Brian’s Blog Candy Giveaway – Bright Baubles

I love to share Stampin’ Up!’s products with my blog readers, team members and customers. Today, I’m happy to share a super-fun Blog Candy Giveaway today with one lucky blog reader.

Blog Candy Giveaway

I’ve really enjoyed playing with so many of the incredible and new products in Stampin’ Up!’s July-December 2021 Mini Catalog. As the weather gets cooler, I’m drawn to the wintertime sets. I have LOVED working with the Bright Baubles Bundle – and it’s been a big seller for me, so I know my customers like it,too. I added an extra bundle to my last order, so I’m giving it away today. Here’s what’s included in this blog candy giveaway:

  • Bright Baubles Cling Stamp Set
  • Delicate Baubles Dies
  • An assortment of cards I’ve made
  • A couple of other surprises I’ll throw in at the last minute

Here’s a look at the Bright Baubles Bundle (which, incidentally, is still available for purchase):

Bright Baubles Bundle, Stampin Up! 156384

The stamp set is pretty wonderful, but it’s the Delicate Baubles Dies that make this bundle a must-have. Here’s a look at the projects I’ve shared with these dies (you can click on the photos to see the original post for each project):

Bright Baubles Bundle, Stampin Up!, Brian King, Christmas card Bright Baubles Bundle, Stampin Up!, Brian King, Christmas cardBONUS: I’m making another card with this bundle that I’ll share tomorrow – does it get any better than that?!

I will choose one winner from the comments left on today’s post to win this bundle. The winner will be announced Sunday evening – that gives you TWO days to enter to win.

How to Qualify for this Blog Candy Giveaway

To qualify for this Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave me a comment on this post and answer this question:

How would you describe your Christmas decorations?

I can go ahead and share my response to this question – I love white Christmas lights and a colorful mix of Christmas ornaments on the tree (I am not afraid to mix heirloom ornaments in with modern decorations).

I can only send product to residents of the United States, and I can only pick one winner. I can’t wait to see your responses! I’ll randomly choose a winner Friday evening and post the winner here.

While I Have Your Attention…

While you are still here, I would like to draw your attention to a couple of things you might, otherwise, miss:

Clearance Rack

Stampin’ Up! loaded new items in the Clearance Rack this week – there are still lots of items available at amazing prices (if you like that kind of thing)!

Christmas Kits

Stampin’ Up! has released both of the project kits shown on pages 6 and 7 of the July-December 2021 Mini Catalog. And they are adorable! ♥ To see these kits in my online store, click on the links below:

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Don’t leave without commenting on this post so you can be included in the Blog Candy Giveaway. Here’s the question I want you to answer (even though I answered in noncommittally):

How would you describe your Christmas decorations?

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Hi Brian,
    I recently found your blog through searching for Stampin’ Up cards to make. The Baubles are beautiful and would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.
    For my Christmas, even though most of the ornaments are generation hand downs, much appreciated and very beautiful, there are plenty of handmade ornaments on my tree as well. Though the ornaments are from another era, my tree is a beautiful fiber optic tree which means I don’t need to fuss with light hanging each year and am able to set the changing of the colors to the mood I’m in. Of course, my Snowman band and Christmas Houses are near to my tree and are able to play lovely Christmas songs. I love Christmas and giving out to people.

  2. I decorate my total house – decorations in every room and three trees. A 10-foot artificial with white lights and a hodge podge of ornaments in the living room, a real 5-foot tree with colored lights in the eating area, and a small artificial with colored lights in the dining room decorated with angel ornaments. I also have three nativity sets I place around the house.

  3. Super pretty cards you made so far – can’t wait to see another! My decor is a mish mash of things collected over the years starting from when my husband of 25 years celebrated our first Christmas together. We have Christmas items from different places we lived, things our daughter made at school when she was small, and decor related to the pets we have had.

  4. What a beautiful set to give away! My decorations are simple and traditional. Love the smell of a real pine tree in the home.

  5. I’d say I’m a ‘classic’ Christmas decorator heavy on snowmen and snowflakes.

  6. I don’t really have what would be considered a style. I love to put out nativity scenes that I have collected over the years from several countries. I also have a collection of Christmas watercolor postcards that a friend sends every year with his Christmas card that I display. My tree is a mix of family ornaments from mine and my husband’s families. Plus things my children have made and collections we started for them. So, there’s a lot going on in our house at Christmas! Thanks for a chance to win a great Christmas bundle!

  7. My Christmas decorations have become increasingly more sparse as years go by. We travel a lot to see kids so I only put up decorations that mean a lot to me. My mom’s Nativity set, favorite ornaments and stockings are sure to go up each year. I like white lights too… but my husband likes colored lights so we do things differently from year to year.

