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Here it is…the blog you have been waiting for your entire life!

I am happy to introduce you to Stamp with Brian, my paper crafting blog that allows me to share all of my new experiences with you as I stamp, snip, ink and paste.

As a young child, I loved anything to do with paper. I could (and still can) stand in a stationary store for hours and just stare at all the paper, envelopes and pens. I guess it’s not typical for most children, but I moved directly from coloring books to construction paper collages, origami and calligraphy.

When I was in the seventh grade, my family vacationed in the South Carolina mountains. The vacation really came to life for me when we stumbled upon a small cabin that housed a rubber stamping store in the middle of nowhere. I had never seen rubber stamps before (other than the “sign here” and “paid” stamps in my Dad’s office). I could not take in all the colors, all the textures, all the images. Within a few minutes of entering the store, the kind lady behind the counter heat embossed an image of a cartoon frog stamp for me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I bought the frog stamp, along with a “Brian” stamp and a couple of ink pads. I used those stamps on everything for the rest of the summer. I got “the bug” but that was to remain dormant for many years.

The stamping bug returned in 2000 when I found Stampin’ Up! A work friend invited me to a Stampin’ Up! demonstration. We made a couple of simple, but beautiful, cards. I poured through the catalog and was mesmerized by the stamp sets, colors and papers. I signed up as a demonstrator and spent many, many hours stamping over the next two years. Since my stamping friends were outside of Atlanta, I traveled long distances to stamp in friends’ dining rooms over the next two years and stamped in my make-shift stamping room (my guest room). After I fell out of touch with my work friend, I stopped stamping. I found several other outlets for my creativity, but I still came back to my box of sample cards, wondering why I wasn’t still stamping.

Fast forward to 2012. After moving into a new house and unpacking all my stamping supplies, I had to get back in! I now had the physical space to craft again, so why not? When I first spoke with Pam, I knew we’d be great friends. I immediately signed up as her down line and began to rebuild my stamping collection. We’ve stamped together several times and have introduced stamping to several of my great friends. Great times!

So, here we are. From here out, I hope to use this blog to share special projects, crafting tips and Stampin’ Up! news. I want to inspire you to create beautiful things you love. I hope you’ll come along with me.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you have questions about Stampin’ Up!, projects on my site or anything craft-related.  If you live in the Atlanta area, I’d love to meet you to show you some of my projects or host a stamping party for you.


As an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, all of the content on this blog is my sole responsibility.  The use of and content of the classes, services, or products offered is not endorsed by Stampin’ Up!
The contents of my blog are my own and ©Brian King and as such may not be copied, sold, changed or used as your own for contests, profits or otherwise without my permission and is here solely for the purpose of inspiration, viewing pleasure and enjoyment.

Thank you for understanding.


  1. I think I know that store in SC!! I grew up there… I think it’s in Table Rock– my mom and I wandered in there one Sunday afternoon! πŸ™‚

  2. Stamps and More by Eleanor!! I loved that place, but sadly went out of business last year!!

    • Stephanie, so sad to hear that! I don’t remember the name, but that sounds right. That’s the first place I ever saw heat embossing – at least 25 years ago. I bought stamps with a cartoon frog, an iris, a pickup truck and my name. Still have them! Also bought some ink pads, but those are long gone. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you’ll come back again!

  3. Brian I am a first time vistor to your blog. I loved your introduction *smiling*. I too loved coloring, paper, scissors, etc. I look forward to browsing your blog. Come vist me at Summerwalkdesigns.com Nice to meet you. Do you have a gallery on Splitcoaststampers?

    • Susan, thanks! I am brian on Splitcoast. I have a couple of old photos and one new on there. I should probably keep that updated, too. Thanks!

  4. Your cards are fabulous. Keep up the good work! You have the talent and an eye for combining paper, textures, colors, accessories with stamps. I wish I had that talent. I’m just a copier. Thank you again.

    • That’s so nice of you to say, Erin! Do you live around Atlanta? I would love to get together with you sometime I work on some projects. I love this stuff, and I love to share my perspectives on the craft.

  5. Brian – Love your stampin’ story and your stampin’ style. Found you through the blog hop. Look forward to getting your blog updates. Keep up the great work. From a fellow demo.

  6. Brian – I visited your blog for the first time today and couldn’t stop reading! You are incredibly witty and talented. I will visit here often. Thank you for sharing your infectious love for being creative.

  7. Hi Brian, found your blog through Stampin Pretty. I love your story, I was the same when I was a child, always cutting out things and colouring. I only discovered rubber stamps much later, I have been a demo for a year and I’m loving it, like you, I love to share. Getting together with people and just sitting around talking and making – magic! I live in Ireland so unfortunately not close enough to meet up for stamping! Keep crafting! Hugs Sharon x

  8. I just found your blog today. Along with the wonderful cards you pinned on Pintrest. I will be following both your blog and pintrest page. Keep up the awesome work. I loved reading all about your story.

