Yippee! Blog Candy Winner!

Wow!  On Saturday, I offered a Blog Candy Giveaway that consists of nine handmade cards that I’ve shared with you here on my blog.  I simply asked you to share your favorite thing about spring, and you showed up in droves to respond.  I couldn’t be happier with the response.  Thank you!

Before I share the winner, I’d like to take a moment to discuss some of the responses to “ONE WORD that describes what you love most about Spring.”  While forms of the word “renew” seemed to be most popular (I understand that), I definitely learned a couple of things from some of your responses.

  • Snowlessness.  I learned that some of you had lots and lots of snow this winter.  I hadn’t heard anything about it on the news or social medial.
  • Peepers.  This term is new to me, but it popped up a couple of times.  I’ve always thought of peepers as reading glasses – and that’s certainly now what you love about Spring, so I Googled it.  In the interest of educating others, peepers are frogs.  I get it now – it’s a lovely sound to fill the silence at night.
  • My Favorite?  Since you asked, I’m really enjoying the trees right now and how they are filling out with beautiful, vibrant leaves.  My home is built on an incline, and the view out back is solid green now.  It’s gorgeous.

Well, folks, we have a randomly-selected winner- and that winner is Donna P.  Here’s Donna’s response:donna p


Here’s what Donna P is going to receive from me in the mail this week (along with corresponding envelopes):

Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Donna P – Congratulations!  Please email me soon with your mailing address so I can get these cards in the mail to you!

Everyone else – please help me congratulate Donna on her super-fun win.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Congratulations May all your birdsong be sweet and may all the peepers be deep!.

  2. Congrats Donna P! Happy Spring

  3. Brian thank you so much! I will treasure these cards you made!
    And to Patricia & Pamela–thank you for helping me celebrate! You’re very kind!

    • Congrats Donna! My word for spring was birds, so I can relate. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your beautiful cards as well as those who will receive them in the mail from you.

  4. Congratulations, Donna! I saw my first robin today, although I have heard them singing for a couple weeks. I forget about birdsong until spring and then realize I haven’t heard it for several months.

  5. Yay Donna! What an awesome prize!

  6. Congrats Donna! It is so fun to win and the collection of cards are an honor to receive, don’t you think?

  7. Well, I didn’t want to lose, because I really wanted those “Brian” cards in the worst way! BUT, I must say, “Birdsong” IS a winning term for Spring! Congrats Donna! LOVED your word!

  8. Congrats Donna! Enjoy those beautiful cards!!

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations Donna! Best blog candy ever!

  11. Congratulations Donna! How fun for you. Enjoy your blog candy.

  12. Congrats, Donna!!!

  13. Hooray Donna! You are one lucky lady!

  14. Barbara Jean Wind

    Congratulations Donna.

  15. Alright, Donna! Lucky winner, you are! Pleasant prizes, you won!!
    Sunshine Sharon

  16. Awesome give away, congrats Donna and a double thank u Brian for your kindness giveaway.

  17. Congratulations Donna ! Enjoy the beautiful “Brian” cards!! So nice of him to do this giveaway. Enjoy !

  18. Woohoo Donna! Congrats!!

  19. Tweet Tweet (congratulations) Donna!!

  20. Congrats Donna P, enjoy your winnings. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to enter, but I was
    on a scrapping getaway with girlfriends so I guess we were both winners this weekend!

  21. Donna, I am so happy for you! These cards from Brian are a treasured gift.
    Enjoy the cards and your bird songs. Spring is breathtaking no matter what word we use to describe it. Mine was Blossoms.

  22. WOW!! Congratulations Donna, you sure are lucky, this is one amazing blog candy.

  23. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a treat to win cards made by Brian! My word was “chirping” so I can relate. I absolutely love seeing and hearing the birds in my back yard. My favorite spring pastime is to sit out on the patio and watch and listen.

  24. Mary Ann Huntington

    Way to go Donna. Enjoy your beautiful cards.

  25. Congrats Donna – totally jealous but in a happy way! Spring in Florida is seeing the Swallow Tailed Kites flying around – they are such cool birds!

  26. Congrats Donna! =)

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