  8. I’ve pared down my Christmas decorations, partly because my cat, Frankie, is amazingly adept at UNdecorating. (You’d think a barely-weaned feline found in a ditch along side the road would be a little more – well, grateful – wouldn’t you?) And partly because I’m happier now with tailored displays of pieces that evoke special memories – for instance the barn/manger my dad made.

  9. I love clear lights to decorate my tree and my house. I also love the traditional red and green colors and I too mix my old cherished ornaments with the new ones. This bundle is a fantastic giveaway!

  10. I usually decorate I a green and gold theme.

  11. All my decorations will fit into one 32 gallon plastic tub! How sad 🙁
    I do a small tree, lights and ornaments, that’s it!

  12. I have a hodgepodge of everything. I have a tree dedicated to just white lights decorated with handmade snowman ornaments. Another tree is decorated with the old fashion big bulbs we had when I was a child growing up decorated with my parents old ornaments. Scattered throughout the house or a lot a little miniature trees. Can you tell I love to decorate a Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  13. Mary Anne Schnettgoecke

    I decorate with a mix of old and new. My tree can be multi colored or white lights so I can have both!!

  14. I love white lights on a real Chirstmas tree. The ornaments are a mix of homemade ones my kids have made throughout the years along with beautiful ones created by my mother when I was a young girl. Looking at the heirloom ornaments, remembering wonderful moments from past Christmases and looking forward to making new ones during the Chrustmas season along with the fresh pine smell just creates a beautiful feeling. May this year be special and may more families join together to create lively memories for years to come. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Brian and thanks for all the inspiration you provide in cardmaking throughout the year!

  15. I love what you have done with the bright baubles bundle. I’m really drawn to the card done in blue

  16. I love colored lights and I have many ornaments I was given as gifts. I love hanging them on the tree and remembering who gave them to me. They all have a special meaning.

  17. My Christmas decorations are a mix of vintage ornaments and handmade ornaments. I love to make a few new ones every year

  18. I would enjoy having this set to play with, Brian! Although we decorate four traditional artificial trees (too many family allergies and asthma for the real deal) with colored and white lights (two are 10′ tall!) in our house, the most recent addition of a silver metallic tree in the master bedroom is my favorite. All the decorations are in teals, white and coral and are island-style. The lights on this tree are all white, to show off the baubles and such. We’ve collected most of them on vacations to Maui.

  19. Always a real tree, decorated with traditional ornaments, white lights, lots of poinsettias throughout the house and my collection of vintage Santa’s placed in every room. Thank you very much for the chance to win this BEAUTIFUL bundle!

  20. My Christmas Tree is decorated with 100 Hummel ornaments. The rest of my house has some greenery with a bit of glitter/bling, a few touches of red, and white lights.
    Thanks for the chance to win!! I love your blue card! This set totally escaped me because I didn’t check out the dies. I love it!

  21. My Christmas decorations are traditional but would like to redo some of them for better grouping.

  22. White lights, country folk art homespun tree..thanks for the giveaway your so kind..

  23. I like to decorate with a mix of colors, mix of types of lights, and mix of ornaments. The more variety the better!

  24. Brian ~ This is so nice of you! My Christmas decor is vintage looking but with new items. My color theme is silver and champagne with a tad of gold and lots of sparkle. I also love using picks in our Christmas tree. Oh, and my Gingerbread houses and gingerbread boys and girls grace two free standing cabinets in our kitchen. All lit up, they always make me smile!! 🙂

  25. I’m with you – I like white lights with a mixture of ornaments, and I have some beautiful old ornaments! However, my husband likes colored lights – sigh . . . We do agree on a real tree.

  26. My decorations have gotten simpler over the years. I have 4 grandsons that live in the same house as I do who are ages 4 months to 8years. We definitely gear the decorations to their interests.

  27. I love a real tree with white lights and ornaments I have made or bought for my family over the years. I keep it simple but festive.

  28. My style is pretty simple, white lights on the tree with snowflake ornaments. Plus a few ornaments that are from my childhood, 55+ years old. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Great bundle give away!

  29. I like to keep things simple….tree, door, and a few things sitting around. If I feel up to it I hang some lights across my porch. But I like to change up my stuff. Last year I took an old white bedspread and made a tree skirt, used the fringe for garland, painted some pine cones white and used all clear or white decorations. Another year I dressed my tree in a peacock theme….just whatever the mood strikes….this year….I am waiting on inspiration. lol.

  30. Hmmm, I think I would describe our Christmas decor, especially our tree, as “heritage.” It’s filled with 40 years of Christmas ornaments taking us from the beginning of our marriage, through babies and all of the ornaments our friends have given us through the years. It’s traditional in its color scheme and earthy. It fits us perfectly. 🙂 Thank you for the awesome card inspiration and the blog candy!

  31. I guess you can say colorful. I love the multi color Christmas lights, we hang them around the doorways and around our spiral staircase. A table top tree, and ornaments I have been given over the years placed around the house. My grandma started a tradition of giving us an ornament every year for Christmas, starting when we are born so we have a start for our own Christmas trees.

