Scary with a Side of Fringe

I’m sharing a project today that I made for a sketch challenge over at Freshly Made Sketches.  I’m super excited about how this card turned out because I’m in love with this piece of Designer Series Paper and I found a good use for an uncommon home office tool I bought at The Container Store several years ago and have never used – until now.  Yippee!  I know it’s going to be a good day when I get to use my uncommon home office tools in a crafting project.  Here’s my card:Tags 4 You, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS99

And here’s the challenge badge for Rita Wright’s sketch:

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

Remember how Sesame Street was “brought to you by the letter ‘R’ or the letter ‘P’ “?Well, today’s tips, tricks and reminders are brought to you by the exclamation mark.  Why?  It’s just THAT kind of day, and I feel like exclamating everything!  Wahoo!

  • That Paper!  This Summer Starfruit piece of Designer Series Paper from Witches’ Brew is just one of those pieces of paper – the moment I opened my first pack of this Designer Series Paper, I knew this piece was destined for something wonderful.  The elegant pattern appears to be perfect for the fanciest wedding congratulations – until you look closer and see that it’s made up of spider webs and little spiders.  Regardless, it’s gorgeous, and I mentally set it aside for something special.  You’ve heard it before – I hoard certain pieces of paper and wait and wait and wait until the right time to use them.  I’m glad I waited on this one.  This card has three colors – Basic Black, Summer Starfruit and Very Vanilla – and I love the combination.   
  • That Fringe!  I wanted a real “wow” to set off the panel of webs and greetings.  I thought a dark fringe would be a nice addition, so I grabbed my paper snips and — [errrrrtttt <=== that’s the sound of a record scratching] — that was too much work, so I scanned my office supplies and found a pair of “multi-blade receipt cutting scissors” I bought years ago at The Container Store.  I was able to cut all this fringe five times as fast as with normal scissors, saving me enough time to pet Bandit for four extra minutes last night.  Multi-blade Receipt Cutting Scissors to make fringe, Stampin' Up!, Brian King
  • Those Shapes!  The sketch calls for three circles, but I used my “artistic license” to turn those circles into spider webs – carefully trimmed from a piece of Witches’ Brew Designer Series Paper.  I had three webs in a row before realizing that their shape mimics the shape of the Bracket Punch.  I reached for my Tags 4 You, and the rest was history.  I stamped the sentiment on Summer Starfruit, punched a bracket shape in Basic Black and then trimmed the sentiment close to the border.  This leaves a nice black border of ink, Starfruit border of paper and Black border of paper.  If you don’t like to snip, then skip this part.Tags 4 You, Stampin' Up!, Brian king

Stamp sets:  Tags 4 You  Papers:  Basic Black, Summer Starfruit, Witches’ Brew Designer Series Paper, Very Vanilla  Inks:  Jet Black StazOn  Accessories: Bracket Punch, Stampin’ Dimensionals

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  1. Oh my goodness… you have done it again . You have created another “Original By Brian” . This is a masterpiece that would put Merlin to shame . It`s a study in details and thank you for giving us the what and whys of your decisions in this creation . I like the fringe ! I have some of those scissors only mine are in that Tiffany blue green handles known as Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors . Thank you for reminding me that I have them ! A fun card for a Saturday that is a fun day !!! (I love love exclamation points because that`s the way I am !!)

  2. lol… Brian Scissor Hand!! I have never seen scissors like that. The fringe is fabulous! Love the card it just makes me smile! I also love how you tell the story about your card. TFS!!!!

  3. Great card Brian! (Oh, an exclamation.) The colors look great together. I like that you were going to put three cobwebs and then thought of the punch. The create as you go is my favorite part. Have a great weekend. =)

  4. Brian Scissor Hand – that is hysterical. On a less funny note….WOW – again I am awed at your ability to make simple into jaw dropping!

  5. Maria Rodriguez.

    Well Brian, I again, am astonished at your imagination and how you always put it to work to WOW the pants off of all of us!!!!! (Sonny, I also love exclamation points!!!!! my friend), that fringe is a stroke of genius!!!!! I’ve seen this types of scissors before but I don’t have one, now I think I want one indeed!! I love this card, absolutely a Brian King original, thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Love this post! Exclamation Point!! I share your love of this Summer Starfruit gem in Witches Brew! Who would really notice the teeny spiders and webs if we gently wrapped a wedding gift with it hmm? Love what you’ve done with this Sketch! Now hint..try snipping with different widths of those paper selections including ones in say the colors of Fall..and roll them like a cigarette (I know this is a Family Channel) and adhere together w/your glue of choice. Ta da! (exclamation point) you have a flower bud! Enjoy your new “Fluff” technique and give them all different looks as No two flowers are alike! Exclamation Point! Pinning!