  9. New to this blog, forgot how I found it, but so glad I did! I’ve read a could of your latest entries, and I love your tips at the end of each! I’m a fairly new stamper and it really helps, when I’m learning a new technique, to learn *why* to do something instead of just how. Thanks so much and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  10. Hi Brain,
    I thought today, I would stop and give your blog some ‘real’ time! Since I stop by here regularly and thought it’s probably a bit rude not to let you know that I’m dropping by.
    I love all your projects and found you from Stampin’ Pretty a couple of moths ago. I love that you give your blog so much time and give the stoppers by a tutorial or two. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway!) – that your work is amazing.
    I am so glad you found stamping again – I think that once stamping is in your system it can never really leave! I only started blogging this year and I find with blogging that I feel like I’m creating a little community of friendships from around the world – even though I might be sitting in my craft room for hours on my lonely (that’s what my son says!) – that I can’t wait to show my projects to all my ‘virtual’ friends!
    Thanks Brian for your blog & your inspiration. I’m glad you’re here.
    Louise X

  11. OMG I thoought I was the only person who could spend hours in a stationery shop as a kid (and adult) It is wonderful to know there is a male person out there who shares his creative streak.

  12. For some reason, I never got to this section of your blog until this morning….what a fabulous story and one that many of us can easily identify with…thank you for sharing and being here!

  13. I’m new to your blog (THANK YOU Pam….Not Tricia!) and can relate to your childhood recall of all things paper. I too can stand in a stationary store for hours and stare….touch and ADMIRE all the paper, envelopes and pens they have on display. (my reward the first time I signed up with Weight Watchers was to reward myself with a piece of scrapbooking paper for every pound I lost each week……..(30+ pounds). It was fun rewarding myself each week at the scrapbook store that was located right next to the WW store.) Thanks for all the energy you put into your blog – LOVE your video’s and have enjoyed all that I’ve seen so far. THANKS for sharing!

  14. hi Brian, I am a fellow demo and came across your blog through your blooper video, (which had me rolling on the floor) I have watched a couple more and will continue watching. Just wanted to say I love your story and am glad you’ve taken up stamping again. Love your work.

  15. Awesome blog! I came across it from stampin pretty. I live in Australia and am in love with paper craft too!

  16. Hey Brian! My friend Andrea told me about your blog; she met you at a shoebox swap last summer. I’ve got a Stampin’ Up! demo in Roswell whom I love but I’m going to follow your blog anyhow (so there). I’m in Alpharetta and it would be way cool if our paths could cross in person around the Atlanta area sometime! Go Falcons!

  17. I finally read your bio after reading your blog today! For some reason, stampers have always been big on coloring books and crayons. All the pretty colors in Crayola 64 boxes and somebody else to draw the pictures! Thanks for sharing so much. Happy Stampin’ and sending you healthy thought vibes,
    Nancy B

  18. Hiya Brian

    I somehow stumbled across your blog one day looking for a specific card online.. (it was the St. Patty’s day card where you used the Be of good Cheer for the DSP)
    .I see that you are near Atlanta. Uhm where? if you do not mind me asking… We are planning on moving up to the
    Cumming.. Dawsonville.. Dahlonega area towards the end of this year. I have met via the FB side of demos (Pamala Smith in Cumming) so maybe we all can get together and have a play day (that sounds so funny)

    I love reading your blog daily and gawking at your creations. (I never get any drool on them so no worries πŸ˜‰ )

    Thanks for rocking in the stamping world.. amazing cards!!

    • Thanks, Fran! I live inside the perimeter of Atlanta near Perimeter Mall. Would LOVE to get together with you when you get here. Always fun to stamp with others. Let me know! Brian

  19. Hi Brian
    Somehow I stumbled across your blog and there is one word to describe it WOW!! Love the blog and the cards that you are making. Such an inspiration to keep working on my newly acquired hobby, it’s also amazing to know that you live in Atlanta. I am off 400 near North Point Mall..

    Thanks for sharing and keep the stamping going!

  20. OMG! I too discovered stamping at Stamps and More by Eleanor! That was about 25 or so years ago. My sister and I were looking to make baby shower invitations and someone pointed us to Eleanor’s. Eleanor is now a dear friend of my family. It’s such a small world. I just found your blog from reading about you on Mary Fish’s blog. Your blog is wonderful and you are so creative! I’ve now added you to my favorites. I live in the tiny town of Pelzer, SC, which is an hour and a half from Atlanta but I have cousins in Alpharetta so we go down to Atlanta often. Maybe we will meet up one day. Are you going to SU convention this year? If so, maybe I’ll see you there. Keep up the good work, Brian!

