Just Believe

I want to share the first card I designed for my first workshop when I joined Stamin’ Up! earlier this year. It’s beautiful and simple. I love that workshop guests start by saying, “I CAN’T MAKE THAT” because it makes it really special when I show them how easy it is to make.stampwithbrian.com - Just Believe.jpg

Here are the quick and easy steps to creating this card:

  • On a scrap piece of card stock, punch a circle with your 2-1/2″ circle punch. The one shown below has been used over and over, so it has a beautiful, dark halo around it. You’re welcome.20121030-205722.jpg
  • Lay the punched card stock over the Very Vanilla card base. Hold it tight so that it doesn’t move. You can tape everything down with Post-its, but it’s easy enough to hold if you are diligent.
  • Ink your sponge with More Mustard. Place the sponge in the center of the circle, and swipe it around the circle in one solid motion. No need to pick it up. Just keep swiping in a circle until you are pleased with the look.20121030-205729.jpg
  • Repeat with the Bravo Burgundy. The point is not to cover the entire circle. Make sure you leave a balance of both.20121030-205736.jpg
  • See? Looks hard. Isn’t hard. It IS beautiful, though.20121030-205743.jpg

Stamp the Just Believe images over top of the circle, and you are done. Can you stand it?Do you love it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. OMG! Is this the card you sent me and saved on my bulletin board in my Stamping Studio? (I’m not walking down there to look, I just got up!) I’ve never done this technique, I bet the class would enjoy it very much. I’ll tell them you inspired me, they know All about you Brian! And some of them are closet fans of yours! (people who drop in on blogs and don’t leave a comment) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love love love this stamp set….this technique is so so chocked full of uses…make your own circle circus designs—halloween moon— summer sun —- and being the wizard that you are you made it so simple by using a punch –now you`re talking my language ..put those dies and punches to work . This card is so lovely and serene with a little spice sprinkled in by using warm colors instead of cool. Brian ,have you done this in blues and maybe B.B.? OH my ! I feel a winter card coming on!!! Now why did you do this? I`m busy designing for the Brian`s Club swap ..as Winnie The Pooh would say “Oh bother!” Later

  3. Oh, absolutely lovely, I bet your super lucky class members will have a fabulous time. Gosh!! I wish we lived closer. Oh, and that punched page you use for the stencil looks great too!! It’s like a Solar Eclipse in reverse…..well, it looks like that to me, anyway. Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I can’t stand it! I love it!! Another stunning card Brian!

  5. Brian, you read my mind! I was SO impressed with that same card you sent me! I sat and stared at it wondering what “very difficult” technique Brian had used to make this BEAUTIFUL card! (I, too, have mine displayed on my desk!) Thank you SO MUCH, Brian, for sharing the technique! Who knew?!?!? You did, Brian 😉

  6. Hi Brian:
    This is my kind of card. With a limited work area for stamping, having some KISS (keep it simple sister) card designs at the ready is always a blessing. I so wish I was close enough to Atlanta to take your classes. You seem to be such a fun guy and very giving as far as sharing your talents. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog.

  7. Brian, this is just gorgeous! I just learned the technique the “other way” and that’s to make a sun or a moon, and sponge all around the outside of the circle. I never ever thought to do the inside. I can’t wait to try this one! You continue to amaze and inspire me every single morning. You’re the only other man in my life I look up to! 🙂 (shhh, my husband doesn’t know)

  8. Clean, simple and lovely. And an inspiration to use Bravo Burgundy, a neglected color for me. Thanks for sharing your work, Brian!

  9. Brian, this card is lovely. I, too, just learned this technique and love making these cards. The cards look like paintings — great for me as I have no drawing skills! Thanks.

  10. The simple, but not simplistic, aesthetics of this card are very pleasing to me, Brian, and certainly cards like that are welcome in busy, overcrowded lives. Way to go:) I have created with circles like this on photo paper with inks but we created entire scenes and I like yours more!

  11. Absolutely stunning card, Brian! I don’t have any Bravo Burgandy {shame on me!} and it really does this card up great! Time to shop {again!}…teehee!

  12. Beautiful and love the technique, another thing on my to do list!

  13. MaryAnn Horbinski

    Brian, great card – how simple. Love the idea of using the “inside” of the circle. I have this set and now have another “card idea”. Love your blog, I check in every day to see what you have to say and share with your FANS!!
    Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Mary Ann from Wisconsin

  14. You’ve done it again, Brian: a simple, classy and oh-so-easy card. Thank you so much!

  15. So beautiful & simple. Love it x

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