolina. We come together, eat a big lunch, love on each other and then head home. While our family reunions have been rescheduled in the past (weather, sickness and holidays have delayed the reunion), this is the first year it’s been called off.

This past week, my cousin sent me a link to an article in the Press & Standard (a Walterboro, SC newspaper) that features an interview with my Great Aunt Margie. I shared this article on Facebook this week, but I wanted to share it here, too. It’s a short article (that you should totally read), but it talks about what Margie has been doing to stay occupied and to give back during the pandemic. It’s quite amazing! Even if I hadn’t already known how wonderful this woman is, I would have thought the world of her after reading this article.

To read the article about my Great Aunt Margie, CLICK HERE.

The picture above was shared on the Press & Standard site (it belongs to them) and it showcases her beautifully. What do you think? Isn’t she amazing?! Would you be willing to send a card to Margie? I’d love to deliver a box of cards to this kind, inspiring woman. If you would like to participate in this card drive, please:

  • Make a gorgeous card
  • Write a sweet note on the inside of the card to Margie.
  • Mail the card to: Mrs. Margie Brown, c/o Brian King, 1758 Colt Drive, Atlanta GA 30341. This card is just for her – I won’t be opening her cards and will simply forward them to her.

I will collect all the cards and send them to my amazing great aunt.

2 – Send a Card to a Nursing Home Shut-In

If this pandemic has been difficult for you and the people you love (and I know that it has), imagine what it’s been like for elderly people who are shut-in and unable to leave their nursing home facilities and unable to see their loved ones.

At work, my company has challenged us to find ways to share kindness and love in these difficult times. While some are writing letters to offer hope and love to those in need, I thought I could use my connections with brilliant card-makers (that’s you!) to provide a flood of joy.

Here’s what you spread a little sunshine to these seniors:

  • Grab some uplifting, thinking of you cards you’ve made (we all have some sitting around) or make a handful of beauties. Send 1 or 5 or 25.
  • Write an inspiring note on the inside of each card and sign each one. You can tell them your name and where you are from, but be sure to tell them how you are thinking of them during these times. ♥ if you don’t have time to write a note inside, just send some blank insides – I can write in them.
  • Box up your cards (and collect some cards from your friends) and mail them to me: Brian King, 1758 Colt Drive, Atlanta GA 30341
  • You do not need to include an envelope with each card (I’ll take care of that).
  • I’ll make sure the cards I collect over the next week make their way to someone who will truly appreciate your kindness.

I hope you’ll do this. It’s such an easy way to share with others.

3 – Earn a $5 Coupon to Redeem in August

While you are doing all of these nice things for others, be sure to do something nice for yourself (when the oxygen mask drops from the overhead, you have to put it on yourself before you can help the person sitting next to you).

Bonus Days are here again! For every $50 (before shipping and tax) you spend between July 1 and August 3, you earn a $5 Bonus Days coupon code that can be redeemed between August 4 and August 30. How fun is that?! There are so many amazing, new products on your wish list – buy lots of them in July so you can complete your list in August with your pile of freebie coupons. Win! Win!

Bonus Days Stampin Up!

For every order you place that exceeds $50, you will receive an email with your Bonus Days coupon codes. Write them down, print them out or save them in a handy spreadsheet. That way, you’ve got everything you need to redeem the credits in August. Yay!

The promotion ends August 3. Don’t miss out!

I love sharing with you each and every day – and I’m always so inspired when you share with me. No one loves a To Do List, but they help us get things done. I hope you will take me up on at least two of the three opportunities I’ve shared with you today:

  1. Make a card for my delightful Great Aunt Margie
  2. Make and send a supportive, kind card to nursing home shut-ins
  3. Earn yourself a $5 coupon that can be used toward your August orders

I can’t wait to see what you send.

Thanks for stopping by today, and thanks for being wonderful!


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  1. I have nights when I can’t sleep because my mind is restless thinking about these crazy times. So I’m searching for something positive to read on social media and there you are spreading sunshine! You are amazing, just like your great aunt Margie! I ❤️ You and I ❤️ this to do list and will be honored to participate. Thank you!

  2. love. that is all.

  3. . Mine will be in the mail Monday ??❤️

  4. Oh my gosh Brian you have one amazing Aunt. What love she has given back to her community I will gladly make a card for this lovely, amazing Aunt. Thank you so very much for sharing g this.

  5. 3 exceptionally good reasons! Hooray for Aunt Margie!

