A Little Soar

Wow! When I added that little “I’m taking a risk on Friday” add-on to my post yesterday, I didn’t realize I would prompt so many comments and emails. Without knowing exactly what I’m up to, y’all were curious and supportive and wonderful – and I adore you for it. Today, I’m going to fill you in on the details of what I’m up to today (I don’t want to build it into something bigger than it is), but FIRST I’ve made a card that will lay it all out on the line for you. Did you see that? It was a clue. The title of this post is also a clue. 🙂

Here’s my card:Lovely as a Tree, Really Good Greetings, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Did you figure it out? I think you did. I’m going zip lining today. I’m not what you’d call a risk taker, so this is a really big step for me. Some of the zip lines start 300 feet above the ground, so I’ll be soaring far above the tree tops at the Historic Banning Mill in Central Georgia. I’ve been trying to visualize the whole “jumping off a tower” process in hopes that it will all go well.

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Painter’s Tape Background. Tear off a strip of painter’s tape, tap the sticky side onto an ink pad and then tape it down to a piece of card stock. Carefully peel up the tape, and you are left with a distressed stipe of color. I’ve seen this technique several times over the past several months, and it’s really cool. Every time I’ve seen the technique, the artist uses thick painter’s tape to create three colorful stripes across a card. I used thin strips of painter’s tape (it’s what I have left from my freshly painted kitchen). I inked the tape over and over with different colors to create a colorwashed sky background.
  • Creating Action. I created the slanted line across the card with a ballpoint pen because I was too lazy to walk across the Fungeon to grab a Stampin’ Write Marker. I guess you could say I was saving up my energy for this adventure. 🙂 I created a little motion along the line by stamping the sentiment at the same angle. It wasn’t my intention at first, but I’m glad I listened to my instinct to slant the sentiment.
  • The Button. “A single button on the front of the card? What were you thinking, Brian? That doesn’t seem like a design element you’d favor – don’t you like things in threes?” I can hear you now. Well, the button isn’t a design element here – it’s an addition that makes my card very customized. The button is me – flying through the air to my probable demise.

Stamp sets: Lovely as a Tree, Really Good Greetings Inks: Jet Black StazOn, Soft Sky, Pool Party, Marina Mist, Island Indigo Papers: Basic Black, Whisper White Accessories: Neutrals Designer Buttons

I’m certain I’m going to make it through the day today. Tomorrow, I’m sure I’ve feel a little sore from my morning soar. Will check in with you tomorrow to share how it all turned out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. Ooh! Two techniques I’ve also been watching on Pinterest and on my list To Do this is one!! Love this card! I love your forest of trees in shades of light and dark to add depth! This card is brilliant! Have fun my friend!!

  2. Good luck Brian! I did a parachute jump for charity once. Scariest time of my life going up in the plane – but once I jumped and saw the chute open it was absolutely fantastic! (seemed to take forever to open but I must admit I only counted did the 1000 count not up to the 5000 as the rest was a scream….) :O I’m sure you’ll find it an exhilarating rush.
    And the card is fab – love the technique with what I guess we call masking tape over here in Blighty.

    • Hey Vicki! Everyone says “jumping from a plane is next” to which I say “no!” Zip line is as extreme as I will ever get. 🙂 Painter’s tape is what people use to trim the edges of a wall when they paint – it pulls up without a permanent stick. Just want to make sure you know – in the US, masking tape would be a permanent stick. Not good. 🙂

      • Your Ziplining looked amazing – I am so jealous! No, everyone has their limits – I would NEVER do a bunjee jump! Makes my hair stand on end thinking about it.
        Our ‘masking tape’ over here is as you say – what we use on wall and window edges to give a straight line when painting. It does peal off – there is though, low and medium tack, and some are meant to be removed within 24hrs or they take the surface with them (as I discovered on the porch cupboard door….) 🙁
        I will definately try out the technique with what I’ve got here and see how it goes!

