Happy World Card Making Day!

Three years ago, Pam (my incredible upline) and I planned a stamping get-together with Stampin’ Up! demonstrators in our area in place of the company-hosted Regional Conventions that were being phased out.  We got together with 25 of our friends – many flew in from other states across the U.S.  Unbeknownst to us, we had selected World Card Making Day as the day for our event.  Who knew?  World Card Making Day then became THE DAY for our annual event.  A year later, 50 demonstrators showed up for our gathering.  Today, 100 demonstrators are attending.  WHAT FUN!

World Card Making Day 2015, Brian King, stampwithbrian.com

As paper crafters and card makers, we spend so much of our time creating awe-inspiring projects.  Our goal is to create something that leaves mouths open and hearts fluttering, right?  Well, I had a different idea for the kickoff of our World Card Making Day event this year – instead of creating a beautiful project to share (there will be plenty of time for that throughout the day), our attendees were challenged to create a super-tacky name tag to introduce themselves.  What fun!

There you have it – we’re opening our World Card Making Day event this morning with a Tacky Tag Parade – we all proudly share our tacky tags, and one attendee will crowned the winner of the Tackiest Tag.

What’s a Tacky Tag?  For starters, it’s a name tag – there’s no real requirement that your name is prominently displayed, but it’s a nice bonues.  In my book, a Tacky Tag is so over-the-top that it’s lost it’s visual appeal.  It can be colors that don’t work together.  It could have so many flowers that the name is visually lost.  It could just have glitter (does it get any worse than that?).  There are no rules.  Our attendees have had lots of fun with their “bring it!” attitude, so I’m expecting big things.  I thought it would be fun, though, to share MY Tacky Tag with you today.

I used a pack of old party napkins I pulled from the kitchen pantry to cover a Styrofoam wreath and added dimension by ruffling the napkins behind the letters of my name.  It’s really tacky.  Here’s my Tacky Tag:

Tacky Tag, World Card Making Day, Brian KingHows that for a nametag?  Want a closer look at the tackiness?

Tacky Tag, World Card Making Day, Brian King

Our event goes on through the weekend.  I’ll be sharing pictures and wrap-ups with you early next week, so please come back to check those out.

What are you doing to celebrate World Card Making Day today?  I hope you’ll [at the very least] sit down and make a project – 10 minutes or 2 hours.  How much time will it take you to fully celebrate this wonderful day?

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! The combination of those party napkins and flowers is genius. Especially those tassels at the bottom. I think it will be the winner of the tackiest name tag by a mile. I am just disappointed that you didn’t add glitter because I know how much you adore it. All the best with World Card Making Day today. I am sure you will have HEAPS of fun.

  2. You are so tall to begin with, that I’m sure nobody would miss you, but adding that name wreath (way too big to be called a tag don’t ya think!) you are certain to “stand out” amongst the crowd, Brian! But I’m sure that’s the look you were going for, right? ; ) Have a fun weekend! I will be making cards for Hope You Can Cling To over at Splitcoaststampers. Come and join us for card making challenges all month long~

  3. i had sooooo much fun at your first card making event and am jealous/happy for all those partaking this weekend! have fun all!

  4. Your name tag is perfect……have fun today! It’s cold in O H I O land so yes making cards is on the agenda later today!!

  5. Oh man…you make me laugh!! Yep, it’s TAAAACKY and so OTT, it’s fabulous. So Fun.
    Have an amazing day. Can’t wait to see more about the day. xo

  6. Wow, that is a tackety-tacky name tag. I haven’t made a card in weeks, but am doing so today, what luck.

  7. Looking forward to another fun WCMD!! Your tag inspired my husband to make me a tacky tag! ? You’ll see it in a few minutes!

  8. Oooooooooh,BRIAN, that’s sooooo, cute !!!
    But I’m so bummed out to not be there , next year my friend l will be there , ???????,
    I love , love your TACKY NAME TAG !!! Only YOU my friend !!!
    Ok have fun , think of me ?,love you all !!!!!
    Hugs your missing out FRIEND

  9. As I read your post and you talked about name tags…and I scrolled down…I was not expecting that! You are toooo fun!

  10. Ha ha, YOU WIN! Have fun…I can’t wait to see pictures of the event.

  11. And I have those same party napkins…now I know what to do with them…priceless! Only you, Brian, could make such an “elegant” presentation out of them.

  12. Oh Brian – I just about fell off my chair when I saw your Tacky Tag! I mean really, it just can’t get any tackier. I think you are going to be the winner of your own contest. You are so funny. I’ll be laughing for days over this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you!

  13. Paying bills…. nothing exciting but have to pay bills to be able to get more stamping stuff!

  14. OK, now you are King of something else…King of tacky name tags. Brilliant idea!

  15. That is so tacky!!! Have fun Brian. My mom and I have a card kit class this weekend! I am also preparing for my upcoming Chridtmas card making Stamp a stacks. Have fun and please tell the Royals “hi” for me. And give Pam a hug!

  16. If you don’t win, you HAVE TO SHOW US A PICTURE OF THE WINNER! There can be nothing currently existing that is tackier than what you are wearing. You are creative all around, but now I know you can also be tackily creative!

  17. Gosh Brian, with that tacky tag, you can be spotted anywhere!!! there is no way you will be lost in any crowd.

  18. Chris R. from Iowa

    You could have made a super glittery crown to put on there to optimize the name and the tackiness! Since you ARE the king of card making and the name fits! Hope to see lots of photos of the others and their tags! I wouldn’t know where to even begin to make one! At least your tag wasn’t super heavy to wear!

  19. That’s the prettiest “tacky” name tag I have ever seen! Due to all the rain in western NC today, I had to cancel my World Card making event, but rescheduled for next weekend 🙁 BUT, it is a great day for me to create in my craft room!

  20. Oh Brian, you are so adorable! Tacky? Yes, I would say that yours is at the top of the list. But, I really think, you should have gone one step further. You should have made a crown for your head. to match it. After all…you ARE the KING! Love it! Wish I could have come this year. Hoping for next year though. Hugs and love my friend. XO

  21. Just the SIZE is tacky, much less the fringes and colors. 😉
    What fun you’all will be having. Woo hoo!

  22. You make tacky look good

  23. Fabulously tacky name tag Brian! Sounds like it will be a super fun event, enjoy!

  24. What RIOT! Good way to use up napkins, too funny but not quite BIG enough!! Have a wonderful weekend with all your stampin pals/friends! Hope you are all good and dry! Enjoy and HUGS to all!

  25. Suzie Patt Cullen

    Love your tacky name tag! I would love to have been there this weekend. It just wasn’t in the cards this year, Brian. You all are having so much fun … without a doubt!

  26. Oh hahaha! Holding my tummy and wiping the tears for the name tag! Do you have a rap song to match that bling??? Glitter is needed!

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