  21. I also knew Eleanor’s store at Tablerock. I lived in Easley, S.C. for 10 years and first met Eleanor after she had moved to the first of two stores she opened in Powdersville. I’m now back home in Texas and demo-ing for the 3rd time in 18 years. Love your blog and your stamping style.

  22. Loved your introduction Brian! Have been a fan of your cards for a while,but have stopped by your blog only today. Will be following you!!

  23. I do know that store. It was at Aunt Sue’s Country Corner at Table Rock. I had almost the same experience–my dad bought me that embossing kit and that was before embossing tools! I now blame him for my addiction to rubber stamping. Whenever he says something about how much I have spent over the years on my addiction, I just tell him it is his fault

  24. Brian,
    It was so very wonderful to see you and actually meet you at the SU Convention this past week. Congratulations on your Rising Star Award. I am so inspired by your blog and amazed by your talent and humor. Thank you for “Being the Difference to Make a Difference” in so many lives.

  25. Brian – I attended convention and saw you present on the first night. You were so fun, and I enjoyed your projects. Thank you for sharing with all of us there. It was so cool to see you honored! Now I have a new blog to follow. πŸ™‚

  26. Sassymonkey from WA

    Way to go Brian, you are bookmarked as my favorite.
    Talented, witty and NOT stuck up, lucky you!

  27. My SU Demonstrator, or MY TEACHER as I lovingly call her – Sharon Cline from Purcellville, VA introduced me to your blog after being blown away by your presentation at CONVENTION. I am amazed by your talent, and can certainly see why you are a RISING STAR. Thank you for blogging and sharing.

  28. I am enjoying your cards and your blog. I was wondering…how can I get a password to enter your club house?

  29. I want to share this with you. I am a creative person who loves to show others how to make happiness through crafting. I have a nephew who also loves to create smiles. He was told this was not something boys did. Well I showed him your sight. I shared with him that it does not matter if you are a guy or gal you are creating happiness for the world th share. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    • Thank you so much for your kind message. I have received several similar messages over the past year-and-a-half, and it makes me so happy to know that I might be able to inspire someone to go with their heart. Every day I strive to inspire people with this craft, but it makes me particularly happy to know that I might encourage a young boy who may be afraid to embrace his crafty side. You are so sweet to share this with me.

  30. Hi Brian, just stumbled across your July blog about glitter…loved it. I use glitter a fair bit on my cards and I love the end look but you’re right it breeds, and sticks to your face without you knowing!!! I love the way you write, I am a first time blog follower and you’rs is it .

  31. Hello Brian-I just found your blog & you have inspired me so much! Like you, I have “rediscovered” the love for it. Sadly I am very out of practice & your tutorials and helpful hints are wonderful!

  32. Cathy from Illinois

    Just found your website the other day thru Mary Fish’s blog! I ordered the DSP Swatch Book. We had a get together with our area leader to make 20 different cards using the new occasions catalog along with SAB catalog. There were several of us talking about you and your Swatch books that we had ordered from you!!! Look forward to seeing more ideas from you! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  33. Brian,
    Wow…what a web page!!! I love it!! First time I had ever seen a swatch book….very creative!! Back in my day of being a SU! demonstrator, we used “Set- samplers”
    Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

  34. Brian, first time on your site…OMG…love your stuff. I was that same kid in the stationery stores slobbering over paper and rubber stamps. Didn’t discover SU until 2007…so glad I did. Already bookmarked your site and will be following you!

  35. Congrats on the great writeup in the new Stampin Success. Look forward to following you and your business success.
    I’m only in my first year and pretty much going solo . Not many around my parts going creative as yet. Maybe my blog will be the answer like you said your was. Now if I can only get it going.>>>still on slow dial-up. Oh Me!
    Have agreat day and “Keep Stampin”
    beverly aka lateblooming

  36. Dear Brian….
    I have stumbled upon your Blog-numerous times via Paper Pals, various Blog Hops and Sketch or Color Challenges. I simply cannot believe it took me this long to subscribe!
    Reading the Many Comments this Morning has Prompted me to finally put the connection together for the curious childhood obsession I had for our Town’s Stationary Store- and the subsequent feeling of panic when it closed in the Early-Mid 80’s. I felt ‘some’ relief when the 1st ‘Staples’ Store finally opened in Massachusetts- But there was always ‘Something’ missing…
    A few years later- Running into one of the Mall’s Holiday Kiosks……I made a seemingly innocent Stocking Stuffer purchase for my Daughter. Does ‘All Night Media’ Ring a bell??? Well- You don’t have to be a Neurosurgeon to figure out the end of this Story~
    Thank you for Sharing all of your wonderful Creations and Inspirational Talent.
    I thoroughly look forward to all of your Future Blog Entries.