  6. Well, your Great Aunt Margie is a remarkable woman ! I read the article about her ….WOW !!
    I think your project sounds like fun ! I will get busy and build a card !!

  7. Great Aunt Margie is a treasure! Thanks for the ways to share our cards — you’re a credit to her. I enjoyed the article!

  8. Okay Brian……I’m UP for this challenge request. Consider it DONE.

  9. Your aunt is an amazing person. And what an amazing nephew she has to think of her in this way. My card is on the way. I have been using the Memories and More retired Christmas card pack to make cards for my local nursing home.

    • Thank you so much, Donna! I’ve always thought she was pretty amazing – this just validated it for me. Thanks for sending a card – appreciate you!

  10. I absolutely love these challenges! God bless Aunt Margie‘s heart for her compassion and determination. She is an amazing person! Certainly it is easy to tell that the two of you are related because you are just as compassionate as Margie. I most definitely will get a card out to Aunt Margie. Just so happens I have some cards laying around just waiting to be sent to loved ones in the nursing home. Thanks for sharing Brian.

  11. Thanks so much, Brian, for sharing the very inspiring story about your Great Aunt Margie and her awesome way of giving back during the shutdown. It is wonderful the paper highlighted her. I’m up for the challenges. Enjoy your day!

  12. Such an amazing woman and an inspiration. I would be honored to send her a card. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. We all need something to focus on at this time and what better way than to make cards for others.

  13. Fantastic ideas, Brian. All of my Paper Pumpkin cards have been going to nursing homes. It’s a great way to share. So, of course I am happy to help your effort! And who can’t resist the opportunity to send a card to your fabulous Aunt Margie?

  14. You rock (but we all know this), GA Margie rocks, and I’ll be sending some things your way.

  15. Awwww, my friend, how sweet and so thoughtful, of course , I’ll send u a card for her , she deserves it , and what a sweet thing to do my friend , god bless her and you ,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  16. Your great aunt is amazing!

  17. What a fantastic story and such a lovely photo of your Aunt. God Bless Her. I will get a card out for her the beginning of the week for sure and I think you are a fantastic nephew to think of doing this. I’m sure she will enjoy receiving a bunch of cards telling her how much she is admired and appreciated.

  18. Beth Ann Halvorson

    Loved your oxygen mask comparison! Great reason for more crafty stuff to play with (and bless others with)!

  19. Maryann Boisvert

    Dear Brian,
    Although I live in the south, I am not from the south. Would a proper salutation to her be Miss Marjorie or Mrs. Brown?

  20. The story about your great aunt was such a delight. What a wonderful lady! I’ll get a card off to you right away.

    • Isn’t she wonderful?! I talked to her yesterday, and she was so humble about what she’s been doing. Love that lady! Thank you for sending a card! ♥

  21. What a great uplifting story!! Your aunt is amazing, will definitely send her a card!!

  22. Love the story of your great (& GREAT) Aunt. What a remarkable person! I’ll be making her a card. I was making cards for a local nursing home but they’re not accepting them so will send some your way. Thanks for helping spread a little sunshine!

  23. Thanks for sharing your amazing story of Margie. I will put a card in the mail. I’m a SU discount shopper & send lots of cards. Also donate cards to an assisted living place nearby.

    • Thank you so much for your message, Luba! She’s definitely a lovely woman – I’m happy I could share her story with you. Such a kind thing to make and send so many cards. ♥

  24. I commend you Brian. I’ve been doing the same thing up here in the Boston MA. area. I dropped off 50 cards at the local Salem Hospital Emergency Dept for all of the employees and I’ve also sent box’s of cards to local politicians who are also essential workers for their endless efforts.
    We should all be so blessed to have an Aunt Margie,… keep up the good work.

  25. Thanks, Brian, for allowing us to compliment your great aunt on her fabulous accomplishment!! I’m sending you a card for her, and a few for your local shut-ins. Hope they reach you in time.

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  29. Hi Brian, I’m a bit behind the curve these days. Is it too late to send you cards for the nursing home? A card for your dear aunt is going in the mail tomorrow.

    Thank you,

  30. Hi Brian, I’m a bit behind the curve these days. I’m mailing your Aunt Margie a card today and I’m wondering if it’s too late to send you cards for the nursing home. Thanks for all you do.

  31. Hi Brian,
    Just a quick note to let you know I sent your Aunt Margie a card shortly after your post. This GREAT lady sent me a card with a long note in it that arrived in the mail yesterday. SHE MADE MY DAY!

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