[in my best announcer voice]  Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this very special episode of NAME THAT STAMP!  It’s the ever-so-engaging game where I show you a project I’ve made with a Stampin’ Up! stamp set that you might not recognize at first. But look closer…you’ll figure it out.  That’s when you have the chance to (everyone together)…NAME THAT STAMP!

Here’s today’s project. I used the Spring Catalog favorite Oh, Hello on the square panel. What other stamp set did I use? Can you NAME THAT STAMP?  Take a look at it, see notes below and then…NAME THAT STAMP! - Name That Stamp






HINT: Did you notice the three layers of fringe under the Oh, Hello images?  That’s where you’ll find the answer. Can you NAME THAT STAMP?






HINT: I am featuring products from Sale-a-Bration on my blog this week. This image is found in the Sale-a-Bration images. Now can you NAME THAT STAMP? The answer is next.






ANSWER: It’s the pants stamp from Patterned Occasions – available as a Sale-a-Bration item through Friday, March 22 when you spend $50.  Just stamp’em, give’em a quick clip, and hang’em up.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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  1. Wow…who would have guessed you made the fringe out of pants! nowadays it is the PANTS that have the fringe!

  2. Very clever Brian I like this little cutie.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Yes you are King at using stamps for other than the obvious!

  4. Love it.

  5. Shut the front door! Genius!

  6. Way cute….I can’t think of stuff like that, just copy others creative minds!!!!! Love the card.

  7. Always like to see new ways to use existing stamps in other ways than intended. Way to go! Gonna copy.

  8. I guessed the correct stamp. I figured it out before looking at your answer, now what do I win? All joking aside…..another wonderful very creative card. Just love how you always mix things up. Yea, Spring is officially here, but Ohio doesn’t know it yet. Not going to be above freezing today.

  9. Super cute, genius, inspiring Brian. I agree with Lucy, I just can’t come up with designs like that on my own, I rely on amazing talented people, like you my dear, to help me out. Most times I see a great card somewhere and I say to myself: “Maria, this is it, fabulous layout for your main image”, and I go ahead and make a card taking the design and maybe change the design a bit, add a little button here, a ribbon there, etc. I’m always amazed at people like you that share their talent so freely and so selflessly with people like me, who are less talented in the design department, (gosh!! maybe I can water color nice but, when it comes to the layout…..I’m lost!!) and let us copy or borrow your ideas to make our cards. Thanks for your blog Brian, and for the wonderful ideas you share with us every single day, to help and inspire us with your paper crafting gift.

  10. Very clever and creative!

  11. i also figured it out first but then as I was coming down to comment saw the picture…cool idea! Thanks for making us think out of the box!!

  12. Really, Brian??? THE one SAB stamp set I thought I could resist because the images/words were too small for my nursing home cards?!?! You lateral thinkers are killing my stamping budget… 🙂

  13. When will your cleverness ever end? Well…hopefully never! Thanks for a big smile this morning and great card! Hugs!

  14. Love the fringe but the way you created it is just plain genius! And, even though I couldn’t guess, it was fun to play!

  15. Okay, just how are you able to be clever and creative every single day??

  16. Fooled me, yes you did. I did not guess the correct stamp. I love this little stamp and I’m waiting for my niece to do something really cool so I can make a card for her using this image. Awesome fringe!

  17. Hi Brian:
    Are you sure you’re an accountant and not a stand up commedian? Even with a brand new foot of snow on the ground (and it’s still snowing) on the first day of spring you can get me to laugh. I honestly didn’t have a clue as to what stamp set you were using for the fringe and I sure as heck have no clue how you think of these things but the card is great. You are so innovative!

    Speaking of innovative – has anyone else received their Paper Pumpkin set yet? SU did a great job with the packaging. When you open the box everything is wrapped in this pretty tissue paper and it’s like a Christmas present. The instructions are clear and concise and I made the four cards in about 20 minutes. What a great thing to keep on hand for those times when I’m caught off guard and need a card instantly. Thanks Brian for letting us know about it.

  18. Yes, so very clever … all the time 😉 I did, also, figure out the stamp set, but wouldn’t have thought to use it that creative way, that is for sure! High five, Brian!

  19. Very cute ! I thought about trying to make some funky flowers out of those jeans bottoms – never thought about a cute ruffle/banner. Wow – lots of cutting and very clever! TFS!!!

  20. Really thinking outside the box on that one! Today is the first day of spring?…that is why it is snowing:-(

  21. Javajoannefunnstamps

    Wow Brian. My first thought was “Did he really cut all those little squares?” Then when you revealed your technique, another “wow” just flew right out of my mouth. SO SMART TO USE THE PANTS STAMP! Love it! Does clever run in your family?

  22. Awesome card and such a great idea! Reminds me of when jeans were fringed…way back when. I would not have guessed!

  23. Never would have or could have guessed this stamp/set! You are truly imaginative and sooo creative…fabulous where your mind goes! Thank you, Brian for yet another incredibly genius idea!

  24. Okay, you Sir, are just full of clever ideas!!! I love how you look at stuff and see something entirely different. My daughter did that when she was a demo and I just wish I could do the same. Thanks for sharing this cute idea – I’ll have to come up with my own reason to “fringe” something! Enjoy a beautiful, sunny day!

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  26. OMG…You are a genious! Who would have thunk it??? Looks great!!!! Now I wish even more I had chosen that stamp set!

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  28. Sooooo fun!!! I hated that stamp set when I first saw it. But I’ve been amazed at all the fun things I’ve seen people create with it. This one (the fringe) takes the cake!

  29. Lovin’ all the pants on the line!

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