Clearance Prices and Retired Lists

BIG NEWS TODAY!  Not only do I have a retired stamps and retired accessories list for you, but Stampin’ Up! has listed many of these items at discounted prices – 25% off, 40% off and 60% off!  You don’t want to miss a word of this post because I’m going to tell you how to save on the things you already want.  Yay!

Every year, we are introduced to wonderful stamps and amazing accessories when the annual catalog is released.  Yipee doodle dee!  The excitement (from this guy alone) could boil the salt right out of the ocean.  To make room for the new items, though, some products must be retired.  To roll in the new, we must say goodbye to some tried and true favorites.  

Well, here it is, friends:  the retired list of Stampin’ Up! goodies.  These items are available for order until Monday, June 3 (or as long as supplies last).  Don’t waste too much time – you don’t want to be on the “as long as supplies last” side of that equation.  Take a gander at the gems and make a list of the ones you can’t live without.

Before I show you the list, I must tell you a secret.  AND THIS IS CRAZY!  Stampin’ Up! has discounted many of these retiring items at 25%, 40% and 60%!  Check out the lists, and then check out the discounted items.  What a huge sale that

Click on the link below to review the Retired Stamps:


Click on the links below to review the Retired Accessories:


RETIRED ACCESSORIES (sortable Excel file)

CLICK HERE to purchase any of these items now and to revew the items that are discounted.   

***At the time I posted this entry, the Retired Stamps sortable Excel file was not available.  I will update this post as soon as it is.

I want to explain something else.  As an Independent Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, I don’t typically showcase items on my blog that aren’t available in the current catalogs.  It just makes sense for me to keep current so that if you see something you absolutely love, then I can point you to my site so you can buy it.  As such, I (and I am not alone here) will purge most, but not all, of my retired items once they are no longer available.  If you are a hobby demonstrator or happy customer, there’s no need for you to purge your inventory.  Keep the things you love, gather the things you want and enjoy the things you have.  If you have been eyeing a stamp set or accessory for some time (you know who you are), take this opportunity to get it now.  To make sure you get those items you need, CLICK HERE.

What items are you most surprised to see go?  Are you shocked that some are not?

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I’m always happy to help.



  1. Thank’s Brian. You’re always looking out for us and keeping us informed of great bargains available to us. You’re such a caring gentleman! I’ll definitely want to place an order with you as soon as I finish checking out the catalogue.

  2. Will you be selling those purged items????

  3. Grid paper. It never even entered my realm of thought that grid paper would be discontinued.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to look over the retired list but I’m sure there will be items I need to get. I’ll let you know Brian and thanks so much for the heads up!

  5. Well, I have put in my order because there are some good bargains . Did anybody notice the assorted cardstock 12×12 for $4.00 !! There are a couple of punches and dies that have been reduced also !! Fun ! Fun ! Love it ! Thank you ,Brian for posting the lists . And big enough to read !

  6. I can see that I have some heavy duty studying to do this evening. Didn’t get but a glimpse of the list this morning. Wish the stamps were listed in numberic page order so there wouldn’t be so much paging back and forth through the catalog. Just my pet peeve.

  7. hey Lisa…I think they thought alphabetically would be easy …wrong ! I agree with you it would be easier if the items were listed by page number . Thank you ! I thought I was just being “picky”. Also Brian , again thank you for making the list large enough to read ! Not everyone did !

  8. Jeesh – this list is HUGE!! The largest I EVER remember. Can’t wait to see the new catalog – I expect there will be a lot of new items, considering all of the retiring items! I am suprised that some of the dies I thought were fairly popular are retiring like Petal Cone, Holiday Stocking, Two Tags BigZ and Blossom Petals. I am also suprised at the stamp set Perfectly Preserved – LOVE that set – but I didn’t notice the coordinating framelits set – Cannery – to be on the retiring list. Maybe just an oversight on my part.

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