  3. How cool regarding the card and your adventure. I am glad to see that the button wasn’t free falling. Haha. I zip lined in Haiti twice on the tallest or longest zip line over water. The leap off the platform is the scariest part…. After that you will be screaming “can we do it again?” Have fun and show us pictures.

  4. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    Woooooooowieeeee Brian!! What a great adventurous activity!!! I have always wanted to go zip-lining!! I hope you enjoy every minute!!! And what a creative card to match your exciting endeavor!! 🙂

  5. You are much braver than I, my dear. I have a terrible fear of heights. Climbing a ladder makes me dizzy! Have a great time and be safe 🙂 You know I have seen this painters tape technique used oodles of times and I was never a fan but you used it beautifully. I love how you layered the colors. You created a gorgeous background, love it!

  6. I guessed it once I saw soar and the “button” . Yay for you ! You should have a blast after you get over that jump off . And you have a newly painted kitchen and you have company coming ….heavenly days what a whirlwind life !! Have FUN !! And I use Painters Tape too for a lot of projects .

  7. Don’t think, just jump. It’s fun! I did it at Camp Roosevelt (Boy Scout Camp) last year. Good memories! : )
    Great card!

  8. That card is perfect for your adventure. I love the technique, the colors, the sentiment and the trees. Have a wonderful time, enjoy. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness Brian!!!!! and I thought you had signed up for a course on how to overcome your dislike of GLITTER and you were going to be handling this little, beautiful and shiny specks as part of the course!! Instead, you are going to jump and glide through the air at X m/h!! You are definitely braver than me, my dear. Well, enjoy the ride Brian and, if you have some pictures of this event, please share them, ok?
    Now, on to your beautiful card…..this painter’s tape technique looks fabulous and easy to do and the results are amazing, thank you for sharing this card and your fabulous and daring adventure today.

  10. Sassymonkey from WA

    Great card Brian, the adventure will teach you to take more risks. I wonder what kind of card you would come up with if you go to Oaxaca, Mex., and eat grasshoppers.LOL.
    Love visiting your blog!

  11. Your card is fantastic and a great clue. I hit it spot on when I saw it. I have yet to try the painter’s tape technique. I love the texture it lays down on the paper. You’ll do just fine on your new adventure. All we need now is the video from the helmet cam to take the ride along with you. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  12. Love the card and the “classic” stamp. Have fun.

  13. Fear not Brian. I have zip lined and jumped from a plane. The high you get after facing your fear and doing it is awesome. Enjoy this day.

  14. You can make masking tape less sticky by sticking it to your clothes a few times before putting it in the ink…did this at stamp club and it worked great. Love your card!! Have fun today!!

  15. Have an amazing time Brian!!! So excited for you; I hope I get to do that sometime.

    I love this card!! So universal

  16. Good luck on your adventure! Looks fun but not sure if I would be able to do this or not. Better chance of ziplining than jumping from a plane or bungee jumping. YIKES!! Have fun!!!
    Love the card too – I have been wanting to do the masking tape so now I will have to try it!

  17. Love love this card and zip lining is so on my list of things to do. I’m envious and excited for you.

  18. OMG Brian you are going to LOVE it!! Have fun and I love the card. AWESOME

  19. You are going to love it, really!!! The card is a perfect celebration of your event and I love that technique. Must try it this weekend!
    Have fun and post video!

  20. WE>WANT>PICTURES OF THIS ADVENTURE! 🙂 Congrats on scratching one off the bucket list! You are a braver soul than I am on this one, heights terrify me – heights at ANY speed causes heart palpitations just THINKING about it! lol As for the card, it speaks volumes on your adventure, and I totally LOVE it! Be safe, have a blast, and give us the deets tomorrow so we can live vicariously through you! 😉

  21. Esther Schattschneider

    Woo hoo! You will love the zip!! I did it in Costa Rica with monkeys howling in the surrounding trees! My kids were most surprised that their ol’Mom would give it a whirl! TOO much fun! Love the card, too! Enjoy…and yes, we want pics!