    …..with Grateful Regards,
    Bonnie Merrill-Bonneau
    Hobby-Based or??? soon-to-be: ((Dipping toe in the shallow end of Part-time….))
    …….SU Demo

  37. Hi Brian,

    Some time ago I was able to see your Size chart for the circles and squares framelits.
    By chance did you do one for the Ovals, if so, can you tell me where to go to get that one.
    Also I noticed in your video’s you use wood stamps. Do you prefer them over clear?

    • Vicki, I didn’t make a chart for the Ovals because they aren’t as exact as circles and squares that are perfectly measurable. The sizes, though, are marked on the printed cover that comes with the framelits. πŸ™‚ I have moved more toward wood because I have a difficult time getting my clear mount stamps to mount. I use wood for workshops and demonstrations so I don’t have issues with clingability in the process. :0

      • I had the same problem with my clear mount stamps. All you have to do is clean them well with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab or soft cloth. ( I got this on pinterest.) I tried it and it worked beautifully. I love your cards and am impressed with your creativity!

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  39. I saw a Zoo Babies card on Pinterest, using a tag framelit. How did you cut the blue piece behind the tag?

    Can’t figure out how to do that yet. Thanks for your help.

  40. Kudos to you, Brian, for posting a Christmas card with “Christmas” in it!

  41. Brian, I stumbled across your blog via a Pin on Pinterest and I absolutely adore your witty blog! And your designs but best of all you have me cracking up! You will be one I follow because I really don’t like spending time in front of a screen; I’d rather create or interact with two minors that the hospital sent home with me 14 and 11 yrs ago. I’m on a computer all day! I’m a re-newed SU demonstrator; signed up in 2006 as a hobbyist and then moved onto my own downline! Then I gave it up when I started nursing school – I saved all my stuff, hence, I have all the old color families πŸ™ Ironically, my old downline is my new upline πŸ™‚

  42. Debra Foster-Brunst

    So good to see you again today at Leadership. Jan and I will try to drive to Atlanta for your next big event!

  43. You’re a great inspiration to us all!!!!

  44. Do you have the storybook friends stamp for sale?

  45. I know the store you’re talking about!! My mom and I wandered in there one day when were up at Table Rock πŸ™‚ (not a vacation for us, just a Sunday afternoon picnic trip since we lived so close) I got a “Heather” stamp that day!

  46. I too, went into that shop on a vacation. To make a long story short, it hooked for about 6 months. Then on a shelf. Then I was introduced to Stampin Up. I loved it but was Running a Daycare at the time, so I took it real slow. Never been a SU Demonstrator, Didn’t have the time. I chose to not be a Demonstrator. Just liked Stamping. I had a tumor about the size of a small baseball, in my head. But for the mercy of the Lord, no pain,either before or after the surgery. It did not erase the need for Stamping.but gave me more time for it. Sadly I had to stop keeping the kids I love, due to the stroke I had, but now I have a greater mission, 200 cards each month. Now Enough of me but I wanted to say to you that I love the back to basic that you teach. I tell all my friends about your sight ,and if I didn’t live in SC I definately would be a constant nagging person, wanting the weekly deals. etc. LOL

  47. Hi Brian,
    I stumbled on your blog thanks to Pam White for giving you credit on a FB posting. Love your work! It is so clean and simple yet really well composed. I just became a SU demonstrator this year in March and am only “affording” my hobby. I loved your story! Please keep stamping and sharing. I’m in Texas, but if I ever go to Atlanta, I will surely look you up as I’m sure your work is even more amazing in person. Thank you for sharing.

  48. I used to live in Anderson, SC and we would spend many hours driving all over the upstate. I loved it there! Both my girls were born while we lived in that area. πŸ˜€

  49. Brian, I stumbled on to your blog today. Thank you for sharing your story! I had never heard of Stampin’ Up into May, 2017. At that time, I had hit my low point batteling depression and alcohol.
    My family found a Christian treatment center in FL for me to go to. I had never been away from my family for a long period of time, but something needed to change.
    Every mentor that came to our center was a volunteer. Each Monday a lady from the church that sponsors the center, came and taught us how to make cards. She was a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. She donated 100% of her supplies, time and love! The time I spent with her every week helped me more than my counseling sessions. When I graduated the program 6 months later, she gave me hundreds of stamps, paper, markers, ink pads, etc. It was almost everything I needed to start!! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity to others! Seeing your cards brings creativity to my mind also! Again…better than counseling! Blessings!!!

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