  32. Our ornaments are a mixture of old and new, handmade and store purchased. We buy a new ornament each year that signifies something from our past year. It’s always fun to go down memory lane when we decorate! Thanks for the blog candy!

  33. My Christmas tree is full of ornaments and white lights. I love unwrapping my ornaments and remembering who got bought me it or why I bought it.
    I love decorating the mantle and putting up the greenery and red bulbs. I love the festive holiday look!!

  34. When my kids were still at home, every year I would buy an ornament for each child that would describe something that was meaningful to them. Also, I would buy an ornament from wherever we vacationed. Our tree is lit with white lights and years worth of memories. Outside we hang oversized baubles.

  35. My Christmas decorations are mostly in my imagination. A few things are put out, but most stay in the attic. Many years ago, I had a beautiful tree full of lovely ornaments, decor items that brought the season’s meaning to life, and a pretty wreath for my door. Now, being disabled, I can still make cards to send to about a hundred friends and family to commemorate Christmas. The bundle you are offering is lovely and I’d enjoy having it to use this season and beyond! Thanks!

  36. Sparse would best describe my decorating for Christmas. Just a small table top tree, and something on the mantle. But I do love making Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. I love that red bauble card you just posted! Our tree has a mixture of long time favorites. I have about 50 or more Disney ornaments that I collected a month at a time through a club years ago. I got one ornament a month in the mail. This was way before the Internet so it was always a surprise to see which character would arrive!

  38. I love a mix of traditional decorations and family treasures that have passed down through the years. I love snowman – they go up with the Christmas decorations and hang around into March. I also love my Christmas Village – I set it up in my basement craft room – I love to sit down there with the lights on in the village and make Christmas cards! Merry Christmas to all!

  39. I do like to decorate the whole house, one year, I even wrapped each picture hanging on the wall as gifts and hung them all back was fun, but I still like to wrap gifts, no gift bags here..

  40. I love decorate for Christmas. Full the house with holly with berries and tiny lights. My tree is full of red and gold ornaments. Love the Holliday!

  41. Brian–you never disappoint! What a great giveaway! My Christmas style is keep it cozy–lots of twinkly lights and homespun accents. I just wanna feel wrapped up against the cold at Christmas! hmmmm….wonder if I can just turn my house into a giant cup of cocoa…

  42. Ooi la la….. ornaments…. a gorgeous set. My Christmas is a hodge podge of memories, Grandparents ornaments (paper), Parents cross stitched tree skirt and crocheted bear ornaments, and white and blue lights and a mixture of nativities including one for the babies to play with. I guess you could say we have generational Christmas decor.

  43. Margaret Dougherty

    My youngest daughter (now in college) and I choose our tree shortly before Christmas. Very shortly before Christmas…the weekend before, maybe, if we’re really on our game. We’re not looking for the tallest, fullest tree, or any particular type of needle. We’re looking for the tree that needs to be included in our family’s Christmas. Sometimes we get THAT LOOK from the Christmas tree lot attendant (“Really? THIS is the tree you want?”). Yep, this is the one. A few strands of white lights, however many treasured family ornaments the tree can support – and voila! They’ve all been spectacular additions to our holidays.

  44. Such a pretty bundle and great inspiration cards! Thank you. Our tree has multi-colored lights and a variety of simple ornaments. Some were handmade by my kids (now adults) and many were gifts or old family favorites.

  45. I love a real tree, white lights, and old ornaments. I also love to decorate my front porch with a beautiful wreath, lights, and greenery.

  46. My Christmas tree has a dated ornament from each year, along with some that my daughters made through the years. Now that they are older, we enjoy going through them and enjoying the memories that they bring back!

  47. We decorate a real tree that our family cuts down every thanksgiving weekend at a family tree farm just outside of Dallas. It’s decorated with handmade ornaments, simple red balls, ornaments from past vacations, and garland made from multi-colored felt balls. Lights may be white or multi-colored depending on what the kids pick. Overall it’s fun going down memory lane when we decorate.

  48. Sadly, when we moved 11 yrs ago most of our collection of over 25 yrs of collecting was loss. But, somehow not all so its still of a collection of old and new. We’ve always added at least one new ornament each year.
    Your cards are beautiful and it would be wonderful to win the stamps and dies. Thank you for the chance.

  49. Hi Brian,
    I can only explain my Christmas decor and style as a bit over the top. Every room and nook and cranny is decorated with things from my childhood or the bargain I got half price the year before!

  50. My Christmas decorations are a mix of old and new. I have white lights on my tree and red as the main color of ornaments. But my ornaments include things my kids made in grade school, not always red!!! My tree is a memory tree. I try to get Christmas ornaments from places we go, and its always fun to decorate the tree and remembering these adventures!

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