  22. Zip lines are so much fun! Have a great time, Brian! Love the card!

  23. Good for you, Brian! Not on MY list though. Afraid of heights, can’t even climb a ladder. Love your card and especially the lighter and darker trees – what depth! Anxious to hear how you do.

  24. Well, I felt so adventurous after reading your intro! However I will leave the zip lining to you and try this new technique. That will be my adventure for the day!

  25. Hi Brian!
    I’m sure your adventure today will leave you beyond excited. It sure sounds like fun. I think I’ve gotten to be too much of a chicken as I start my 2nd half of life (yep, hit the 5-0 this year). I hope you have someone or many someones taking photos of you. I can’t wait to hear your exhilarating description of your adventure. Thank you for sharing yourself on your blog. I’m a blog stalker, which I think I mentioned to you when I met you at convention, at I LOVE reading your blog. You keep me inspired.

  26. Beautiful card, Brian! I can’t wait to try the painter’s tape technique myself. And have a blast ziplining! I did it a few years ago in Belize,and it has truly been one of my Top 10 memorable life events for me!

  27. You only regret the things you never tried! Good luck and have fun on the zip! Great card. Must try that painter’s tape tech….

  28. Great card for your adventure today. I can’t wait to hear you say “I can’t wait to do that again”!

  29. I love your card! I think the button to represent you is great. I think you will love the zip line! My 13 year old has done it the last few years at camp and he loves it! -this from a boy who doesn’t like to try anything new!

  30. I ziplined with my husband and daughters. It was great! If I can do it, I’m sure you can too and will love it. I told my kids I should get mother of the year for doing that adventure! 😉

  31. Please be safe today! Don’t know what I’d do without your blog. It’s the first thing I read each day, sometimes before I get out of bed. You are so creative, but funny too! Love today’s card.

  32. have fun and be safe! love the depth in your card Brian.

  33. Oh, my goodness!!! I just LOVE reading your posts and seeing your AWESOME cards!!! And, this is one spectacular card, Brian! Yes, I thought of zip lining as soon as I saw the card…super FUN! Good luck with your adventure!:-)

  34. You are too funny, not that I would ever try Zip lining, but GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! Love this technique, will try this gorgeous card

  35. please let us know how it is–i’ve wanted to try it for years!

    love the card too, btw.

  36. Glad you survived and LOVE what you did with the Painter’s Tape technique. I would not have thought to make a sky out of it!!

  37. Fantastic card as always! Can’t wait to CASE it! 😉 Good luck with the zip lining! My mother went with my younger sister. I figure, if SHE can do it, ANYONE can do it! You’ll be fine! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  38. Brian, you are a brave soul…..although if I had to choose between zipping and jumping from a plane, I’d pick the zipping every time. Be sure to tell us all about it.! This card is so cool! I had not heard of this technique…and well, since I am NOT fond of painting (rooms that is), I can do the next best thing. Try my hand at this instead! Love it! Have fun! Hugs!

  39. Great card and technique, Brian. Hope your day was fun.

  40. Great card and very appropriate to your adventure! Hope all went well and that you had a super day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  41. That is the coolest card, Brian! I love the background and the zip line! Hope you had a great adventure!

  42. Love the painters tape technique. Love zip line? not so much….(giggle) Our church (St. Paul Lutheran) youth group did an end of summer extravaganza day at Bryce Resort in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia which included the zip line. I would have to be drugged to even consider it. Hope you had a great time…..My heart is in my throat just thinking about it. Keep these wonderful posts (and stories) coming……….


  44. Brian, I love the whole idea of this card…the part it played in your adventure, the colors, the use of the “forever” stamp set, Lovely As A Tree but most of all the way you used the tape. Please look at my last post at papercatcrafting.com. I’m happy to see that we were on the same wave length.

  45. I’m glad this card made your list of faves, cause it’s definitely one of mine. I totally CAS’d this card – for my grandson – mailed to him on the occasion of his first day at Marine boot camp. We’re less than two weeks away from his graduation. It’s high time I give you credit for inspiring me every day!

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