  7. You never cease to amaze me! This card is just incredible! I love the fringe but the spider webs paired with the Label Bracket Punch, well that’s genus! TFS! Have a great day! 🙂

  8. Love the scissors! Great idea using them for card fringe… you continue to amaze.Great card

  9. Oooooooooohhhhh!!! L-O-V-E this card! …snipping, tools, colors – you’ve managed to put them all together, so well. And once again your artistic creativity adds the “punch”! I have a pair of scissors somewhat like you used, but they are for snipping herbs (which work great for that, by the way). I’ll have to look for the scissors Sonny mentioned – I can imagine many uses for them. Maybe SU will read this post and we will see this tool in next years catalog – hee, hee!!

  10. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Wahoooo Brian!! Brilliant card!! It is amazing and so are you!!! You already know I am a fan of exclamation points (!!!) & YOU so I fully support your (& everyone else’s) enthusiasm!!!!! You are so creative, it blows me and all the other fringes away!! TFS this and your tricky tricks and tools!! 🙂

  11. Brian, great job on the card….very inventive. Love the fringe….

  12. Brian love this card!! Love the colors!! I like the spider webs and the fringe too!! It all comes together. I bought those scissors form The Container Store too but the top of them are red not blue. I have used them several times for crafts projects. Have a great weekend.

  13. GREAT idea! I have a pair of scissors just like yours, in my kitchen drawer. They are for snipping herbs. Henceforth they will reside in my paper studio. Ooh, two addresses! Like Alton Brown, I love multitaskers.

  14. Wow! Gorgeous Halloween card, Brian! Great addition of all the fringe!

  15. I need to start getting up earlier in the morning and getting on the computer because by the time I get here, everyone has said everything I want to say about Brian’s latest creation! Geez! I have never seen scissors like this and at first thought you had started each side through a shredder and then reversed it out. That would be hard to do without messing everything up. But then again, you ARE Brian the King and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you could make that method work.

  16. What to say….simply…………..WOWZER!!!!!!!!!! Winner, winner chicken dinner. I am in total agreement with everyone’s comments so far. You are journaling all of these exceptional ideas aren’t you? I can see a book deal in the future…..possible title….Ultimate Tips & Tricks In Papercrafting by Brian ‘The Master’ King. Along with a book signing tour…….I’ll be there! Then again you could do online classes. Think you could find time for all this too along with all your other commitments? What do ya think? Have a great relaxing weekend.

  17. Simple ( although I know it took lots of work) classy, elegant and fun! You are so creative Brian. Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s one of top 5 faves that you have done. Way to go!

  18. I can’t keep up with you, this is PERFECT!!!!!!

  19. I am also an exclamation point abuser….love it! But your card truly trumps even the exclamation point! Your creative genius is at it again! Sadly I could put a big dent in my pocket book ( okay, wallet!) to buy goodies like these fab scissors….but thanks for sharing your tip/trick…love it and that great card! Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!

  20. Wow, this is a super awesome card, Brian! I love love this DSP…love love love the fringe layered under the mail panel, I love love love love the spider webs and sentiment…okay I LOVE everything about this card. And I bet Bandit was happy to have the extra petting. You rock!

  21. LOVE THIS! Would write more but I have to go find some multi blade scissors 🙂

  22. Sooooo creative! TFS!!!!!!

  23. I bought these scissors for cutting up old credit cards, but I am moving them into my stamping room to try out your “new” technique. I can’t wait to try some flowers too. Thanks pwilley21 and, of course, Brian. If only I could figure out how to get my brain to work like yours. Amazing! You’ve done it again…thanks for sharing.

  24. Brian, you are a hoot and a toot!!!! I bought those same shredding scissors years ago, too!! Never used them and finally relegated them to a drawer– when I saw your post I burst out laughing and made a beeline to the computer room to see if I could find them—- yea!!!! I will now put them in my craft nook to help with CASEing your card!! Love your blog and sense of humor– happy heart Dianne❤❤❤

  25. Another great card!!! I love the spider webs.

  26. Your card Rocks!!! You are very good with a pair of scissors, too!

  27. Love the card … running to the container store for a pair of those scissors!!

  28. Yeah….I misread your post title and thought it said something about the scary side of your fridge. Glad to see it is about fringe instead.

  29. simply awesomeness!!!!

  30. Great card, Brian. I love the fringe, but the look of those scissors terrify me! Thanks for sharing with us at Freshly Made Sketches!

  31. Really love the fringe on this one! Great card!

  32. WOW! I have NEVER seen a pair of scissors to look like that, honest to goodness! Anyway, your card is fabulous! I LOVE the spiderwebs as seen along with the bracket punched sentiment, it totally works! I love the color combo too, what an awesome card! TFS!

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